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Maltese Puppies for Sale in Barnstable Town, MA

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Maltese Puppies for Sale Barnstable Town, MA

About Maltese near Barnstable Town, MA

Maltese dogs are super cute and carry an aura of joyful serenity. These pups are famous worldwide for their unrivaled companionship. You can count on a Maltese to give you love and affection all day and all night long!

Hypoallergenic 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 7/10
Fun-Loving 10/10
Adaptability 7/10
Apartment Friendly 9/10
Activity Level 6/10

Devoted and Loyal

The Maltese is an incredibly devoted and loyal pup, and they bond well with every member of the household.

Absolutely Adorable

Maltese dogs are so adorable that they have been favored by the Royals and regular people alike for centuries.


The Maltese is highly sociable and will keep you and the family entertained for hours on end! These little dogs are sure to keep you smiling with their fun-loving personalities.

Incredibly Intelligent

Maltese dogs are easy to train because of their intelligence and obedience. You can teach Maltese fun tricks, or train them to suit your home fairly quickly!

Great for Small Homes

The Maltese is the perfect pooch for apartments and smaller homes. Their tiny stature, low-exercise needs, trainability, and low-shedding ranking makes them the number one choice for small homes.

Perfectly Portable

Whether you are taking a trip to the store or the moon, a Maltese is lightweight and makes the ultimate travel buddy.

maltese puppies for sale in Barnstable Town, MA

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Maltese puppies for sale in Barnstable Town, MA? We have answers.

What's the most interesting thing about Maltese puppies for sale near Barnstable Town?

Malteses are a beloved breed of small, energetic and very loyal dogs that make wonderful and affectionate companions. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Malteses is their longevity, as they can live to be around 15 years old, meaning your pet can be a part of your life for many years. In addition, they are also relatively low maintenance, requiring minimal exercise and grooming. Their luxurious coats of white, silky hair do not shed, making them a great option for those with allergies.

Are Maltese puppies for sale in Barnstable Town non-shedding?

Malteses are a non-shedding breed which makes them an appealing companion for many pet owners. These dogs are considered hypo-allergenic because of the absence of shedding, which means fewer allergens are released into the air. Their coat consists of long, straight, thick fur which provides insulation and comfort, and allows it to stay naturally groomed. Grooming needs for Malteses are minimal; they require occasional combing to prevent mats and regular nail trimming. Regular visits with a groomer can help keep a Maltese's coat healthy.

What should I not feed Barnstable Town Maltese puppies for sale?

Generally speaking, it is best to avoid feeding Malteses foods that are not specifically formulated for their unique dietary needs. This includes foods like chocolate, grapes, avocados, and other fruits high in sugar, processed meats, fatty foods, and anything containing dairy, such as milk, cheeses, and yogurt. Additionally, high-fat foods, especially those containing trans fats, are not good for Malteses as these can cause severe digestive issues and could even be fatal.

How do I prepare to adopt Maltese puppies in Barnstable Town?

Before bringing home your new Maltese, it is important to prepare to ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable environment. Assemble items such as food and water bowls, bedding, a collar and leash, and toys. Obtain food specifically designed for Maltese size and also treats. Contact your veterinarian to ensure your pet has received all required vaccinations, preventative treatments, exams, and any other medical needs. Make sure you have located a reliable veterinarian or pet clinic in your area who specializes in the needs of Maltese.

How fast do Malteses for sale in Barnstable Town grow?

The size of a Maltese puppy can vary greatly. Depending on the puppy's genetics, environmental factors, and general health, a pup's grown size could differ significantly from that of a littermate. Generally, Maltese puppies tend to reach adult sizes of about 5-10 pounds, though it's not unheard of for them to exceed these numbers. To get a better understanding of what size to lean towards, it helps to become familiar with the parents’ weight and overall size. If available, you can even visit the parents for a more accurate gauge in size estimation.

How much exercise do Maltese puppies near Barnstable Town need?

Malteses need quite a bit of exercise to stay happy and healthy. Generally speaking, they should get around an hour of physical activity per day. It's important to remember to split the exercise up into shorter sessions throughout the day in order to keep the Maltese engaged and interested. Exercise for a Maltese can include walking on a leash, agility training, running in a fenced area, playing interactive games, or simply going for car rides.

Do Malteses in Barnstable Town get along with other pets?

Generally speaking, Malteses do get along with other pets given their inquisitive and frequently gentle personality. However, there are a few important factors to consider when introducing a Maltese to other pets. First, always be sure to take things slow by giving the Maltese time to get adjusted to the other pet before letting them be around each other without supervision. Additionally, be sure to look out for any signs of aggression when they are together, and if there are any that you notice, ensure you separate them and try again when things have calmed down.

How many minutes per day do I need to train Barnstable Town Malteses for sale?

It depends on the age, size, health, and overall fitness of your Maltese. Generally, dogs need at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, split between two or three walks of approximately 10-15 minutes each. If your Maltese is young or very energetic, he may need a few longer walks of up to 30 minutes each day. For puppies, shorter, more frequent walks should be taken, as to not overexert their growing bodies. Additionally, mental activities, such as games and training, should be interspersed throughout the day.

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