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Boxer Puppies for Sale in Chicago IL by Uptown Puppies

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Boxer Puppies for Sale in Chicago IL by Uptown Puppies

About Boxers

Boxers were bred to be intelligent and noble guard dogs. While these dogs are definitely brave and smart, there’s more to it—the breed is also famously affectionate and goofy with their families, too!

Watchdog Ability 9/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 9/10
Playfulness 9/10
Trainability 8/10
Grooming Ease 8/10
Energy Level 8/10
Affectionate 10/10

Loyal and Loving

As a guard dog breed, Boxers bond tightly to their families and will love and protect you like you wouldn’t believe.

Super Goofy

Despite being a guard dog, Boxers are absolute clowns and love to romp and play with their loved ones.

Watchful Companions

A Boxer feels that its job is to keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe from harm—and they take this job seriously.

Easy to Groom

While Boxers shed (as do most dogs), its short, fine coat is easy to groom and won’t leave a massive mess like some other breeds.

Incredibly Intelligent

Despite their somewhat oafish appearance, these are smart dogs who crave learning new tricks, tasks and commands.

Boundless Energy

Boxers are energetic companions who need an equally playful owner. A well-exercised Boxer is a happy Boxer!

boxer puppies for sale

Our 3 Part Mission

The happiness of our customers, our breeders, and your puppy is the foundation of everything we do.


Connect responsible, ethical breeders with responsible, ethical buyers. Our mission is to take the uncertainty and headache out of finding the perfect puppy.


Help owners keep their puppies happy and healthy throughout the dog's entire life by sourcing and creating the best products, services, and learning materials.


Accelerate the elimination of puppy mills by empowering humane breeders and exposing those with inhumane operations. We want to be part of the solution.

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5 Star Breeders

We only work with Boxer breeders who pass our 47 breeder standards. Here are a few of them...

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale

Vintage Pups

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale

Puppy Place

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale

Ralphs Puppies

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale

Top Line Pups

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Boxer Breeder
Boxer Puppies for Sale

Prestigious Pups

5 Star Breeder

About Uptown Approved Breeders

No puppy mills. No scams. We thoroughly vet all breeders based on our 47 Breeder Standards. When you find a puppy at Uptown, you're not just getting a dog--you're getting peace of mind that your new best friend is coming from an experienced, ethical breeder who loves dogs just as much as you do.

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Boxer puppies for sale in Chicago IL? We have answers.

How much are Boxer puppies for sale in Chicago IL?

You’ll soon notice that there’s a lot of variation in price when it comes to Boxers for sale Chicago. One of the reasons for this is that individual Chicago Boxer breeders will choose their price based on their reputation for producing quality pups. The coat and eye color of each pup also makes a difference, as does their pedigree.

Am I limited to choosing pups from Boxer breeders in Chicago?

Nope! A huge plus about choosing to use the Uptown network is that if you can’t find any Chicago Boxer puppies for sale you can easily start looking at other regions. Even if your perfect pup ends up being at the opposite end of the country, it’s not a problem! Many of the partners in our network are skilled at helping to organize transportation for your new pup.

How do you screen breeders with Boxer puppies in Chicago?

Our extremely high standards mean that we will only work with the best businesses and companies who produce the best Boxer puppies for sale Chicago. These pups are incredibly well looked after. Our standards are so high that we only accept less than 10% of applicants! All of these have to sign our Breeder Pledge which covers all aspects of canine care.

How is Uptown Puppies different?

When you start searching online for Chicago Boxers for sale, it can be hard to tell the difference between an honest business and a scam. Rather than pay attention to the marketing budget of low-quality breeders, we focus on the quality of each business. As a result, you’ll only ever see the best puppies here on Uptown!

What is a puppy mill, exactly?

Puppy mills prioritise profit to the detriment of animal welfare. Puppies and mother dogs are kept in awful conditions and have little to no quality of life. While these pups may seem like a bargain, the truth is they can often suffer from debilitating health and behavioral issues. More often than not, this leads to expensive veterinary bills.

Can I buy a Boxer for sale in Chicago now?

As a popular breed, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a Boxer breeder Chicago with pups available right now or very soon. To start your search simply scroll through our listings of available pups and connect with the breeders or businesses with puppies that catch your eye. It’s as easy as that!

What country is the Boxer from?

The Boxer breed hails from 19th Century Germany, where they were prized as both hunting and guarding dogs. Their blend of intelligence, bravery, and loyalty also made them the perfect dog for military and police work. Nowadays, they’re just as popular as an energetic and playful family pet.

What can I expect from a Boxer?

Boxer puppies Chicago are slower to mature than some other breeds and won’t be fully grown until three years old. Boxers are affectionate and loving with their families, but can easily switch into protector and defender mode if they feel their families are being threatened. Their active natures make them perfect for energetic families.

How big are Boxers?

A Chicago Boxer for sale will mature to be a sizable dog. Once mature, a male Boxer Chicago can stand up to 25 inches tall and weigh up to 80 pounds. Females will be slightly smaller, at 23.5 inches tall and weighing 65 pounds. Their enthusiastic and bouncy nature also means you need to provide them with plenty of space!

Are Boxers ebay to train?

Training sessions with a Boxer for sale Chicago are guaranteed to be a lot of fun! Boxers love to please their owners so make enthusiastic and willing training partners. Their independent streak means they can get bored easily so you’ll need to keep sessions short and varied to keep their attention.

Boxer Puppies for Sale by Uptown Puppies

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