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Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale near Ridge, NY

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Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Ridge, NY

About Golden Retrievers near Ridge, NY

Golden Retrievers have been one of the most popular breeds in the world for decades now, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Loyal, obedient, hardworking, intelligent and friendly, Goldens have everything we look for in the ultimate companion.

Playfullness 10/10
Intelligence 9/10
Good with Kids 10/10
Friendliness 10/10
Adaptability 8/10
Easy to Train 10/10
Good for Novice Owners 6/10
Activity Level 9/10

Loyal and Loving

Golden Retrievers are plentiful on the silver screen, and the breed’s affection and loyalty are two of the biggest reasons why.

Absolutely Adorable

Goldens are plenty cute! These adorable pups stay photogenic well into old age, so be sure to get your favorite Instagram filters ready!

Fantastically Friendly

Golden Retrievers are an outgoing breed. These dogs are way better at cuddling than acting as guard dogs.

Super Playful

People love that Golden Retrievers hang onto their playful nature well into old age. These dogs love to play!

Incredibly Intelligent

These intelligent and hardworking pups will breeze through obedience training with the right mindset and a little dedication.

Fun for the Whole Family

Golden Retrievers are gentle and kind. They love kids and get along great with other pets (and people in general).

golden retriever puppies for sale

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Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

Vintage Pups

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Uptown Puppies Golden Retriever Breeder
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

Puppy Place

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Uptown Puppies Golden Retriever Breeder
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Golden Retriever Breeder
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

Ralphs Puppies

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Golden Retriever Breeder
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Golden Retriever Breeder
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Golden Retriever Breeder
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

Top Line Pups

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Uptown Puppies Golden Retriever Breeder
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Ridge, NY? We have answers.

What's the most interesting thing about Golden Retriever puppies for sale near Ridge?

One of the most interesting things about Golden Retrievers is their unmatched loyalty: Golden Retrievers are born companions, and they will remain devoted to their families throughout their lives. They also have an enormous capacity for learning and an incredibly playful attitude, so they make for wonderful and entertaining companions. Perhaps most of all, they’re known for being intuitive and conscious of their owners’ emotions in both good times and bad. All of these things combine to make a Golden Retriever a unique and endearing member of any family.

Will Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Ridge cause me to have allergies?

Generally there is no one answer to whether or not Golden Retrievers may cause allergies, as it is highly individualized. Some people may be allergic to some breeds more than others. Common allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, and pet dander, can all cause reactions regardless of breed. Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor to determine if a Golden Retriever may cause you allergies or not. Additionally, there is a wide variety of products designed to minimize allergen exposure available on the market.

Do Ridge Golden Retriever puppies for sale have special dietary needs?

Yes, Golden Retrievers have special dietary needs. As large breed dogs, they require a diet that has an optimal balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for growth and development. It is important to be aware of potential dietary issues, such as bloat and joint problems. Checking with a veterinarian about the right diet for a Golden Retriever is recommended to ensure the best overall health and well-being. A high-protein, high-fiber diet is usually necessary to keep a Golden Retriever in the best physical shape.

Am I ready to adopt Golden Retriever puppies in Ridge?

To prepare your home for your new Golden Retriever, you should buy appropriate dog dishes for food and water, as well as toys. You should also take the time to puppy proof your home. This means removing any potential hazards, such as sharp objects and cords, and blocking off any areas of the home that you don't want them going into. Finally, you should purchase a crate or choose an area of the home that you can make their puppy den, such as a corner in the living room or somewhere in the bedroom. This is where they can relax and feel safe.

What sizes do Golden Retrievers for sale in Ridge come in?

Golden Retrievers typically come in two sizes: Small and Standard. The small Golden Retriever stands an average of 14 to 18 inches tall when full grown, weighing 25 to 35 pounds. The standard version stands taller, ranging from 22 to 24 inches tall and weighing 55 to 75 pounds when mature. Depending on gender, the small breed is sometimes referred to as a Miniature, Toy, or Teacup. All Golden Retrievers share very similar looks and temperaments, though size and weight may vary.

How much exercise do Golden Retriever puppies near Ridge need?

Golden Retrievers need a moderate level of exercise. It is important that they are taken for multiple walks each day and have plenty of time to run and play. Generally, they need about 30-60 minutes of physical activity. If possible, it's best to split their exercise and combine aerobic activities (e.g. running, walking) with brain-stimulating activities (e.g. playing fetch, obedience training). Additionally, activity provided by a doggie daycare can provide valuable mental and physical stimulation for this breed.

Are Golden Retrievers in Ridge good family dogs?

Absolutely! Golden Retrievers are friendly, loyal, and obedient and make great family dogs. They are eager to please and very easy to train. They are known for their intelligence and affectionate nature, which makes them wonderful companions. Golden Retrievers are also incredibly social and love to be around people. They are a great choice for families looking for a cuddly and loving companion. Their friendly, gentle demeanor and willingness to learn make them an ideal family pet who will quickly become an essential part of your home.

How many minutes per day do I need to train Ridge Golden Retrievers for sale?

The amount of training minutes a day for Golden Retrievers will depend largely on their age, habits, and overall trainability. Generally, short training sessions of about 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice a day, are sufficient for younger dogs. However, as your Golden Retriever matures, longer training sessions with more repetition and frequent breaks is ideal. If your dog is easily distracted or bored, more frequent but shorter sessions are usually better. Training may also need to occur more than once a day if your dog is learning complex commands or agility tricks.

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale near Ridge, NY

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