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Hi I'm Katie.

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Katie Schmidt

Uptown Breeder

Want to know a secret? We LOVE Doodles. As Labradoodle and Goldendoodle breeders in Alabama, we’ve been raising these incredible dogs for a long time because they’re our favorite. Seriously, it’s not even close—Doodles are super energetic, goofy, totally smart, and amazingly friendly. I’m 100% confident you’re gonna love them as much as Uptown does!

All Doodles are hybrid dogs, and Australian Labradoodles in particular offer a highly unique lineage meant to be the ultimate companion and service dog. Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles aren’t just great service animals, though—they’re hypoallergenic, great with kids and other pets, and I’d bet they’re the perfect breed for nearly any family.

Alabama Labradoodles are really in demand right now, which unfortunately means lots of the Labradoodles and Goldendoodles you see for sale are coming from horrible puppy mills. Luckily, Uptown is a little bit (OK, a lot) different from a puppy mill—our “kennels” are more like a puppy paradise, and we also operate a shelter for abandoned and stray Doodles looking for a second chance at life.

Our pups are backed by a 2-year warranty. We’re so confident in the health of our dogs because we pay so much attention to better breeding practices, nutrition, and giving our dogs all the love they can handle. Our guarantee means that Uptown Pups will be free from those nasty genetic disorders you’ve read about (and are all too common in puppy mill dogs). We care about our dogs, and we want your life together to be as long and happy as possible.

Doodles are the World's Best Dogs

Extremely intelligent, hypoallergenic, friendly & fun.

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Extremely Intelligent

What do you get when you mix together some of the sharpest pooches on the planet? One really smart puppy, that’s what. Doodles are so smart that training is a breeze. Forget the frustration of spending months to teach your dog to sit—Doodles are eager to please, making learning fun for everyone.

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Once upon a time, allergy sufferers had two choices—either avoid dogs, or have a dog but fall victim to endless sneezing and coughing fits. “Hypoallergenic” dogs often wound up being not-so-hypoallergenic, but that’s not the case with Doodles—multigenerational Australian Labradoodles don’t shed and don’t cause allergic reactions.

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labradoodle puppies for sale in arizona
mini labradoodle puppies for sale arizona

Friendly & Fun

Do you own other pets? Do you have young children? Are you looking for a cuddle buddy for lazy days on the couch, or a running partner for busy days on the trail? If so, you must be looking for a Doodle. Doodles love to do, well, whatever it is that you love to do. These dogs just love people, period.

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The Uptown Difference

Why Uptown Puppies? Simple: better pedigree, better experience, humane operations.

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10 Years Optimizing Genetic Line

The parent breeds of multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are specifically chosen to build the most amazing companion dog in the world. Any responsible breeder will focus on achieving that perfect balance with every litter, getting rid of unwanted traits and making the positive ones stand out for one very healthy, happy puppy.

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Better Customer Experience

Yes, Uptown is all about puppy happiness. But did you know we’re also serious about customer happiness? Uptown pledges to help you locate the puppy of your dreams, suited perfectly for your lifestyle, and backed up by an airtight warranty, complete with all the Doodle tips you need to live a happy life with your new pup.

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goldendoodle puppies for sale arizona
goldendoodle puppies for sale in arizona

We're NOT a Puppy Mill

Puppy mills are downright terrible, but the difference between mills and Uptown is like night and day. We’ll never cut corners or overlook the health of our pups just to capitalize on the Doodle trend. Our dogs eat delicious food, get tons of exercise, and get to play with both dogs and people as much as they can. Uptown Puppies are just happier, healthier dogs, period.

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Mark Sidway

Uptown Customer

goldendoodle puppies for sale arizona cheap

Uptown Puppies has the best Goldendoodle Alabama has to offer. We were looking for Goldendoodle for sale in Alabama and we weren’t disappointed.

Melissa Miller

Uptown Customer

alabama Labradoodle puppies

Labradoodle Alabama, finally. If you’re looking for Labradoodle puppies for sale in Alabama, look no further. Finding Goldendoodle puppies in Alabama just got easier.

Mitch Stockton

Uptown Customer

alabama goldendoodle puppies

Finally, cute Goldendoodle puppies Alabama has always needed. Uptown are the best Goldendoodle breeders Alabama has. We love our new puppy so much it hurts!

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Labradoodles, Goldendoodles...Oh My

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Labradoodle Training 101: The Basics of Training Your Labradoodle

Wondering how to train your brand-new Labradoodle puppy? Start your journey here.

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Questions & Answers

How much do your puppies cost?

We price our Doodles competitively at $3,000. Keep in mind that if you see these dogs for very cheap, there's a very good chance they come from a puppy mill or aren't multi-generational pure breads.

Do you ship puppies out-of-state?

We love to meet every single family looking for a puppy, but we know that's just not feasible for many of you. So yes, we do ship out of state. But please remember, being shipped is stressful for the pups. Be sure to show them extra love when they arrive!

Can I pick my puppy out?

Yep. We're happy to show off the dogs and consult with you about which one will fit you and your lifestyle best.

Do you have puppies available right now?

Yes! We currently have a few litters available, and more on the way. Check them out right now!

Got more reviews?

Looking for Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Alabama? When we tried to find Goldendoodle for sale Alabama used to be empty in terms of breeders. But Uptown are definitely the best Alabama Goldendoodle breeders.

Number ONE Alabama Goldendoodles and Australian Labradoodle Alabama!

Reserve Your Puppy!

We are currently out of puppies until 2018, but we have a terrific alternative for you. PuppySpot.com, the trusted source for placing healthy puppies into happy homes, should be able to find your perfect puppy. Before we send them your contact information, please confirm that you approve of our sending your contact information to PuppySpot and that PuppySpot may contact you.

PuppySpot has Doodles available NOW!

PuppySpot is our number one choice when referring customers. PuppySpot thoroughly vets their breeders and holds them to the same incredibly high standards we hold ourselves. If you're looking for a new puppy ASAP, you're in luck.

*PuppySpot and UptownPuppies.com are separate companies and not related, joint ventureres or partners for any purpose. PuppySpot is not responsible for any actions taken or representations/claims made by UptownPuppies.com.