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Katie Schmidt

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Looking for Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale in Pennsylvania? Around here, we just LOVE our Doodles. Our family has bred Labradoodles and Goldendoodles for a while now, and they've quickly turned into our most favorite kinds of dogs. Australian Labradoodles are super friendly, loving, goofy, energetic...and tons of fun.

Different from early-generation Labradoodles—which are a cross between Labrador retrievers and poodles—Australian Labradoodles can also trace their genes to 4 other awesome breeds. In short, Australian Labradoodles were bred to be the perfect service animals. These dogs aren't just service dog though—Doodles love people and families of all sizes.

With more breeders jumping on the Doodle bandwagon, these pups are becoming very popular. Unfortunately, to meet some of that demand puppy mills have been popping up around the country, too. But at Uptown Puppies, we care about our dogs above all else. Our puppy paradise promotes health and happiness, and we also work with strays and abandoned pups looking for a second chance at life.

Uptown Puppies are backed by an airtight 2-year warranty covering the most debilitating and common health issues faced by Labradoodles today. Plus, our doggies are free of those crippling genetic disorders that plague puppy mill pooches. To us, dogs are family—and we want you and your new pup to have a long, happy friendship. Are you ready to meet your new Doodle?

Doodles are the World's Best Dogs

Extremely intelligent, hypoallergenic, friendly & fun.

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Extremely Intelligent

Take the frustration out of training your dog, and see just how easy and rewarding it can be to own a Doodle. Doodles are extremely bright and able to pick up on commands in a flash, from basic obedience training to more intricate tricks. That makes them a great choice for first-time dog owners, or really anyone looking for a little more fun and a little less stress.

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Truly hypoallergenic coats are hard to come by, but Doodle’s take the allergy-friendly coats of their Poodle parents to the next level. Through careful breeding, Labradoodle coats can soothe even the most stubborn dog allergies, meaning folks who never thought they could own a dog before are finding out what it’s like to have a furry best friend.

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goldendoodle puppies pennsylvania

Friendly & Fun

A lovable ball of fun that’s always ready to run, play, or cuddle? Sounds like a Doodle. These dogs just love people, and make the perfect friend for kids and people of all ages. Whether you’re on the go or on the couch, your Labradoodle doesn’t care—they love whatever you do. You haven’t seen true joy until you’ve seen a Doodle tail wagging when you get home from work.

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The Uptown Difference

Why Uptown Puppies? Simple: better pedigree, better experience, humane operations.

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10 Years Optimizing Genetic Line

Australian Labradoodles trace their parentage back to 6 different breeds, which combine to make the absolute most amazing people-dog. Staying true to that lineage means maximizing their famous personality and minimizing disease. With Uptown Pups, you're always getting the happiest, healthiest pup possible—one you can love for years.

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Better Customer Experience

The only thing we take more seriously than customer happiness is puppy happiness. At Uptown, we help you find the perfect pooch to match your home, lifestyle and family. Our pups are backed by the most extensive warranties which cover many serious medical conditions, and we're always available to answer your questions and help you and your new Doodle live together in perfect harmony.

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We're NOT a Puppy Mill

We can't stand puppy mills, which is why our home and kennels are more like an all-inclusive puppy resort. Our Labradoodles get everything they need to thrive—tons of time to socialize, lots of exercise, fun mental stimulation, the best food, and more love than you can shake a stick at. Uptown Puppies are better, happier puppies. It's simple.

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Mark Sidway

Uptown Customer

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Labradoodles PA, made fun and easy. Uptown came highly recommended by our neighbor as the best Labradoodle breeders in PA. Uptown Puppies made me feel assured I was buying the healthiest dog I could find, and Rocket and I couldn't be happier. Labradoodle puppies PA can be proud of.

Melissa Miller

Uptown Customer

australian labradoodle pennsylvania

Finding Labradoodles for sale in PA is easy, but finding the right one is a lot harder. You can really see the love Uptown put into raising these pups, it's just amazing. We got our dog from their Labradoodle rescue PA, and just love her to death!

Mitch Stockton

Uptown Customer

pennsylvania labradoodle breeders

Almost couldn't believe your dogs come with 2-year warranties. Really incredible. Speaks volumes to how much work Uptown put into breeding and raising these dogs. These are the best Labradoodle puppies in PA, and Uptown is the best Labradoodle Pennsylvania breeder by far.

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Labradoodles, Goldendoodles...Oh My

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Labradoodle Training 101: The Basics of Training Your Labradoodle

Wondering how to train your brand-new Labradoodle puppy? Start your journey here.

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Questions & Answers

How much do your puppies cost?

Uptown mini Labradoodles, Aussie Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are all priced competitively at $3,000. If you find pups for much less than this, odds are good you're dealing with a puppy mill!

Do you ship puppies out-of-state?

While we can ship out of state, we prefer to meet prospective families face-to-face. Just remember that being shipped is stressful for your pup, so give them some extra love and care when they arrive.

Finding Australian Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and mini Labradoodle puppies for sale in Pennsylvania near you is the easiest way to make sure your new pup is comfortable and healthy.

Can I pick my puppy out?

When our puppies are ready to find a special forever home, our family has already been getting to know them for months.

We help our new families meet the perfect pup by getting to know about you—your family, your lifestyle, and more. It's not possible to choose the right dog based solely on picture, which is why we have such thorough application forms. It's the only way to ensure you and your new Doodle are the perfect match.

Do you have puppies available right now?

Yes, we currently have a litter available! Plus, we've got a few adult pooches at our Labradoodle rescue in PA looking for their forever home!

Reserve Your Puppy!

We are currently out of puppies until 2018, but we have a terrific alternative for you. PuppySpot.com, the trusted source for placing healthy puppies into happy homes, should be able to find your perfect puppy. Before we send them your contact information, please confirm that you approve of our sending your contact information to PuppySpot and that PuppySpot may contact you.

PuppySpot has Doodles available NOW!

PuppySpot is our number one choice when referring customers. PuppySpot thoroughly vets their breeders and holds them to the same incredibly high standards we hold ourselves. If you're looking for a new puppy ASAP, you're in luck.

*PuppySpot and UptownPuppies.com are separate companies and not related, joint ventureres or partners for any purpose. PuppySpot is not responsible for any actions taken or representations/claims made by UptownPuppies.com.