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Pomsky Puppies for Sale Lincolnia, VA

About Pomsky Puppies near Lincolnia, VA

Pomskies are the most dreamy dogs. They’re a mix of the fluffy and loyal Pomeranian, and the wolf-like Siberian Husky. They’re seriously striking in appearance, and their small size makes them absolutely adorable!

Kid Friendly 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 8/10
Fun Loving 10/10
Adaptability 9/10
Obedience 8/10
Coat Variety 7/10
Activity Level 7/10


Because of their Husky blood, it’s really important to take charge and start training a Pomsky at as young an age as possible. They’re great for beginners, as long as training is in place.

Absolutely Adorable

Pomskies happen to be a mix of two sled dogs, believe it or not! Their super fluffy appearance makes them lovely to cuddle up with.

People Loving

Pomskies just love people, and are very affectionate towards them. They get on well with other pets, as long as they’re introduced to them when they’re young.

Incredibly Intelligent

Pomskies are very clever little dogs that enjoy having their minds challenged. Teaching tricks will be a breeze with this breed, as long as you’re firm.

Great for Small Home

What do you do when you want a Husky, but your home is too small? You get a Pomsky, which is the perfect mix of adorable and playful.

Perfectly Portable

Pomskies are so small that they’re easy to take with you, whenever you’re on the move, and wherever you go!

pomsky puppies for sale

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Pomsky puppies for sale in Lincolnia, VA? We have answers.

What's the most interesting thing about Pomsky puppies for sale near Lincolnia?

Pomskies are one of the most unique and interesting hybrids of two already beloved breeds. Not only do their physical characteristics reflect a unique blend of the two, but they also have distinct personalities that are something of a mix between those of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. Pomskies have intelligence and stamina from the Husky side and companionship and lap cuddles from the Pomeranian side. Additionally, they are very friendly and loving with both animals and humans alike.

Will Pomsky puppies for sale in Lincolnia cause me to have allergies?

It is impossible to guarantee that any specific breed of canine will or will not cause allergies in an individual. However, Pomskies are a hybrid breed that typically will shed very little which in turn produces less dander, a major allergen. Pomskies are typically considered hypoallergenic, meaning that they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other breeds.

What should I not feed Lincolnia Pomsky puppies for sale?

Pomskies are a hybrid dog breed between Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians, each of which are prone to different dietary demands. Therefore, it is essential to check with a veterinarian regarding the most appropriate diet for an individual animal and to always avoid feeding table scraps. However, there are some staples of food that are generally not good for Pomskies to consume, such as bones, chocolate, raw meats, onions, garlic, and anything with a high sugar content.

How do I prepare to adopt Pomsky puppies in Lincolnia?

To prepare for your new Pomsky, the most important step is to establish a routine. Start by setting a daily schedule for things like meals, walks, potty breaks, and playtime. You must also purchase any necessary items like food, toys, a collar and leash, a bed, and a crate. In addition, when you bring your pup home, make sure to introduce it to the whole family, as well as other pets, in a calm and controlled environment. Be sure to provide lots of love, positive reinforcement, and patience to your new addition.

Are Pomskies for sale in Lincolnia considered small dogs?

While Pomskies are generally considered a small breed of dog, the exact size does vary. Pomskies are a cross breed of Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, and they can range in size from 6 to 15 inches at the shoulder, and weigh 9 to 24 pounds. Generally they are considered to be small to medium size dogs. The size of a particular Pomsky is dependent on the size of the parents; the larger the Pomsky parent, the larger the offspring will be on average.

How much exercise do Pomsky puppies near Lincolnia need?

Pomskies are typically very active dogs that need a significant amount of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Initially, they can require up to two hours of exercise a day, including walking, running, and play time. As Pomskies mature, their energy and exercise needs can become more minimal, and they may need only a few short daily sessions of light activity. Nevertheless, to keep them looking great and in top physical shape, Pomskies should always receive at least some kind of daily exercise.

Do Pomskies in Lincolnia get along with other pets?

Yes, Pomskies generally do well with other pets, provided they have been socialized from a young age. It is important to ensure that your Pomsky interacts regularly and properly with other animals and that they are provided with plenty of positive experiences; this helps to reduce the chances of aggressive behavior. With proper socialization, Pomskies tend to be friendly and open to other animals. Additionally, providing Pomskies with adequate physical and mental stimulation can help to increase their ability to be calm and non-threatening around other animals.

Are Lincolnia Pomskies for sale considered smart dogs?

Pomskies are a hybrid of the intelligent Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. As a result, Pomskies generally have the intelligence of both breeds and can certainly be considered smart. For example, Pomskies are very aware of their environment and they can adapt to new situations quickly. They are known for their control of body language, vocalizations, and expressions, which can lead to an increased level of communication between them and their humans. Additionally, they are capable of learning tasks and commands quickly and with repetition they can execute them reliably.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale near Lincolnia, VA

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