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Havanese Puppies for Sale Walker Mill, MD

About Havanese Near Walker Mill, MD

The Havanese are Cuban cuties that were originally bred for Cuban aristocracy during the 1800s. Both Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens owned Havanese! They have gorgeous silky coats, love people, and are happy by nature. You’ll just love yours!

Apartment Friendly 8/10
Overall Friendliness 9/10
Trainability 8/10
Shedding Level 3/10
Good for Beginners 9/10
Kid-Friendly 8/10
Adaptability 9/10

Great for Small Homes

Being a companion breed, Havanese don’t need a lot of exercise, making them great for small homes.

Absolutely Adorable

Havanese are seriously silky and serene, making them absolutely adorable pets to have. They make the best cuddle partners ever!


Havanese just adore playtime - they’re actually one of the most playful breeds you will find! Want some fun in your life? Get a Havanese pup!

Great for Kids

Havanese are lovely, friendly pets, and they just adore people. For this reason, they make great companions and playmates for children!

Ready for Adventure

Havanese are companion dogs, meaning they will stick by your side and go wherever you go - from the park bench and beach, to the sofa!

Loving and Loyal

Havanese actually have a really cute nickname - “velcro dogs”, because they’re always stuck right beside their owners’ sides.

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Puppy Place

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Ralphs Puppies

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Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
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Questions & Answers

Questions about Havanese puppies for sale in Walker Mill, MD? We have answers.

What class of dog are Havanese puppies for sale near Walker Mill?

Havaneses are classified as toy dogs. They belong to the Bichon family, which includes Bichon Frise, Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, Maltese, and Löwchen. Havaneses are highly intelligent, naturally sociable, and surprisingly spirited for their size. Due to their loyal, affectionate personalities, they make great companions. Their curly coat is usually white, and it's forgiving, so it rarely requires much grooming. With their unique combination of intelligence, athleticism, and charm, these dogs are beloved family pets.

How can I manage allergies with Havanese puppies for sale in Walker Mill?

Managing allergies with a Havaneses can be done through preventative practices, such as keeping them well-groomed and brushing them regularly to reduce the amount of allergens they carry, providing a hypoallergenic diet to reduce the severity of potential reactions, and using medications such as antihistamines, bronchodilators, and corticosteroids to control symptoms. Additionally, monitoring your Havaneses exposure to allergens and using an air purification system in your home can help reduce the concentration of allergens in the air that can cause reactions.

What do Walker Mill Havanese puppies for sale eat?

Havaneses are a breed of small-to-medium sized dog that require a very specific diet. High-quality dog foods meant for small and active breeds are ideal for Havaneses, and some owners may choose to supplement the store-bought food with fresh, lean proteins such as chicken, fish, or lean beef. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products can also be part of a balanced diet for a Havaneses. For treats, plain canned pumpkin, applesauce, or cooked sweet potatoes can also be given.

How can I become the best puppy parent for Havanese puppies in Walker Mill?

To become the best puppy parent for your Havanese, there are some key things to keep in mind. Firstly, become knowledgeable about breed specific aspects such as grooming and activity needs. Building a routine that meets your pup's needs is vital. Secondly, invest time in training your pup. Starting at an early age, practice basic commands such as sit and come. Positive reinforcement and consistency are key to successful training. Lastly, ensure that your pup is getting plenty of exercise and socialization. Socializing your puppy at an early age can help them become well-adjusted and well behaved.

Are Havaneses for sale in Walker Mill considered small dogs?

Yes, Havaneses are considered to be small dogs. They typically weigh between 7 and 12 pounds and are roughly the size of a large cat. They are known for their friendly, outgoing personalities and are happy to go with anyone. They are considered good family pets and the cub-like appearance of the breed and its usually soft and curly floofy coat attracts many people. It's important to note that these dogs have high exercise needs and need to go outside for regular walks and play to stay healthy.

Are Havanese puppies near Walker Mill active dogs?

Yes! Havaneses are incredibly active and energetic dogs who thrive when given plenty of opportunities to play and exercise. They are built for agility and enjoy activities like chasing balls, running obstacle courses and playing hide-and-seek. This breed also loves interactive toys that encourage their natural curiosity and intelligence. Havaneses are highly enthusiastic, so regular socialization and mental stimulation are important to keep them content and lively. For owners who are active themselves, these dogs can make ideal adventure companions.

Do Havaneses in Walker Mill get along with kids?

Havaneses are known for being a good family dog, often getting along well with children. They're gentle, playful and smart, so they often have no problem mingling with the youngest members of their family. With the right socialization from an early age, your Havaneses will likely be perfectly safe around children. Even if they may not look like it, most Havaneses tend to have a huge heart, and they’re fiercely loyal to their owners, so they’ll form a strong bond with kids when given the chance.

How do I train my Walker Mill Havaneses for sale?

Training your Havanese is an important step in bonding with your pup. The best way is to start small and build up routines over time. Start basic obedience training such as responding to its name, sit, stay, and come when called. Make sure training sessions are short, fun and rewarding for the dog. Positive reinforcement is the most effective method; treat your pup with love, treats and verbal praise for a job well done. Socialization is also important, you can introduce your pup to new people and environments.

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