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Pomsky Puppies for Sale Silverdale, WA

About Pomsky Puppies near Silverdale, WA

Pomskies are the most dreamy dogs. They’re a mix of the fluffy and loyal Pomeranian, and the wolf-like Siberian Husky. They’re seriously striking in appearance, and their small size makes them absolutely adorable!

Kid Friendly 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 8/10
Fun Loving 10/10
Adaptability 9/10
Obedience 8/10
Coat Variety 7/10
Activity Level 7/10


Because of their Husky blood, it’s really important to take charge and start training a Pomsky at as young an age as possible. They’re great for beginners, as long as training is in place.

Absolutely Adorable

Pomskies happen to be a mix of two sled dogs, believe it or not! Their super fluffy appearance makes them lovely to cuddle up with.

People Loving

Pomskies just love people, and are very affectionate towards them. They get on well with other pets, as long as they’re introduced to them when they’re young.

Incredibly Intelligent

Pomskies are very clever little dogs that enjoy having their minds challenged. Teaching tricks will be a breeze with this breed, as long as you’re firm.

Great for Small Home

What do you do when you want a Husky, but your home is too small? You get a Pomsky, which is the perfect mix of adorable and playful.

Perfectly Portable

Pomskies are so small that they’re easy to take with you, whenever you’re on the move, and wherever you go!

pomsky puppies for sale

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Pomsky puppies for sale in Silverdale, WA? We have answers.

What are some fun facts about Pomsky puppies for sale near Silverdale?

Pomskies are an increasingly popular hybrid breed of canine, the result of crossbreeding a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. By matching a smaller, cuddly Pomeranian with the larger, more energetic Husky, some entertaining qualities emerge in Pomskies. For example, despite their small size, they can have quite a bark and have a reputation for being quite vocal. On the other hand, their intelligence combined with their small size can make them challenging to train, as they can be quick to learn but also rather stubborn.

Will Pomsky puppies for sale in Silverdale cause me to have allergies?

While the problem of allergies with any type of pet can never be definitively ruled out, Pomskies are generally considered to be a very low-allergen breed. They have a double coat that limits shedding, and the hypoallergenic traits of their parent breeds (the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky) give them an even lower chance of triggering allergic reactions. As long as you keep up with regular grooming and limit exposure to excessive dander-producing activities, you should be able to keep the risk of having an allergic reaction to a minimum.

What's the best dog food for Silverdale Pomsky puppies for sale?

When it comes to the best dog food for a Pomsky, it really depends on the individual needs of your pup. Generally speaking, opt for a high-quality, grain-free or low-grain diet as Pomskies typically have sensitive stomachs and higher protein requirements than other breeds. Since they can be prone to obesity versus other breeds, ensure you feed your pup the appropriate amount based on their age and size to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

How can I become the best puppy parent for Pomsky puppies in Silverdale?

Becoming the best puppy parent for your Pomsky involves providing several key areas of care. You should ensure that your pet receives frequent and regular exercise, eats nourishing meals of high-quality dog food, and is properly groomed -whether that involves brushing and bathing or fancy hair clipping. Additionally, it's important to socialize your puppy, to prepare them for a life around people and other animals, as well as provide them with appropriate mental stimulation.

What sizes do Pomskies for sale in Silverdale come in?

Pomskies come in a wide range of sizes! Generally, they range from toy, which is about 9 pounds or less, to standard size, which can range anywhere between 9 and 40 pounds. Ultimately, the size of your Pomsky is dependent on the size of the parents; however, it is not always easy to predict the size of your pup depending on the size of the parents. Of course, the size of your Pomsky can be heavily influenced by the type of diet they are on and the amount of exercise they receive as well!

Do Pomsky puppies near Silverdale like to swim?

Yes, Pomskies do tend to enjoy swimming! This hybrid breed, created by combining the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky, usually has a love for the water that stems from both parents. Their thick fur helps them cope with cold water temperatures and their agility and built-in instinct to follow their owners helps make this a fun activity. For safety measures, a Pomsky should be supervised at all times during swimming and you may want to invest in a life jacket specifically designed for dogs so they can swim easier and more freely.

Are Pomskies in Silverdale good family dogs?

Pomskies can make great family pets, as they are known to be loyal, affectionate, and entertaining. They are easily adaptive dogs, so they can fit into many living situations. Pomskies can be gentle with smaller children, and they have a playful nature which makes them great companions. In addition, since they are small, they can easily fit into small households or apartments. Furthermore, Pomskies have low-moderate exercise and grooming needs, making them an ideal choice for busy families.

Is training Silverdale Pomskies for sale easy?

Training a Pomsky can be made easier depending on the individual. Taking a proactive approach to training is highly recommended and will increase the odds of a successful outcome. The key is consistency – you need to be consistent in the way you handle and train your Pomsky. Establishing rules and setting expectations ahead of time will help your pup to understand what is expected of them. Taking the time to reward them as they learn will also help reinforce positives behaviors and ultimately make training your Pomsky much easier.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale near Silverdale, WA

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