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Western Mass Doodles

Are you searching for an experienced, dedicated Doodle breeder who treasures pups just as much as you and your family?

Taylor and her family have years of experience breeding loving, intelligent Doodle puppies for families in Western Massachusetts (and beyond). Western Mass Doodles are considered by many to be some of the top Doodles in the entire state, and Taylor continues to collect loads of rave reviews from happy families loving life with their new Doodle pups.


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Uptown Approved

Businesses and breeders who display the Uptown Puppies Better Breeder Badge are required to uphold our stringent Breeder Pledge. When you pick a Better Breeder, you’re choosing someone who really cares about nutrition, animal care, genetic testing, and more.

Taylor is one of Uptown’s most requested Doodle breeders. A big part of the reason why we picked Western Mass Doodle for our Better Breeder program is because Taylor and her family put all they have into raising their puppies. Doodles here are treated like family, which is great news for your family. Lots of love goes into these Doodles, and it’s easy to see the difference!

Puppy Alumni.

Taylor breeds unique Doodle litters with a mix of Poodle, Labrador Retriever and Bernese parentage—like a cross between a Labradoodle and a Bernedoodle! Take a peek at some of Taylor’s fluffy alumni below.

Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle
Uptown Puppy Labradoodle

3 Questions for Taylor

1. How did you get into dog breeding?

Doodle breeding is really a family affair for us. There’s something heartwarming about all of us coming together to raise these puppies with love, which ultimately leads to a lifetime of happiness for our puppies and their new forever homes. Really, what’s better than getting to work at home and spend all day with your family and tons of cute puppies?

2. What’s one of the biggest benefits of raising puppies humanely versus puppy mills?

It’s like night and day. When puppies are raised in a loving home like ours, they’re introduced to what should be familiar sights and sounds from Day One—rambunctious kids, random visitors, other animals—that puppy mill dogs sorely lack. Puppy socialization matters, and mill dogs are famous for having poor temperaments compared to properly raised pups.

3. What kind of dogs do you breed?

Our puppy parents are different Doodles—a Labradoodle and a Bernedoodle. These dogs are also our family pets, and we know very well that their litters are routinely healthy, friendly, non-shedding and adorable. The mix of Poodle, Lab and Bernese Mountain Dog is a spectacular combination that offers something a little different from your average Doodle.

Every Pup Comes With...

1. Health Guarantee

Dogs at Western Mass Doodles are thoroughly health and genetic tested before finding their furever families—that includes Embark testing, a clinical tool that can check for over 190 genetic risk factors in your pup.

2. Training Head-Start

Western Mass Doodles are super easy to train, thanks in large part to their head-start in important skills like socialization, crate training, litter training, clicker training, ENS, and more. With Taylor’s Doodles, you’re getting one smart puppy!

3. Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Taylor’s Doodles are bred to ensure happy, healthy puppies—that means no more than two litters per year, unlike many other breeders. Taylor’s pups and parent pooches are truly part of the family, and it shows.

Puppy Parents

Meet Lola and Yogi, two of the superstars at Western Mass Doodles. Lola and Yogi are the proud parents of dozens of Western Mass alumni, and their pups are known for being absolute sweethearts!


Taylor’s home breeding program is a family-run operation designed to raise puppies just like they’re supposed to be—with tons of love, lots of room to play, excellent nutrition, thorough genetic and health testing, and plenty of socialization with both people and other dogs.

Breeder Ratings & Reviews

January 12, 2018

"We were so thrilled to find a responsible doodle breeder so close! We absolutely LOVE our girl Princess!"

- Emily

March 18, 2018

"We love our boy Brody so much! Thank you!"

- John

July 12, 2018

"We are absolutely obsessed with our doodle we got from Taylor. Everyone in our neighborhood is too! Best manners, handsomest dog in town, and so smart! "

- Allyson

December 12, 2018

"We absolutely love our dood! She is the star of the dog park every time! People forget their own dogs are at the park, because they are so busy petting our girl Lilly!"

- Samantha

January 28, 2019

"We love our baby so much! Taylor is a wonderful, knowledgeable breeder. Very thoughtful and loving. She is raising the best doodles in the area! "

- Shelly

May 1, 2019

"The Doodle puppy we adopted from Taylor is easily the most well-behaved and friendly dog we’ve ever owned. Amazing job raising this little guy and thank you!!!"

- Olivia

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