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Maltese Puppies for Sale in Waconia, MN

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Maltese Puppies for Sale Waconia, MN

About Maltese near Waconia, MN

Maltese dogs are super cute and carry an aura of joyful serenity. These pups are famous worldwide for their unrivaled companionship. You can count on a Maltese to give you love and affection all day and all night long!

Hypoallergenic 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 7/10
Fun-Loving 10/10
Adaptability 7/10
Apartment Friendly 9/10
Activity Level 6/10

Devoted and Loyal

The Maltese is an incredibly devoted and loyal pup, and they bond well with every member of the household.

Absolutely Adorable

Maltese dogs are so adorable that they have been favored by the Royals and regular people alike for centuries.


The Maltese is highly sociable and will keep you and the family entertained for hours on end! These little dogs are sure to keep you smiling with their fun-loving personalities.

Incredibly Intelligent

Maltese dogs are easy to train because of their intelligence and obedience. You can teach Maltese fun tricks, or train them to suit your home fairly quickly!

Great for Small Homes

The Maltese is the perfect pooch for apartments and smaller homes. Their tiny stature, low-exercise needs, trainability, and low-shedding ranking makes them the number one choice for small homes.

Perfectly Portable

Whether you are taking a trip to the store or the moon, a Maltese is lightweight and makes the ultimate travel buddy.

maltese puppies for sale in Waconia, MN

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Puppy Place

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Ralphs Puppies

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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Uptown Puppies Maltese Breeder
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Questions & Answers

Questions about Maltese puppies for sale in Waconia, MN? We have answers.

What are Maltese puppies for sale near Waconia like?

A Maltese is a toy-sized companion dog originating from the Central Mediterranean region. They are an AKC-recognized breed and are known for their infectious personalities, intelligence, and calming presence. The Maltese has a long, silky white coat that requires daily maintenance and brushing in order to keep it looking healthy and full of luster. They are a robust breed and have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. These cheerful dogs appreciate companionship, making them well-suited for people who are frequently away from home.

With Maltese puppies for sale in Waconia, what is their coat like?

The Maltese coat is very unique and has been praised for centuries because of its long, silky white fur. It's single-layered, lying close to the body and often reaching the ground. The Maltese coat's quality is something special its texture is very fine, with individual hairs softer than the down of a feather pillow. It's important to note that the Maltese coat requires regular brushing and professional grooming to keep its unique beauty. Depending on its length, the Maltese coat needs to be trimmed regularly to ensure a neat look.

Do Waconia Maltese puppies for sale have special dietary needs?

Yes, Malteses do indeed have special dietary needs. As small dogs, they require diets tailored to their metabolism and size. Malteses have very sensitive digestive systems which can benefit from balanced nutrition; formulas containing real meat protein sources such as chicken or fish as the primary ingredient, plus digestible carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, oats, or brown rice. A diet with appropriate portions of nutrient-dense whole foods is important for the prevention of food allergies and other potential health problems. Adding certain supplements like omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics can also help balance the diet.

Am I ready to adopt Maltese puppies in Waconia?

You can prepare your home for your new Maltese by taking several precautionary steps. Firstly, you should create a safe environment by checking to make sure wires and cords are out of reach as well as taking any items that could be ingested away. Secondly, make sure to create a designated area for your pet such as its own bed, Collapsible Kennel Crate, and a secure place to keep its food and water. You should also order supplies such as a collar, leash, toys, and grooming tools to have on hand.

What sizes do Malteses for sale in Waconia come in?

Malteses come in three main sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. The Toy Maltese is considered to be the 'teacup' version of the Maltese, usually weighing in at 3 4 pounds as adults. The Miniature Maltese is slightly larger and is considered to be between 4 and 6 pounds. The Standard Maltese is the largest of the sizes, coming in at 6 9 pounds as adults. Malteses are generally considered to be difficult to housebreak and are incredibly loyal to their families.

Can I take my Maltese puppies near Waconia running?

Absolutely! Taking your Maltese running is a wonderful way to keep him/her healthy and active. However, you'll want to be mindful of your Maltese's size and energy level; if he/she gets over-exerted, it can cause muscle strain and overheating. Start slow and build up the speed and distance gradually. When you first start running with your Maltese, make sure to carry water with you in case he/she gets thirsty. And of course, try to stick to the cooler times of day.

Are Malteses in Waconia good for first-time owners?

Absolutely! Malteses make wonderful companions for first-time pet owners due to their cheerful and loving dispositions. This breed is easy to train and is eager to please, so their owners can trust that they will not become too difficult or challenging. Malteses do not require a lot of exercise, so those who lead a relatively laid-back lifestyle can still enjoy the companionship of these small, cuddly dogs. Thanks to their thick, white coats, they can also tolerate colder temperatures better than other small dog breeds.

Are Waconia Malteses for sale smart?

Malteses are actually quite intelligent and often referred to as one of the smartest small-breed dogs. They are natural problem solvers and quick learners who will often find creative solutions to puzzles and challenges. One of their most endearing qualities is their desire to please their owners, which makes them highly trainable. They can learn basic commands with little effort and have an impressive level of obedience, even when given commands outside of their normal routine.

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