Labradoodle Puppies

Learn all about Labradoodle sizes, dispositions and options.

labradoodle puppies for sale

Micro Labradoodles

They said Doodles couldn’t get any smaller or cuter, but they were wrong. Say hi to the littlest addition to the Doodle family, the micro mini Labradoodle!

Micro Labradoodles pack all the best Labradoodle traits into the tiniest package possible, from their hypoallergenic coats to their amazing intelligence and fun-loving attitude.

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labradoodle for sale

Mini Labradoodles

What do you get when you take the incredible Australian Labradoodle and minify it?

Same loyalty, same fun-loving personality, same hypoallergenic coat, same bundle of energy…just tinier. Mini Labradoodles are one of the top choices for families big and small, and their popularity seems to know no limits.

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Medium Labradoodles

Not too big, not too small…but just right. Say hello to medium Australian Labradoodles!

Like their cousins, medium Doodles are the complete package—energetic, fun, hypoallergenic, playful, loyal…they’re just about everything you could want in a dog.

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labradoodles for sale

Standard Labradoodles

There’s a reason Labradoodles and other similar hybrids have become so popular in recent years—Labradoodles are one of the best dogs out there for nearly any family.

Smart, loyal, friendly, playful, non-shedding, sweet, energetic…there’s no lack of compliments for these amazing dogs.

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Labradoodle FAQ

How much do your puppies cost?

Uptown Labradoodles are priced at $3,000—highly competitive for true multigenerational Australian Labradoodles.

Uptown Doodles have been selectively bred over the past decade to be even friendlier, smarter, and more awesome than your typical Doodle.

Just remember, if you see a Doodle being sold for far less than normal, you’re probably talking to a puppy mill!

Do you ship puppies?

Yes, we do ship our Labradoodle puppies. We only ask that you give your pup extra love and affection after they arrive, since the shipping process can be stressful for the little guys. Of course, you’re more than welcome to pick up your dog in person, too!

Can I choose the color of my Doodle?

We’ve become experts at breeding amazing coat colors in our Doodle litters over the past ten years, meaning we can offer pups in colors you won’t find anywhere else. But with that said, we are NOT a puppy mill and we don’t always have every color available. If you simply must have a dog in a specific color, you may have to wait a little for a new litter.

What is a Labradoodle, exactly?

While a typical American Labradoodle is a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever (and they’re great dogs), Uptown breeds multigeneration Australian Labradoodles. These dogs are the combination of six parent breeds chosen very carefully to create a hybrid with the best personality and physical traits possible, from a non-shedding coat to high intelligence.

Australian Labradoodles come in four main sizes, but all retain the same great personality.

Do you have Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale now?

Yes, we do! Take a peek at our current litters for more details, and be sure to look at our puppy pics!