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PawFax Ensures Your Puppy Comes from a Breeder with Integrity

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Uptown Puppies is proudly partnered with PawFax to ensure you know EXACTLY where your puppy comes from.

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What PawFax Does

Breeder Background Checks

Know how long your breeder has been in business and make sure your pup is coming from a breeder with experience and integrity.

Proof of Puppy Health

Puppy mills and bad breeders cut corners when raising their dogs. PawFax makes sure breeders take pride in the health of their pups.

Proof of Parent Health

PawFax ensures that your pup’s parents are healthy and happy—our mommy Doodles are living animals, not puppy factories.

Full Puppy Reports

Bad breeders are known to forge paperwork for their dogs. PawFax provides a full report for your pup—with proof of authenticity.

Stop Bad Breeders

Puppy mills and unethical breeders put profits over the wellbeing of their dogs. PawFax is the first step towards a mill-free future.

Protect Your Investment

Puppies are both a financial and emotional investment. Get peace of mind knowing your little guy is coming from only the best breeders.

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