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Maltese Puppies for Sale in Des Moines, WA

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Maltese Puppies for Sale Des Moines, WA

About Maltese near Des Moines, WA

Maltese dogs are super cute and carry an aura of joyful serenity. These pups are famous worldwide for their unrivaled companionship. You can count on a Maltese to give you love and affection all day and all night long!

Hypoallergenic 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 7/10
Fun-Loving 10/10
Adaptability 7/10
Apartment Friendly 9/10
Activity Level 6/10

Devoted and Loyal

The Maltese is an incredibly devoted and loyal pup, and they bond well with every member of the household.

Absolutely Adorable

Maltese dogs are so adorable that they have been favored by the Royals and regular people alike for centuries.


The Maltese is highly sociable and will keep you and the family entertained for hours on end! These little dogs are sure to keep you smiling with their fun-loving personalities.

Incredibly Intelligent

Maltese dogs are easy to train because of their intelligence and obedience. You can teach Maltese fun tricks, or train them to suit your home fairly quickly!

Great for Small Homes

The Maltese is the perfect pooch for apartments and smaller homes. Their tiny stature, low-exercise needs, trainability, and low-shedding ranking makes them the number one choice for small homes.

Perfectly Portable

Whether you are taking a trip to the store or the moon, a Maltese is lightweight and makes the ultimate travel buddy.

maltese puppies for sale in Des Moines, WA

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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Puppy Place

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Ralphs Puppies

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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Questions & Answers

Questions about Maltese puppies for sale in Des Moines, WA? We have answers.

What should I know about Maltese puppies for sale near Des Moines?

Malteses are a toy-size breed of dog with a long and illustrious history as companion animals and lapdogs. They are descended from a cross of a Spitz type dog and a Poodle. They are covered in a thick, long white coat which is quite unique among most other breeds. Malteses are known for being friendly, loyal, and loving. They are intelligent, active, and alert, making them a great breed for characteristics such as playing fetch, agility-based activities, and learning tricks. They don't require a lot of space due to its small size.

Are Maltese puppies for sale in Des Moines hypoallergenic?

Malteses are commonly believed to be hypoallergenic, but in reality, it depends on the individual dog. For some people, a Maltese might trigger allergies, while other people may be unaffected. As with any breed, the amount of dander, saliva, and other substances released into the air by a particular dog can vary significantly. Allergies can also vary from person to person, so the best way to know if a Maltese will cause allergies in a particular person is to spend time with them and observe closely for any allergic reactions.

What's the best dog food for Des Moines Maltese puppies for sale?

The best food for a Maltese is one specially designed for their small size, moderate energy needs, and relatively delicate digestion. High-quality dog food brands like Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance, and Royal Canin offer specific formulas designed for toy and small breeds like Malteses. These brands are fortified with key vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog's nutritional needs are met, and often are designed to promote healthy skin and coat. Additionally, look for dog food free of fillers, by-products, corn, wheat, and soy that may cause digestive issues.

Am I ready to adopt Maltese puppies in Des Moines?

Before bringing your new Maltese companion home, it is important to prepare your home for a safe and comfortable environment. First, think about where their bed and crate will be located, as these should be in a quiet area with very low activity. Make sure all potential hazards are covered or secured, such as dangerous liquids, electric cords, and medications. Check for any items that a Maltese could potentially chew on, and block off any areas that could be hazardous. Clear counters and off limit furniture to prevent them from climbing or falling.

What sizes do Malteses for sale in Des Moines come in?

Malteses come in a variety of sizes, from very small to moderately large. Size will vary depending on the specific breed of Maltese. Generally speaking, most Malteses will reach heights of around 8-10 inches and weigh between four and seven pounds when fully grown. Some lines of Malteses will be smaller, with weights of three to four pounds, while others may be larger, up to twelve pounds. The size and weight of the parents of each litter of puppies can also give an indication of the sizing of the puppies.

Are Maltese puppies near Des Moines active dogs?

Malteses are considered to be extremely active and energetic dogs. They need plenty of physical and mental exercise daily to stay healthy and happy. It's important that their owners provide them with a variety of stimulating activities and games to keep their minds active. These dogs enjoy playing fetch, going for long walks, swimming, and participating in agility and obedience competitions. Malteses are also very intelligent and can learn a variety of commands and tricks, which can be enjoyable for them. Knowing how to exercise them correctly is essential in order to keep their energy levels stable and help their minds stay stimulated.

Do Malteses in Des Moines get along with other pets?

Generally speaking, Malteses have the potential to get along with other pets as long as they are socialized correctly from a young age. It is important that adequate socialization happens throughout their lifetime so that they can properly coexist with other animals. A Maltese's temperament can vary depending on their upbringing, but they typically have a gentle and sweet personality. Early socialization and training can be key to ensure your Maltese gets along with other pets in a harmonious and peaceful manner.

Is training Des Moines Malteses for sale easy?

Training a Maltese is no easy feat; however, with patience and dedication, it is achievable. As with all breeds, there is a certain learning curve involved in training your Maltese and it can take some time for it to truly understand what you'd like him or her to do. Having the proper tools and being consistent with your training is key, along with creating a positive learning environment that will help your Maltese gain confidence and understand boundaries. Providing mental stimulation activities and plenty of exercise will also aid in your Maltese's progress.

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