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6 Simple Steps to Make Trimming Your Goldendoodle’s Nails A Breeze

6 Simple Steps to Make Trimming Your Goldendoodle’s Nails A Breeze

We all love our Goldendoodles. But if you’re like most dog owners, you probably don’t like trimming their nails.

Nail trimming can be stressful for dogs and for their owners. But it’s an essential part of any dog’s grooming routine. Untrimmed nails can cause a lot of health issues for dogs. And they can do some serious damage to your floors.

Fortunately, trimming your Goldendoodle’s nails doesn’t have to be exhausting. Here are some simple steps for trimming your puppy’s nails and keeping them healthy.

Nail Trimming: The Basics

Nail trimming involves cutting away the tips of your dog’s nails. It’s perfectly safe and painless, if done right. But you have to be careful. If you cut too deep, you can nick the quick.

What’s the quick? It’s the part of your dog’s nails that has nerves and the blood supply. When you cut the tips of their nails, they can’t feel a thing. But if you cut the quick of the nail, you can cause some serious pain.

Easy Steps For Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is an important part of your Goldendoodles grooming routine. And it’s much easier if done frequently. Here are some simple steps for trimming your Goldendoodle’s nails.

1. Get Your Supplies Ready

You won’t need much to trim your dog’s nails. Just a pair of high quality clippers, styptic powder for bleeding, and plenty of treats. And always make sure that the nail clippers are clean.

2. Choose The Right Place For Trimming

Once your supplies are ready, you’ll want to find the right place to trim their nails. The first thing that you should consider is light. It will be much easier for you if you choose an area with good lighting, and you’ll be much less likely to cause your dog any pain.

You’ll also want to position your dog so that they are comfortable. For goldendoodles, you can probably put them on a flat, elevated surface. You may also want to have another person to help hold your dog and comfort them.

3. Use A Nail Clipper That’s Designed For Dogs

One of the biggest mistakes made by dog owners is to use their own nail clippers on their puppy. You’ll want to make sure you have a pair of clippers that are designed specifically for dogs.

Once you have the right type of trimmer, begin by making small cuts along the outside of the nail. Try to keep the shape of the nail by cutting at an angle. This will also help you avoid cutting the quick.

Avoid making large cuts at once. These will increase the chances of a bleed, as well as make it harder to shape the nail.

As you slowly trim away the outside of the nail, keep your eye out for a black dot at the center of the nail. This is the quick, and once you see it, stop cutting.

When you first start trimming your goldendoodle’s nails, the quick may be closer to the tip. But as you keep trimming over time, the quick will often recede deeper into the nail, making your job much easier.

4. Break Out The Nail File

Sometimes, even the most diligent person will crack a nail. In that case, you should use a nail file. Begin at the base of the nail and file, working your way to the tip. It should only take a few strokes to smooth the surface of the nail.

5. Rest Between Nails

Many dog owners try to rush the nail clipping process, thinking that they should get it over as soon as possible. But this will increase your chances of making mistakes and hurting your dog.

Try to take your time. When you first start trimming your goldendoodle’s nails, you probably won’t be able to do all four paws at once. Take breaks between paws by giving your dog treats.

In some cases, you may even want to only do a paw per day. Some dog owners only do a few nails! This may seem slow, but it’s a good way of keeping your dog calm and avoiding any injuries.

And remember, nail trimming tends to get easier over time. That’s why you should take your time and avoid hurting your dog by cutting the quick of their nails.

6. Have Styptic Powder Ready In Case There Is A Bleed

Even the most careful dog owner will eventually cause a bleed when trimming nails. That’s because the location of the quick will vary between nails, and there are sometimes smaller blood vessels in the nails.

If you notice bleeding, don’t panic. Most bleeds are small, and will heal quickly. Just make sure you have some styptic powder on hand to apply to the site of the bleed. And if you cause a bleed, stop trimming for the day and let your dog rest.

Other Tips For Trimming Your Goldendoodle’s Nails

The best advice that we can give for trimming your dog’s nails is to do it often. This is the best way of keeping their nails in great shape, and it reduces the chances that you cause a bleed.

Many owners let their dog’s nails grow out, and then try to trim away large amounts of nail at once. But the quick grows with the nail, and if you let your dog’s nails go too long without a trimming, you’re much more likely to cut the quick.

And we also recommend that you work slowly. There’s nothing wrong with cutting a nail and then waiting half an hour to start trimming again. Or do one nail, then give your dog a treat, slowly working your way across the paw.

The worst thing that you can do is rush and cut too much nail. Your dog will begin to fear the nail trimming process, which increases the chances of you making a mistake when you do have to trim their nails.

Cut The Nails Short Enough That They Don’t Touch The Floor

And when you trim, make sure that you are cutting short enough that your dog’s nails don’t drag across the floor as they walk. This increases the chances that their nails break and bleed. And it can scratch up your floors.

Invest In A Good Pair Of Clippers

Remember, nail trimming should be a consistent part of your Goldendoodle’s grooming routine. That’s why you should make sure that you invest in a pair of high quality clippers designed for a a Goldendoodle sized dog.

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