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Uptown is what happens when the best breeders join forces to deliver the most amazing dogs.


Energetic, friendly, cuddly teddy bears—Labradoodles make a perfect addition to the family and the best friend you could ask for.

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Smart, gentle, easy-to-train pups that fit great with families of all shapes and sizes—including yours.

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Happy-go-lucky pups with super-sweet personalities. Cavapoos are impossible not to love, and make awesome snuggle buddies.

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Fun-loving and affectionate, Uptown Maltipoos are awesome playmates for grown-ups and kids of all ages.

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The first Doodle breed, these pups love people and never get tired of doing whatever YOU’RE doing.

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Incredibly loyal and clever, these Doodles make the perfect companion for anyone searching for a little fun and adventure.

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