More Fun.
More Love.
More Life.

More Fun.

Looking for a new hiking buddy? Someone to keep you company on your morning jogs? A dog is ready and willing to tag along for just about any adventure you can cook up.

More Love.

From the second you leave for work until the moment you arrive home, your dog is (not so patiently) waiting to greet you with a barrage of kisses and welcome-home yips.

More Life.

Life is just more enjoyable with a loyal, happy pup by your side. From waking up in the morning to going on vacation, watch your pooch multiply your joy tenfold--in every facet of your life.

We take pride in our puppies!

Every puppy comes with the following...

Comprehensive 2-year genetic health warranty


Vaccinations and deworming

Vet certification

Puppy starter kit with leash, collar and more

Doodle puppy care information package

Lifetime care and support

Toy with litter and mom’s scent

The Uptown Puppies "Look"

Why Uptown Puppies? Simple: better genetics

cuter labradoodles and goldendoodles

Boxy Faces (cuter)

Typical Labradoodles see a far greater expression of Poodle genes than any other parent breed, but Uptown Labradoodles are bred to look less Poodley and more Doodley. We take great care making sure our pups look uniquely cute when compared with your normal Labradoodles, and people seem to love the results! Better breeding = cuter dogs.

Friendliest Dispositions

Yes, Labradoodles already have a reputation for being ultra-friendly, outgoing and playful. But over the past ten years, we’ve focused on making that awesome personality really shine. Modern Uptown Doodle litters are far friendlier than your average Doodle, and we aren’t just saying that—just ask any of our happy customers loving life with their new Doodle!

friendly dispositions for labradoodles and goldendoodles
unique markings on labradoodle puppies

Unique Markings & Colors

Doodles come in all sorts of coat colors, and at Uptown you’re really spoiled for choice. Besides offering pups in some of the rarest colors, we also breed our own unique coat colors you just won’t find anywhere else! In total, we offer 14 coat varieties ranging from black, chalk and caramel to parti, abstract and phantom colorings.

Locations We Ship To

Reserve Your Puppy!

We are currently out of puppies until 2018, but we have a terrific alternative for you. PuppySpot.com, the trusted source for placing healthy puppies into happy homes, should be able to find your perfect puppy. Before we send them your contact information, please confirm that you approve of our sending your contact information to PuppySpot and that PuppySpot may contact you.

PuppySpot has Doodles available NOW!

PuppySpot is our number one choice when referring customers. PuppySpot thoroughly vets their breeders and holds them to the same incredibly high standards we hold ourselves. If you're looking for a new puppy ASAP, you're in luck.

*PuppySpot and UptownPuppies.com are separate companies and not related, joint ventureres or partners for any purpose. PuppySpot is not responsible for any actions taken or representations/claims made by UptownPuppies.com.