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Cavapoo Puppies for Sale in Louisville KY

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Cavapoo puppies for sale in Louisville KY

About Louisville KY Cavapoos

Adorably affectionate, super sweet and just goofy enough to keep you laughing, the Cavapoo rolls up a whole load of perfect into one small doggy package! This designer breed is growing in popularity as more of us discover how perfect they are.

Hypoallergenic 9/10
Intelligence 7/10
Non-shedding 9/10
Friendliness 10/10
Adaptability 8/10
Obedience 9/10
Coat Variety 9/10
Activity Level 5/10
cavapoo puppies in Louisville KY

Non-Shedding & Hypoallergenic

Wave goodbye to sneezing and sweeping up dog hair, thanks to the Cavapoos non-shedding and hypoallergenic coat.

Absolutely Adorable

The Cavapoo is off-the-charts adorable! It’s impossible to resist those sweet puppy dog eyes, and yes, we’ve tried!

Fantastically Friendly

Cavapoos are becoming well-known for their sweet and patient personalities. These pups just love hanging out with their owners.

Endless Variety

With so many different coat colors and markings to choose from, the only difficulty is choosing just one pup!

Incredibly Intelligent

These smart little dogs make training sessions a breeze, thanks to the fact that they’re super eager to please their owners.

Fun for the Whole Family

Cavapoos love nothing more than spending time with their family members. Wherever you go, a Cavapoo will want to come too!

Vetted Louisville KY Cavapoo Breeders

You’ll only find Cavapoo pups from the best breeders and companies here. Check out some of our favorites below!

cavapoo puppies

Sara S.

With years of breeding experience, Sara has been a standout member of the Uptown Family.

Location: California

Breeds: Cavapoos

Availability: N/A

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cavapoo puppies for sale


PuppySpot is a network of highly vetted breeders. Only 10% of breeders who apply get accepted.

Location: National>

Breeds: Cavapoos

Sizes: Wide range

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cavapoo puppies for sale

Katie M.

Katie’s breeding skills are only matched by her dedication to matching her pups with amazing families.

Location: Nebraska

Breeds: Cavapoos

Availability: N/A

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Smith Family

The Smith's were always crazy about dogs, and decided to share the joy with the world.

Location: Utah

Breeds: Cavapoos

Availability: N/A

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uptown puppies cavapoo breeder

Stephanie S.

Stephanie’s extensive breeding experience and elite pedigree makes her puppies highly sought after.

Location: Washington

Breeds: Cavapoos

Availability: N/A

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cavapoo breeder

Mary A.

To a dog lover like Mary, nothing makes her smile more than uniting another fluffy bundle of joy.

Location: Idaho

Breeds: Cavapoos

Availability: N/A

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cavapoo breeder

Bethany P.

Bethany knows a thing or two about doggytelligence and breeds some of the best pooches on the planet.

Location: Maine

Breeds: Cavapoos

Availability: N/A

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More Information

Have questions to do with Cavapoo puppies for sale in Louisville? All the info here.

What type of breed is a Cavapoo, exactly?

Cavapoos for sale in Louisville are a designer breed, but you might also see them called hybrid or mixed breed dogs. Cavapoo pups have one purebred Poodle parent, and one purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent. The result are puppies that combine many of the best characteristics as both of their parents breeds.

How does Uptown Puppies work, exactly?

All you need to do is browse through the sweet Louisville Cavapoo puppies for sale, until you see one you can’t resist! Then just send a message to their breeder and they’ll let you know what you need to do next. They can help you arrange puppy transport across the USA, making your puppy search easy and stress-free.

How can I check if my puppy is healthy?

All the Cavapoo breeders in Louisville that we partner with take great care of their puppies. This includes a complete nose-to-tail vet exam before pups travel to their new homes. You can request a copy of their results, and we recommend booking your Cavapoo Louisville in for an exam with your own vet soon after your pup arrives home, and taking these results with you.

Does Uptown sell the cheapest puppies?

The Louisville Cavapoo breeders and companies that we partner with always prioritise the health and welfare of their puppies, rather than focusing on price. Sadly on other sites, cheap puppies often end up with serious illnesses. The Cavapoo puppies in Louisville are competitively priced to reflect how much dedication goes into every step of their care.

How much exercise do Cavapoos need?

As Cavapoo puppies for sale Louisville reach maturity, you should set aside at least 30 minutes every day for a walk or other form of exercise. Keeping a varied schedule will keep your pup mentally engaged and physically active. Include training sessions, games, and plenty of interaction with other dogs.

What's the difference between a mixed breed and purebred dog?

Mixed breeds like the Louisville Cavapoos for sale on Uptown are created by crossing two different breeds of purebred dogs together. The resulting puppies share characteristics of both parent dogs. Purebred dogs on the other hand, can only be registered with their breed association if their breeders can prove their ancestors were all the same breed.

Do you suggest a specific food for Cavapoos?

Any Cavapoo for sale in Louisville is going to end up with their own individual quirks, including which foods they prefer. Asking Cavapoo breeders Louisville if they prefer to feed their puppies a particular brand can help you get started. Your vet can also help to develop a nutritional plan to suit your pup, and dog food reviews are super helpful, too!

What characteristics do the Cavapoo’s parent breeds have?

Poodles are super smart, and famous for their non-shedding and hypoallergenic coats. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are sweet and patient with a loving nature. The Cavapoos for sale Louisville will share these characteristics, as well as being an amazing breed in their own right! They’re also a lot smaller than many other Doodle crosses.

Is the Cavapoo a good choice as a family dog?

Cavapoo puppies Louisville have the perfect personalities to make them wonderful family dogs. They’re affectionate, patient and sweet-natured, and love nothing more than hanging out with their favorite humans. While they’ve got plenty of energy to play with the kids, a Louisville Cavapoo for sale will also be very happy to have a nap afterwards!

What are Cavapoos like to train?

You’ll soon discover that a Cavapoo for sale Louisville is super smart and loves the challenge of learning new commands. As an added plus, Cavapoos are very motivated to please their owners, so they’ll always try their best. You might find yourselves graduating at the top of your training classes!

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