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Are you a breeder with integrity looking to grow your business? Uptown offers an incredible opportunity. Let’s grow together.

Did you know...

The average breeder spends over 65% of their time and energy on marketing and selling their pups, and only 35% on the rest of their business?

If you’re like our current breeders, you got into this business because you love dogs—NOT because you want to think about selling dogs.

Just imagine if you could replace all of those long hours spent building your website and learning internet marketing with, well, actually running your business. You know...the fun stuff? Couldn’t you and your dogs use an extra 10-30 hours per week?

The truth is...

Building your business is simple—on paper. The more free time you have to nurture your pups, the more customers notice.

With more time to raise and breed your dogs, it’s not just that customers are willing to pay more money for them. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that YOU now get to choose which homes your dogs go to—homes that are full of love for your puppies.

But to get that free time, you have to rid yourself of the burden of marketing...and most breeders do so by listing their dogs online.

The problem is...

Listing your dogs on random online sites comes with all sorts or problems.

To sell your pups online, you have a couple options—listing with one of those “puppy finder” sites or building your own website. Maybe you’ve tried both.

Listing your dogs with another company usually means making sacrifices. You’re sacrificing a significant portion of your hard-earned money, the ability to choose your customers, and the ability to be rewarded for your experience—most of these sites do nothing to distinguish between their best and worst breeders.

Creating your own site can mean waiting and hoping for years as your business slowly crawls its way up the search results, and truly succeeding online requires real effort and expertise that takes even more time to learn. If you’re like most breeders, you probably have no desire to earn a 4-year marketing degree...but Uptown offers a third option.

Welcome to Uptown Puppies!

We help build your business by handling ALL sales and marketing for you. Your dogs go to the BEST homes. And, you're part of an elite network of breeders.

When you partner with Uptown Puppies, you’re getting so much more than a platform to list your dogs—you’re getting a bonafide support network of passionate puppy people just like you.

No more marketing. No more sales. And no more worrying about whether your dogs are going to the right home. Exceptional breeders like you are rushing to join Uptown, and for good reason...

8 Reasons to Partner with Uptown


We Handle All Sales and Marketing

Never worry about finding customers or making sales again. With over 45,000 visitors and 5,000 leads every month, you're going to be in very, very high demand.


Your Puppies go to the BEST Homes

Loving, stable, ideal homes and families--with our customer-screening MatchMaker, you'll never have to worry that your dogs are going to the wrong people.


You Join the Uptown Family of Breeders

As part of our family of elite breeders, you'll gain instant access to collaboration, learning and sharing opportunities to grow your business and help make a difference.


You Keep What You Earn

Keep selling your dogs for full price and keep every penny you deserve.


We Take Away the Headaches of Breeding

No marketing. No sales. No legal drama. No customer service kerfuffles. No accounts receivable. We take all of the busy-work out of breeding dogs so you can do what you do best.


Get PawFax Verified

People deserve to know where their dogs come from, and you deserve to be recognized for your experience. We'll help you become PawFax verified and set up your profile hassle-free.


Stay Local, Sell Nationwide

Breed pups in Pennsylvania, reach families in Utah, all with no added effort on your part. With our PuppyPassport travel program, we ensure safe travel for your pups around the country.


Make A Difference

Help us tackle our nation's abandoned puppy epidemic and end shelter overcrowding with our CODE RED Program through partnerships with dog advocate groups and shelters around the country.

Join the Family

If you're a breeder with integrity apply to join now.

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