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Dachshund Puppies for Sale in Orem, UT

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Dachshund Puppies for Sale in Orem, UT

About Dachshund Puppies in Orem, UT

Affectionately known as the weiner dog, the Dachshund is a remarkable hound-type dog that had a successful career in hunting but now has sniffed its way to the hearts and homes of dog-lovers all over the world.

Kid-Friendly 9/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 9/10
Fun-Loving 10/10
Adaptability 8/10
Obedience 9/10
Coat Variety 8/10
Activity Level 6/10

Loyal and Independent

These adorable hunters like to explore on their own but at the end of the day, the loyal Dachshund would love nothing more than to snuggle with its human on the couch.

Absolutely Adorable

With a body that’s longer than it is tall, low-hanging ears, and huge eyes, a Dachshund stomping along on the grass is sure to elicit a squee from an admirer.

Fantastically Friendly

Dachshunds are pack dogs that get along well with groups of people and other animals, making them great family dogs.

Endless Variety

The weiner dog might look goofy and silly but they are quick to learn and are always eager to please an adoring human.

Incredibly Intelligent

With its friendly attitude and boundless energy, Dachshunds can keep up with the most playful of children and enjoy every second they spend with them.

Fun for the Whole Family

Dachshunds come in a nice range of coat colors and textures and sizes. From short haired varieties to fluffier types with longer coats, there is a Dachshund for every kind of dog lover.

dachshund puppies for sale Orem, UT

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Vintage Pups

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Uptown Puppies Dachshund Breeder
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Puppy Place

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Uptown Puppies Dachshund Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Dachshund Breeder
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Ralphs Puppies

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Dachshund Breeder
Dachshund Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Dachshund Breeder
Dachshund Puppies for Sale


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Uptown Puppies Dachshund Breeder
Dachshund Puppies for Sale

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Uptown Puppies Dachshund Breeder
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Questions & Answers

Questions about Dachshund puppies for sale in Orem, UT? We have answers.

What are some fun facts about Dachshund puppies for sale near Orem?

Dachshunds are a lively and interesting breed. One fun fact is that they were first bred to hunt badger and rabbits. They can range from a miniature or standard size and have several coat types such as wirehaired, smooth-haired, and longhaired. Their lifespan typically averages 12-14 years and they can be quite mischievous. Since their small legs are shorter than other breeds, they can turn quickly while still being able to run fast. Additionally, they are often bred in the colors of red, black, and tan.

How can I manage allergies with Dachshund puppies for sale in Orem?

Managing allergies when living with a Dachshund is possible, although some modifications may need to be made. Keeping your home and furniture clean and free of allergens is the first step. Regular brushing and bathing will help reduce the amount of allergens that your Dachshund sheds and that float through the air in your home. Choose a hypoallergenic shampoo and brush to further reduce allergens. Regularly vacuum any carpets or furniture that your Dachshund enjoys lounging on, as allergens can build up and cause irritation.

What's the best dog food for Orem Dachshund puppies for sale?

Dachshunds are a small breed of dog with unique dietary needs, so it's important to choose a food specially designed for them. The best dog food for Dachshunds should contain ingredients that are nutritionally balanced, easily digestible, and contain enough calories to sustain their active lifestyle. Additionally, enriched foods with added vitamins and minerals can help to ensure your pup is getting all the nutrients they need. When selecting a food for your Dachshund, consider their age, activity level, any allergies or sensitivities, and most importantly, their dietary preferences.

Do Dachshund puppies in Orem have any kind of special requirements?

Dachshunds have some special requirements that should be met to ensure they live a happy and healthy life. Firstly, they are prone to obesity and so careful consideration should be taken in regards to their diet and exercise regimen. Secondly, Dachshunds benefit from regular grooming, including coat brushing, nail trims, ear cleaning, and dental care. It's important to remain consistent in this routine to help maintain their overall well-being.

Are Dachshunds for sale in Orem considered small dogs?

Dachshunds are considered small dogs, typically ranging in size from five to nine pounds. An adult dachshund typically falls into the toy breed classification, standing anywhere between six and nine inches. Although they may be diminutive in size, dachshunds are as tough as they come, and are known for their powerful personalities and endearing qualities. They are also incredibly intelligent, making them a great choice for those in search of a dynamic companion. In short, the dachshund is small in stature, but larger-than-life in personality.

Are Dachshund puppies near Orem active dogs?

Dachshunds are known to be loyal, smart and spunky, so it's no surprise that they also tend to be active dogs. Bred to hunt badgers and other burrowing animals, they are excellent companions for trails and hikes, as they have plenty of energy and determination. Plus, they love to explore and stay busy! Along with enjoying outdoor activities, Dachshunds also have a fun-loving side which they express by playing games and entertaining their owners with their antics.

Are Dachshunds in Orem good with kids?

Dachshunds can make wonderful family pets, and they often have an affectionate and laid-back temperament that is ideal for living with children. As long as they have been taught good manners from puppyhood and have plenty of outlets for their energy, Dachshunds can be great companions for kids.

Is training Orem Dachshunds for sale easy?

Training a Dachshund is not necessarily easy but with patience and consistency, it can be a rewarding experience. Like other hound breeds, Dachshunds are intelligent and independent, making them difficult to train, but having the right approach and dedication can make a big difference. Establishing a routine and clear rules is important to ensure your Dachshund learns to understand your expectations as quickly as possible. Rewarding good behavior with positive reinforcement and plenty of praise can help your dog understand how it should behave.

Dachshund Puppies for Sale in Orem, UT

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