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Havanese Puppies for Sale Pooler, GA

About Havanese Near Pooler, GA

The Havanese are Cuban cuties that were originally bred for Cuban aristocracy during the 1800s. Both Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens owned Havanese! They have gorgeous silky coats, love people, and are happy by nature. You’ll just love yours!

Apartment Friendly 8/10
Overall Friendliness 9/10
Trainability 8/10
Shedding Level 3/10
Good for Beginners 9/10
Kid-Friendly 8/10
Adaptability 9/10

Great for Small Homes

Being a companion breed, Havanese don’t need a lot of exercise, making them great for small homes.

Absolutely Adorable

Havanese are seriously silky and serene, making them absolutely adorable pets to have. They make the best cuddle partners ever!


Havanese just adore playtime - they’re actually one of the most playful breeds you will find! Want some fun in your life? Get a Havanese pup!

Great for Kids

Havanese are lovely, friendly pets, and they just adore people. For this reason, they make great companions and playmates for children!

Ready for Adventure

Havanese are companion dogs, meaning they will stick by your side and go wherever you go - from the park bench and beach, to the sofa!

Loving and Loyal

Havanese actually have a really cute nickname - “velcro dogs”, because they’re always stuck right beside their owners’ sides.

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Ralphs Puppies

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Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
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Questions & Answers

Questions about Havanese puppies for sale in Pooler, GA? We have answers.

What class of dog are Havanese puppies for sale near Pooler?

Havaneses are a small-sized breed of dog belonging to the toy group. These dogs are easily recognizable thanks to their trademark appearance a small, loyal, and affectionate short-haired coat of fur with long droopy ears, and a tail set high on their bodies. Their colors range from creamy beige to a beautiful combination of black, white, and tan. The coat is usually long and thick, as well as hypoallergenic and non-shedding, making them ideal for families with allergies.

With Havanese puppies for sale in Pooler, what is their coat like?

The Havanese breed is known for its soft, mattress-like double-layered coat which can range from straight to curly. The coat is non-shedding, hypoallergenic and comes in many colors, with parti, red, black, cream and silver being the most popular. The texture feels like a mix between mohair and silk, with a medium length. The coat needs to be brushed and bathed regularly, and trimmed every few months to keep it looking neat and tidy.

What should I feed Pooler Havanese puppies for sale?

A Havanese is a small breed of dog with big dietary needs. The best food for your Havanese should be a balanced, high-quality kibble specifically designed for their size and energy demands. This should be supplemented with a variety of high-quality wet food, including mixes of proteins like beef, chicken, and fish, as well as fruits and vegetables. You should also feed your Havanese high-quality treats and snacks, which can be tailored to your pup's specific needs.

What are some essentials I should buy before getting Havanese puppies in Pooler?

Before bringing home your Havanese, there are some essential items you should buy to ensure that your pup is set up for a healthy and happy life. First and foremost, you'll need to purchase a comfortable, secure crate for them with a bed inside and toys that will help them relax. You'll also need to get a leash, collar, and ID tag. This way, if your pup should escape and get lost, it will be easy to identify them and get them back home.

How big do Havaneses for sale in Pooler get?

Havaneses are a small breed of dog typically weighing 8-13 pounds and standing 8-11 inches tall at the shoulder. Even though they may appear small, they are known to be spunky, playful, and energetic. This breed's lifespan is typically 12-15 years, so they will be around for a long time if taken care of properly. Since Havaneses are small, their dietary needs tend to be a bit different than other breeds, since they need plenty of high-quality proteins and carbohydrates to stay healthy.

How much exercise do Havanese puppies near Pooler need?

Havaneses are active and lively dogs that need physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. The amount of exercise that Havaneses need can vary depending on their age and overall health. Generally, younger Havaneses need approximately an hour of physical activity every day, while older Havaneses may need between thirty minutes and an hour. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it's important to socialize your Havaneses and have them interact with other dogs and people regularly, as well as provide access to a safe and secure off-leash area for running and playing.

Are Havaneses in Pooler good for first-time owners?

Havaneses are excellent first-time dog owners! This breed is small, smart, and loving, which can be important traits when introducing a new dog into the home. They are friendly and loyal to their owners, but can be protective when it comes to strangers. Plus, they have a lot of energy for an indoor dog, so they can keep owners busy with daily exercise and interaction. Thanks to their bright, alert personalities, Havaneses are easy to train and tend to catch on quickly to basic commands.

How do I train my Pooler Havaneses for sale?

Training your Havanese doesn't have to be difficult. Working with a positive reinforcement method is the best way to encourage good behavior in your pet. Begin by setting clear expectations and boundaries; this will lead to fewer conflicts between you and your pup. Start by introducing training commands such as 'sit' and 'come' and rewarding them for a job well done with a treat or a pat on the head. Next, create a training plan that includes exercises that will help strengthen their skills, such as obstacle courses for agility training and nose work.

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