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Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Oswego, NY

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Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Oswego, NY

About Cockapoo Puppies Oswego, NY

Can’t decide between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel? Why not have both...in one dog. Cockapoos are the cuddly, adorable companions you’ve always dreamed of. Find out what makes them so special right here...

Hypoallergenic 9/10
Intelligence 8/10
Non-shedding 9/10
Friendliness 10/10
Adaptability 8/10
Obedience 9/10
Coat Variety 9/10
Activity Level 7/10

Non-Shedding & Hypoallergenic

Cockapoos are an amazingly allergy-friendly breed whose low- to non-shedding coats make dog ownership a little more stress-free.

Absolutely Adorable

Try to measure Cockapoo cuteness, and you’ll see it’s really off the charts. These dogs are super photogenic!

Fantastically Friendly

These dogs were born to be companions, and it’s a job they truly love. Cockapoos are tons of fun and always ready for adventure!

Endless Variety

Cockapoos aren’t just about being cute—these are exceptionally intelligent dogs who make training a snap.

Tons of Variety

Cockapoos come in lots of sizes and coat colors—in fact, there are so many options that you might not be able to pick just one!

Fun for the Whole Family

Cockapoos can adapt to nearly any living situation, and get along great with families of all shapes and sizes.

cockapoo puppies for sale in Oswego, NY

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Vintage Pups

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Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
Cockapoo Puppies for Sale

Puppy Place

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Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
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5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
Cockapoo Puppies for Sale

Ralphs Puppies

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
Cockapoo Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
Cockapoo Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
Cockapoo Puppies for Sale

Top Line Pups

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Uptown Puppies Cockapoo Breeder
Cockapoo Puppies for Sale

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Cockapoo puppies for sale in Oswego, NY? We have answers.

What's the most interesting thing about Cockapoo puppies for sale near Oswego?

Cockapoos are unique dogs, as they are a crossbreed between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. Their temperament traits include an easy-going affection for people, a hearty playfulness, and a willingness to learn and please their owners. They are also relatively hypoallergenic due to their Poodle parentage, making them excellent companions for those with pet allergies. Their coats range from wavy and curly to shaggy and tight curls, adding to their appeal as a great family pet.

Will Cockapoo puppies for sale in Oswego cause me to have allergies?

Owning a Cockapoo does not guarantee that you will have no allergies, however, Cockapoos are considered a hypoallergenic breed due to their low-shedding coats. This may make them an attractive pet choice for those with allergies. Despite this, it is important to remember that no animal is completely hypoallergenic. If you have any existing allergies, it is a good idea to spend time with a Cockapoo before making the commitment to adopt one. This way, you can test to see if your allergies are triggered before committing to the pet.

What should I not feed Oswego Cockapoo puppies for sale?

Cockapoos should not be fed table scraps, rawhide, bones, chocolate, coffee, tea, sugary snacks, cookies, cakes, and anything else that is high in sugar and fat. It is also important to not overfeed your Cockapoo as obesity in Cockapoos can lead to joint and heart problems. If you're unsure of what a Cockapoo can and can't eat, it is best to consult with a veterinarian or a nutrition specialist to make sure you're giving it the best possible nutrition.

Am I ready to adopt Cockapoo puppies in Oswego?

Before you bring your Cockapoo home, it's important to make sure your home is suitably prepared to provide a safe, comfortable and loving environment for your new pup. First, remove any potentially dangerous items that may be left lying around, such as small objects that could be chewed, electrical cords, or plants that could be poisonous. Then, make sure all of the rooms are secure and safe for your new pup. Ensure that your floors, carpets, and furniture are all keep pet-proof; this will help reduce the chances of damage caused by chewing or scratching.

What sizes do Cockapoos for sale in Oswego come in?

Cockapoos come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the Teacup (up to 9 inches tall and weighing no more than 6 pounds) to the Standard (up to 15 inches tall and weighing up to 30 pounds). Smaller Cockapoos can be bred to create smaller dogs, while larger Cockapoos tend to have a large range in their adult weights. The average adult size for a Cockapoo generally falls between 10 and 15 inches and will weigh between 12 and 25 pounds. Of course, this can vary depending on the specific type of poodle used during the breeding process.

Can I take my Cockapoo puppies near Oswego running?

Absolutely, you can take your Cockapoo running with you! While it is important to make sure your Cockapoo is in good health before going on any strenuous activities, running with a Cockapoo can be lots of fun for both of you. Be sure to take your Cockapoo on regular walks beforehand to help him build up the endurance needed for running. Once he is ready to go on longer distances, start off with a light jog and increase your speed as your pooch becomes comfortable.

Are Cockapoos in Oswego good family dogs?

Cockapoos are a great breed for families! They are wonderful, loyal companions and often have a lot of energy, which makes them perfect for playing with children. Cockapoos are incredibly intelligent and highly trainable, making them relatively easy to manage. Their sweet and friendly nature also makes them social with people and loving with children and other animals. They are also very entertaining and have a playful attitude. Plus, Cockapoos are a relatively low-shedding breed, so there's no need to be worried about constant sneezing and coughing.

How do I train my Oswego Cockapoos for sale?

Training your Cockapoo is essential to ensure it remains obedient and happy throughout its life. A good foundation of basic obedience commands should be taught incorporating positive reinforcement to reward it for desired behaviors. This includes commands such as "Sit", "Come”, "Stay", and "Leave it". Aim for 5-10 minutes of training a day and to make it enjoyable for you and your pup, inject fun activities like agility and tracking into your training sessions. Keeping it short and fun is key so your Cockapoo will remember and look forward to its daily training.

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