Dog Dispositions

Dog Dispositions 101: How to Pick the Perfect Puppy

Disposition depends on deeply rooted genetic tendencies, temperament, and inclinations that truly define who the dog is.

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labradoodle coat

5 Reasons People Love Doodle Coats

Besides being fun, smart and friendly, Doodles have a lot to offer owners with the near-magical properties of their coats.

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Smart Dog Breed

How Smart Is Your Dog?

Compared with many other animals, your average dog seems like a genius. But how can you tell how smart an individual dog really is?

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Creating the Perfect Doodle with Selective Breeding

Want to know how the best dog breeders manage to deliver healthy pups with great personalities litter after litter? The answer lies in selective breeding

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Puppy Mill

7 Signs Your Dog Came from a Puppy Mill—And Why Puppy Mills Are Totally Inhumane

Buying a dog from a pet store or the cheapest breeder you can find might sound like a good idea at first, but it’s definitely NOT worth it.

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Australian Labradoodles vs Labradoodles

What’s the Difference Between an Australian Labradoodle and a Labradoodle?

Many first-time ‘Doodle buyers are confused about the terminology. Get clarity about the differences.

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