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Is it any wonder why Doodles are so popular? These dogs are energetic, fun, loyal, smart, and they’re even allergy friendly. Those are just a few of the many reasons we chose to breed Doodles a decade ago, and why we (and our loads of customers) continue to love them to this day.

Doodle dogs are hybrids bred from multiple parent breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Poodles, to name a few. Each parent breed was chosen for specific reasons, combining to create the ultimate dog. Doodles are amazing pets for just about anyone, whether you live alone, have kids, or you’re looking for the best service dog possible.

For those reasons, Doodles are in BIG demand right now. The sad truth is that breeders like us can’t keep up, meaning inhumane dog factories called puppy mills have sprouted up to meet some of that demand. Uptown, on the other hand, focuses on puppy happiness—not how many puppies we can breed, but how healthy we can make those dogs.

We’re so confident in our breeding methods, in fact, that we guarantee all of our dogs with a two year warranty, protecting your furry friend from some of the most devastating illnesses that happen all too often with puppy mill dogs.

We know your dog will become a cherished member of your household, and we want that relationship to last as long as possible. Ready to meet your new Doodle?

Doodles are the World's Best Dogs

Extremely intelligent, hypoallergenic, friendly & fun.

labradoodle puppies Louisiana

Extremely Intelligent

Know what you get when you breed together some of the world’s top smartest pooches? Doodles, that’s what. Training your Doodle puppy will be a rewarding and fun experience for both you and your dog, and you’ll be amazed at how easy teaching tricks can be—from “sit” to “drive the kids to school.”

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Used to be that allergy sufferers had a couple options. You could either forget about owning a dog and enjoy a life without allergies, or get a dog and deal with constant cases of sneezing, coughing, wheezing and more. Luckily, Doodles are different. The wooly coat of our Aussie Labradoodles is actually 100% hypoallergenic!

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labradoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana
mini labradoodle puppies for sale Louisiana

Friendly & Fun

Searching for a great dog that’ll get along swell with your other pets, or maybe your kid’s first puppy? Need a running buddy or a four-legged friend who likes spending time curled up on the couch? With Doodles, you don’t have to choose—Doodles love people and they’re happy to pass their time doing whatever you’re up to.

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The Uptown Difference

Why Uptown Puppies? Simple: better pedigree, better experience, humane operations.

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10 Years Optimizing Genetic Line

Doodle parent breeds were cherrypicked to create the best companion dog imaginable. Good breeders are focused on maintaining the perfect balance of each breed, making sure the right traits shine through in each Doodle litter. Uptown’s pups are simply friendlier, cuter, and come in far more colors than other Doodles.

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Better Customer Experience

Yes, we’re big on puppy happiness. But the other thing we’re really dedicated to is giving our customers an awesome experience. We’re all about uniting great people with great dogs, and we’ll do everything we can to make finding your dream dog as smooth and easy as possible. We promise.

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goldendoodle puppies for sale Louisiana
goldendoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana

We're NOT a Puppy Mill

If you compare Uptown to some of those puppy mills we talked about earlier, the difference is like day and night. We refuse to cut corners or make decisions that could hurt the wellbeing of our animals, and we take pride in the pedigree of our dogs. When you choose Uptown Puppies, you’re choosing the healthiest, happiest Doodle.

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Mark Sidway

Uptown Customer

goldendoodle puppies for sale Louisiana cheap

Cutest Goldendoodles Louisiana and Labradoodles Louisiana, period.

Melissa Miller

Uptown Customer

Phoenix AZ Labradoodle puppies

Uptown offers the friendliest Labradoodles in Louisiana and Goldendoodles for sale in Louisiana, and we already own three of their Louisiana Labradoodles!

Mitch Stockton

Uptown Customer

Mesa AZ goldendoodle puppies

Louisiana Goldendoodles and mini Goldendoodles for sale in Louisiana city, made easy.

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Labradoodles, Goldendoodles...Oh My

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Labradoodle Training 101: The Basics of Training Your Labradoodle

Wondering how to train your brand-new Labradoodle puppy? Start your journey here.

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Questions & Answers

How much do your puppies cost?

We price our Doodles competitively at $3,000. Keep in mind that if you see these dogs for very cheap, there's a very good chance they come from a puppy mill or aren't multi-generational pure breads.

Do you ship puppies out-of-state?

We love to meet every single family looking for a puppy, but we know that's just not feasible for many of you. So yes, we do ship out of state. But please remember, being shipped is stressful for the pups. Be sure to show them extra love when they arrive!

Can I pick my puppy out?

Yep. We're happy to show off the dogs and consult with you about which one will fit you and your lifestyle best.

Do you have puppies available right now?

Yes! We currently have a few litters available, and more on the way. Check them out right now!

Got more reviews?

Looking for Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana? When we tried to find Goldendoodle for sale Louisiana used to be empty in terms of breeders. But Uptown are definitely the best Louisiana Goldendoodle breeders.

Number ONE Louisiana Goldendoodles and Australian Labradoodle Louisiana!

Reserve Your Puppy!

We are currently out of puppies until 2018, but we have a terrific alternative for you. PuppySpot.com, the trusted source for placing healthy puppies into happy homes, should be able to find your perfect puppy. Before we send them your contact information, please confirm that you approve of our sending your contact information to PuppySpot and that PuppySpot may contact you.

PuppySpot has Doodles available NOW!

PuppySpot is our number one choice when referring customers. PuppySpot thoroughly vets their breeders and holds them to the same incredibly high standards we hold ourselves. If you're looking for a new puppy ASAP, you're in luck.

*PuppySpot and UptownPuppies.com are separate companies and not related, joint ventureres or partners for any purpose. PuppySpot is not responsible for any actions taken or representations/claims made by UptownPuppies.com.