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Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale in Middle Valley, TN by Uptown Puppies

About Aussiedoodles in Middle Valley, TN

Want to find the perfect puppy? You’re probably looking for an Aussiedoodle in Middle Valley, TN! This unique hybrid breed crosses the brilliant Poodle with the beautiful Australian Shepherd. The Aussiedoodle combines one luxurious coat with an adorable face that’s totally irresistible.

Hypoallergenic 9/10
Intelligence 10/10
Non-shedding 9/10
Friendliness 9/10
Adaptability 8/10
Obedience 9/10
Coat Variety 9/10
Activity Level 8/10

Non-Shedding & Hypoallergenic

Say goodbye to wheezing and sneezing—the Aussiedoodle’s amazing hypoallergenic coat is the real deal.

Absolutely Adorable

Meet your new Instagram buddy. Aussiedoodles are absolutely adorable, and you’re going to love them!

Fantastically Friendly

The Aussiedoodle’s famously friendly personality makes them an ideal companion for any adventure life throws at you.

Incredibly Intelligent

From house training and basic obedience to stunning tricks, your Doodle’s intelligence will blow you away.

Fun for the Whole Family

Aussiedoodles are family dogs through and through. They get along great with people of all ages.

Endless Variety

Aussiedoodles come in all kinds of coat types and colors (and even different sizes). Picking your favorite is tough!

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Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale

Vintage Pups

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale

Puppy Place

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale

Ralphs Puppies

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale

Top Line Pups

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Aussiedoodle Breeder
Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Middle Valley, TN? We have answers.

What class of dog are Aussiedoodle puppies for sale near Middle Valley?

Aussiedoodles are a designer hybrid breed comprised of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. These playful, high-energy pups are loyal, intelligent, and loving companions. Aussiedoodles have a medium to long coat that may range anywhere from wavy to curly, often described as "shaggy" looking. These pups do well in both rural and urban environments, and can easily be trained for activities such as agility, herding, hunting, and more. Due to their energetic and social personalities, they require plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Are Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Middle Valley non-shedding?

Aussiedoodles are generally non-shedding and can be a great choice for people who suffer from pet allergies or are looking for a low-maintenance breed. These dogs typically have a shorter coat and as a result shedding is minimized. The Afador, a cross between an Afghan Hound and a Labrador, is another non-shedding breed and has similar features and characteristics to the Aussiedoodle. Allergies could still be a factor with Aussiedoodles, so it is important to take particular care when choosing one.

Do Middle Valley Aussiedoodle puppies for sale have special dietary needs?

Aussiedoodles can have a variety of dietary needs, depending on the size and type of Aussiedoodle. Generally, Aussiedoodles will need a diet that is high in protein to help support healthy coat growth and development, as well as other aspects of their health. Additionally, some Aussiedoodles may require a higher proportion of fat in their diet, depending on their activity level and genetics.

Am I ready to adopt Aussiedoodle puppies in Middle Valley?

Before bringing home your new Aussiedoodle, it's a good idea to prepare your home to ensure your pup is as comfortable as possible. Designate a quiet space where the puppy can rest undisturbed. puppy-proof the area, removing any potentially dangerous items such as electrical cords and small pieces that your puppy could choke on. Make sure that all of your pup's supplies, such as food and water bowls, a bed, toys, and treats, are easily accessible in the area. Install baby gates in any areas that you don't want the puppy to access.

How fast do Aussiedoodles for sale in Middle Valley grow?

The size of your Aussiedoodle puppy will depend on whether you have the standard Aussiedoodle or the mini Aussiedoodle. Standard Aussiedoodles typically reach heights between 18-22 inches and weights from 40-70 pounds when fully grown, while Mini Aussiedoodles reach heights of 14-17 inches and weights of 15-35 pounds. Along with parents' genetics, diet and exercise also play a big role in how big your pup will get.

How much exercise do Aussiedoodle puppies near Middle Valley need?

Aussiedoodles are smart, active dogs that require moderate to high levels of exercise to stay healthy. Generally, they need around an hour of activity such as running and other activities like fetch or swimming. If your Aussiedoodle is young and energetic, longer walking sessions or active playtime can help keep them fit and entertained. For adult Aussiedoodle, shorter, more intense walks or activites may be better. To keep your Aussiedoodle motivated, provide plenty of interesting and enticing toys, and add variety to their routine by taking them to new and exciting places.

Are Aussiedoodles in Middle Valley good family dogs?

Aussiedoodles are smart, friendly and sociable dogs that make excellent family pets. These dogs are generally gentle and tolerant, making them great playmates for children. They are likely to be loyal and very eager to please their owners. They are also highly trainable, meaning they can be taught basic obedience and even more complex commands with relative ease and patience. Furthermore, they usually get along well with other pets and can provide a great deal of companionship for single owners or those living alone.

Are Middle Valley Aussiedoodles for sale considered smart dogs?

Aussiedoodles are widely regarded as being among the smartest of hybrid dog breeds. They are part Poodle, which is a breed known for its intelligence, and part Australian Shepherd, which also enjoys a reputation as being smart and trainable. Aussiedoodles nurtured in loving home environments, and receiving stimulation and training from their pet parents, can offset the characteristics of potential stubbornness. This equips them with the skills to show off their dazzling intelligence, including learning commands quickly and adapting to new situations with ease.

Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale in Middle Valley, TN

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