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Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Ellicott City, MD

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Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Ellicott City, MD

About Cockapoo Puppies Ellicott City, MD

Can’t decide between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel? Why not have both...in one dog. Cockapoos are the cuddly, adorable companions you’ve always dreamed of. Find out what makes them so special right here...

Hypoallergenic 9/10
Intelligence 8/10
Non-shedding 9/10
Friendliness 10/10
Adaptability 8/10
Obedience 9/10
Coat Variety 9/10
Activity Level 7/10

Non-Shedding & Hypoallergenic

Cockapoos are an amazingly allergy-friendly breed whose low- to non-shedding coats make dog ownership a little more stress-free.

Absolutely Adorable

Try to measure Cockapoo cuteness, and you’ll see it’s really off the charts. These dogs are super photogenic!

Fantastically Friendly

These dogs were born to be companions, and it’s a job they truly love. Cockapoos are tons of fun and always ready for adventure!

Endless Variety

Cockapoos aren’t just about being cute—these are exceptionally intelligent dogs who make training a snap.

Tons of Variety

Cockapoos come in lots of sizes and coat colors—in fact, there are so many options that you might not be able to pick just one!

Fun for the Whole Family

Cockapoos can adapt to nearly any living situation, and get along great with families of all shapes and sizes.

cockapoo puppies for sale in Ellicott City, MD

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Vintage Pups

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Puppy Place

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Ralphs Puppies

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Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
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Questions & Answers

Questions about Cockapoo puppies for sale in Ellicott City, MD? We have answers.

What class of dog are Cockapoo puppies for sale near Ellicott City?

Cockapoos are a hybrid dog breed, created by mixing a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They are considered to be a part of the Toy or Utility breed, and combine the best aspects of each of their parents. Cockapoos have long, silky coats of fur, as well as energetic and sweet temperaments. They are popular family pets thanks to their sociable and loyal nature and low-shedding coats that make them hypoallergenic. They generally weigh between 10-25 pounds and will be about 12-15 inches tall.

How can I manage allergies with Cockapoo puppies for sale in Ellicott City?

Managing allergies with Cockapoos requires a few steps. If you or a family member are allergic to the breed, the first step should be visiting an allergist to determine the source and extent of the allergies. You should also make sure you are regularly brushing your Cockapoo to reduce airborne allergens such as dander and excess fur. Consider using anti-allergy grooming products to help reduce the risk of allergen buildup. Additionally, you should be vigilant about vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting the home frequently to keep the air as clean as possible.

What's the best dog food for Ellicott City Cockapoo puppies for sale?

The best dog food for your Cockapoo will depend on their age, size, and activity level. Consider consulting with your veterinarian to ensure you're providing a healthy, balanced diet for your pooch. Generally, a high-protein, grain-free kibble or canned food with added vitamins and minerals is recommended for maintaining your dog's energy. Look for foods with natural ingredients, such as real meat, with a good balance of fats and carbohydrates for sustained energy. Additionally, consider giving your Cockapoo low-calorie treats to supplement their regular meals.

Do Cockapoo puppies in Ellicott City have any kind of special requirements?

Cockapoos are generally known for being low-maintenance companion dogs, but they do have some specific requirements to stay healthy and happy. It's important to brush their coat regularly to remove tangles, provide daily exercise to ensure their energy is expended fully, and keep up with their routine vaccinations and veterinary care to maintain their general physical health. Proper socialization is also necessary to boost their confidence when interacting with other animals and people. Training should be consistent, encourage positive reinforcement, and include early socialization visits with other environments and people.

What sizes do Cockapoos for sale in Ellicott City come in?

Cockapoos are considered a small breed of dog and typically range in size from 9 to 20 pounds. These dogs are usually classified according to the size of the parent's breed, with three sizes being most common: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Toy Cockapoos are usually 9 to 12 inches and weigh up to 12 pounds. Miniature Cockapoos range from 13 to 15 inches and weigh up to 20 pounds. Standard Cockapoos are over 15 inches in height and can weigh up to 25 pounds.

How much exercise do Cockapoo puppies near Ellicott City need?

Cockapoos require a good amount of exercise, as their active and energetic nature makes them great family dogs. They need around two to three hours of exercise per day, which can consist of activities such as jog/brisk walks, playing fetch, training sessions, and agility courses. Cockapoos love having a job to do, and there's no better way to give them mental stimulation than to provide him with physical exercise, as it allows them to release pent up energy in a positive manner.

Are Cockapoos in Ellicott City good for first-time owners?

Cockapoos are great for first-time owners because they require minimal exercise and grooming, and they have an easy-going, people-oriented temperament. They are small in size, require little training, and are significantly less prone to some of the genetic health issues that purebred dogs may have. They are also intelligent and eager to please, making them great for owners of all experience levels. All of these qualities can lead to a fantastic, life-long bond with your Cockapoo, making it a great choice for a first-time owner.

How many minutes per day do I need to train Ellicott City Cockapoos for sale?

Generally speaking, Cockapoos require between 30 minutes to an hour of exercise per day. However, the exact amount of time needed for your specific pup may vary depending on its age, breed, and overall health. For example, puppies may need more frequent and shorter bursts of activity and exercise, while older dogs may need longer periods of exercise but with less frequency. It's important to choose activities that are suitable for your pup's energy level and age.

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