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Dallas TX Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale from Vetted Dallas TX Husky Breeders

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About Dallas TX Siberian Huskies

Huskies are gorgeous dogs that bear a striking resemblance to wintery wolves. These hardworking dogs are as loyal and friendly as they are beautiful, with highly sociable and affectionate natures that will steal your heart forever.

Friendly with Strangers 10/10
Intelligence 7/10
Good with Kids 10/10
Friendliness 10/10
Adaptability 4/10
Playfulness 10/10
Good for Novice Owners 4/10
Activity Level 8/10
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Loyal and Loving

Huskies are known for their cuddly natures, offering endless affection and loyalty that will always keep them close at your side.

Strong and Hardworking

Huskies were bred as working dogs and developed resilient personalities determined to meet any challenge. While you probably shouldn’t strap your husky to a sled, you can test out their athletic side with obstacle courses and long-distance runs.

Fantastically Friendly

Huskies are incredibly sociable and will offer a friendly greeting to all your friends and visitors. A husky is a perfect choice for social butterflies and families alike, offering close companionship to everyone in your circle.

Super Energetic

Huskies are high-energy endurance dogs, capable of trekking great distances. If you’re into outdoor adventures and love keeping active, a husky is the dog for you!

Always Playful

You can count on a husky to keep the energy upbeat as they are full of entertaining surprises. Their fun-loving personalities and crazy antics will keep you and your tribe laughing all day!

Fun for the Whole Family

Huskies are suitable for families with small children, as they are famous for their gentle and affectionate natures.

Vetted Siberian Husky Breeders

Want to find an ethically bred husky? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Uptown Puppies provides a database of screened breeders and breeding companies, right at your fingertips.

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Sara S.

With years of breeding experience, Sara has been a standout member of the Uptown Family.

Location: California

Breeds: Siberian Huskies

Availability: N/A

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siberian husky puppies for sale


PuppySpot is a network of highly vetted breeders. Only 10% of breeders who apply get accepted.

Location: National

Breeds: All

Sizes: Wide range

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siberian husky puppies for sale

Katie M.

Katie’s breeding skills are only matched by her dedication to matching her pups with amazing families.

Location: Nebraska

Breeds: Siberian Huskies

Availability: N/A

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Smith Family

The Smith's were always crazy about dogs, and decided to share the joy with the world.

Location: Utah

Breeds: Siberian Huskies

Availability: N/A

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Stephanie S.

Stephanie’s extensive breeding experience and elite pedigree makes her puppies highly sought after.

Location: Washington

Breeds: Siberian Huskies

Availability: N/A

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Mary A.

To a dog lover like Mary, nothing makes her smile more than uniting another fluffy bundle of joy.

Location: Idaho

Breeds: Siberian Huskies

Availability: N/A

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Bethany P.

Bethany knows a thing or two about doggytelligence and breeds some of the best pooches on the planet.

Location: Maine

Breeds: Siberian Huskies

Availability: N/A

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More Info About Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale in Dallas

Still have questions about Siberian Husky puppies for sale Dallas or Dallas Husky breeders? We have answers!

How much are Dallas Husky puppies for sale?

Siberian huskies range in price depending on which breeder or breeding company you go through. The cost is affected by factors such as breeder experience, the rarity of coat and eye color, pedigree and more. If you have a set budget in mind, you can select your Uptown preferences to search for puppies that suit your pocket, and your personality.

What if there are no Dallas Huskies near me?

If you’re looking for a rare and beautiful Siberian Husky, it can be difficult to find. Luckily the Uptown Puppies network spans the entire United States of America and most of the breeders offer puppy transportation as part of the package. Your breeder or breeding company will arrange for a puppy-delivery to all major airports (except Hawaii and Alaska) so you can find the puppy of your dreams!

How do you screen Siberian Husky breeders in Dallas?

The screening process at Uptown Puppies takes into account ethical conduct and breeder experience. We strictly uphold high standards and only 10% of prospective applicants make the cut. To find out more about what we look for in a premium breeder or business, you can check out our Breeder Pledge.

Why is Uptown Puppies different from other networks with Siberian Husky breeders Dallas?

Unfortunately, a number of inhumane breeders and companies have a habit of posing as legitimate ethical businesses. This can take all the fun out of finding a new puppy, with thorough research and background checks requiring a fair amount of time. At Uptown Puppies we present a solution by offering a network of pre-screened breeders, so you can skip the homework and jump straight into the fun part of choosing your new best friend.

What is a puppy mill like for Siberian Husky Dallas? Why shouldn’t I choose a mill for Siberian Husky puppies in Dallas?

A puppy mill is a business that breeds puppies without the proper care that they need. Inhumane conditions, unethical treatment and a lack of basic healthcare mean that these puppies end up traumatized and riddled with disease. This can end up costing up to $5000 in vet bills, not to mention the emotional stress it causes to loving families.

Are there any Siberian Husky puppies Dallas for sale right now?

Take a look at our extensive database to find out if there are any huskies on offer in Dallas right this very moment. If the Huskies have all been snapped up, you can contact us directly and we will assist in connecting you with upcoming litters from the breeders on our database. Alternatively, you could always go for the delivery option, so you won’t have to wait for your Husky at all!

What kind of dog is a Husky?

Huskies were initially bred by Eskimos and used to pull heavy sleds over long distances through harsh conditions. With thick fur typically in shades of black, white and grey, these northern dogs are well-adapted to the cold and the snow. Siberian Huskies boast beautiful big eyes, often found in icy blues, golden browns or even one of each!

Do Huskies need cold weather?

Even though huskies are bred to survive sub-zero temperatures, these dogs can happily thrive in warmer tropical climates. However, it’s important to make sure they have access to cool shady areas and air-conditioning to ensure that your Husky is comfortable at all times. For this reason, you can’t keep a Husky outside permanently, so bear that in mind when you bring home your new companion.

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