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Hi I'm Katie.

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Katie Schmidt

Uptown Breeder

Do you love Labradoodles? So do we! Our family has been breeding and raising Doodles for years. Want to know why? It's because they're the friendliest, most energetic, smartest dogs we've ever worked with, hands down. And we have Labradoodle puppies for sale

Around here, we breed Goldendoodles, miniature Labradoodles and multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. These are hybrid breeds created way back when to become the best service dogs on the planet. They're hypoallergenic, great with kids and other pets, and the just love people.

Doodles are becoming super popular, but that also means puppy mills are getting into the mix in order to make a quick profit. Here, we don't ever cut corners for profit—our dogs' happiness and health are our top priorities. We've transformed our home into a pooch sanctuary where we raise baby Doodles and help rehabilitate strays at our Labradoodle Denver rescue.

Our pups come with a solid health guarantee covering the most common and dangerous genetic disorders (that you'll usually only see with puppy mill dogs) for the first two years after taking your new pal home. We know that to you, these are more than dogs. They're family. And our job is to make life with your Doodle as easy and happy as we can.

Doodles are the World's Best Dogs

Extremely intelligent, hypoallergenic, friendly & fun.

goldendoodle puppies for sale colorado

Extremely Intelligent

Finding another dog as sharp as a Doodle is a tall order. Doodles are bred from some of the smartest parent breeds on the planet, which makes training your new furry friend easier than you ever thought possible. Gone are the days of endless frustration—Doodles love to please, and training is equally rewarding for you and your pup.

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Doodles are some of the only pooches to offer real allergy relief for dog-lovers who might be crippled by sneezing, coughing and sniffling. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling sick every time you get close to your dog, and with Doodles you’ll never feel that way again. Time to stop sneezing, and start smiling.

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labradoodle puppies for sale colorado
miniature labradoodle puppies for sale in colorado

Friendly & Fun

Doodles share their ancestry with breeds known for their friendliness and zest for life. Whether you’re choosing a new pup for an active lifestyle or a big family, Doodles have the personality to complement just about anyone. From walks on the beach to hugs on the couch, Doodles just love whatever their owners love.

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The Uptown Difference

Why Uptown Puppies? Simple: better pedigree, better experience, humane operations.

mini goldendoodle puppies for sale colorado

10 Years Optimizing Genetic Line

Breeding the best hybrid dogs means maintaining the perfect balance between their parent breed genes. It's crucial to ensure optimal health and the sunny, fun-loving personality these pups are known for. We take special care to keep each litter and each puppy as healthy as the last, no exceptions.

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Better Customer Experience

We match great dogs with great people. One of our biggest joys is helping new families meet the perfect pooch based on energy level, your home, your personality, and more. Our puppies are backed with an amazing 2-year health warranty that covers so many of the common genetic issues than can plague Doodles bred improperly. And it goes without saying that we're always here to help you with questions about training, diet and more—we want you and your new friend to enjoy life to the fullest.

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labradoodle puppies for sale colorado springs
australian labradoodle puppies for sale colorado

We're NOT a Puppy Mill

Looking for a Doodle breeder who loves animals as much as your family? Nice to meet you. Uptown Puppies live like rockstars, eating all the tastiest, healthiest food, getting tons of exercise and social time, and receiving all the love they deserve. Choosing an Uptown Pup means choosing happiness and health, period.

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Mark Sidway

Uptown Customer

mini labradoodle puppies for sale colorado

Labradoodle breeders Colorado can be proud of. Meeting Katie was liking stepping into a resort for puppies. You could really tell how much these guys love their dogs, and it made my decision super easy. Best Australian Labradoodle Colorado breeders for sure.

Melissa Miller

Uptown Customer

colorado labradoodle puppies for sale

Mini Labradoodle puppies Colorado will love! Katie was so nice, and the dogs were too! Plus, our new girl Maddie is just happy as can be! Cutest miniature Labradoodle Colorado Springs : )

Mitch Stockton

Uptown Customer

miniature labradoodle puppies for sale in colorado

I always worried about buying a new puppy and finding out months later that it had some devastating genetic disorder. After reading about Uptown Puppies and their health warranty, my mind was finally at ease. Thanks for introducing to our new baby boy Hank! Uptown has the best Labradoodles for sale in Colorado.

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Labradoodles, Goldendoodles...Oh My

australian labradoodle puppies for sale in colorado

Labradoodle Training 101: The Basics of Training Your Labradoodle

Wondering how to train your brand-new Labradoodle puppy? Start your journey here.

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Questions & Answers

How much do your puppies cost?

If you see Colorado Labradoodle with extremely low prices, know that you're probably talking to a puppy mill. Our Doodles are priced around $3,000, which is competitive with most other reputable Colorado breeders.

Included in the price is our health guarantee, something you won't find with a puppy mill.

Do you ship puppies out-of-state?

We understand not everyone has the time to meet our dogs in person, so we do offer shipping outside of Colorado. However, know that the shipping process can sometimes be stressful for your new puppy, so please be extra patient and nice when they arrive.

Can I pick my puppy out?

Simply choosing a puppy that “looks” nice or fun isn't good for you or your dog.

After months of training and raising these pups, our family knows them very well—their temperaments, personality quirks, likes and dislikes...you name it. By filling out our puppy application form, we're able to match you with a pup that fits best with your lifestyle. Our customers say we do a pretty darn good job, too.

Do you have puppies available right now?

You bet we do! Get in touch for more info (and pictures). We also have a Labradoodle rescue Colorado looking for families to give these dogs a second chance.

Reserve Your Puppy!

We are currently out of puppies until 2018, but we have a terrific alternative for you. PuppySpot.com, the trusted source for placing healthy puppies into happy homes, should be able to find your perfect puppy. Before we send them your contact information, please confirm that you approve of our sending your contact information to PuppySpot and that PuppySpot may contact you.

PuppySpot has Doodles available NOW!

PuppySpot is our number one choice when referring customers. PuppySpot thoroughly vets their breeders and holds them to the same incredibly high standards we hold ourselves. If you're looking for a new puppy ASAP, you're in luck.

*PuppySpot and UptownPuppies.com are separate companies and not related, joint ventureres or partners for any purpose. PuppySpot is not responsible for any actions taken or representations/claims made by UptownPuppies.com.