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How To Keep Your Cockapoo Happy In The Car

How To Keep Your Cockapoo Happy In The Car

A trip in the car can be a source of anxiety for both dogs and their owners. Car sickness, crying, and a big mess seem inevitable whenever your Cockapoo puppy steps in the car.

But every trip to the dog park or vet doesn’t have to end in tears. Here, we’ll show you how you can keep your Cockapoo happy on even the longest car rides. Follow these steps, and your dog will be racing ahead of you to jump in car.

Gather The Essentials

The first thing you should do before every car trip with your doodle is get the essentials prepared. Even if it’s just a short trip, having these things at hand can make you and your Cockapoo’s life a whole lot easier.

Poop bags. Many poop bags

You’ll always be thankful you packed a few extra.

Paper towels and stain removing products

Cockapoos are small, but their messes aren’t. Keep paper towels and stain removers in the car so that you can clean up a stain before it sets.

Water bowl and treats

The treats will help keep your dog calm in the car. And water is important, especially if you are going on long rides, when your dog may get dehydrated.

Bedding and toys

You want your Cockapoo to feel comfortable any time they are in the car. By bringing bedding, they’ll be more likely to lie down and stay calm. And their favorite toys will keep them busy

Get Your Cockapoo In The Car Early And Often

The best way of getting a puppy used to the car is to start early. If possible, drive your Cockapoo home from the breeder, bringing another person to accompany your puppy in the back seat. This will teach them to not fear the car, and will help them associate car rides with happy memories.

Once you get your puppy home, try to keep getting them in the car as often as possible. You want to make it an enjoyable experience. Visit places you know your dog loves, such as the park. They will see that there is a happy ending to every car ride, making them much less anxious the next time comes around for them to get in a car.

Avoid making your Cockapoo’s first car ride a trip to the vet. This will make them associate rides with anxiety, and they will be reluctant to get back in the car.

Try to keep the rides short at first, as you puppy gets used to being in the car. Slowly increase the length of each ride, and before you know it your Cockapoo will be ready for a road trip.

Feed Your Dog Well Before Any Trip

Make sure you are feeding your dog well in advance of any trip. Although it may seem like a decent idea to feed your dog in the car to keep them happy, this could backfire. After all, there’s nothing worse than a nauseous Cockapoo with a full stomach.

Although you shouldn’t feed your dog a full meal right before or during a car ride, giving them treats is a great way of keeping them calm. Reward them when they calm down and sit, and ease their anxiety with their favorite treats. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and upset their stomach.

Your Dog May Be Carsick

It’s also possible that your puppy is suffering from car sickness. This can often be treated with medication. Speak with your vet and ask about prescription medication that may be able to help your dog deal with the symptoms of carsickness. By treating the carsickness, your dog will likely feel less anxious about getting in the car.

Don’t Leave Your Cockapoo Alone In The Car

When you have a dog in the car, it is always important that they are not left alone. Even if you are just running into the store for a few minutes, leaving your dog in the car can be unsafe. If it is a cold or hot day, always take your dog with you. On mild days, don’t leave your dog in the car for more than 10 minutes.

Keep Your Dog Restrained

You may dream of your Cockapoo happily staring out the window with their fur flowing in the wind. However, it’s important that your dog is always restrained when in the car. This will protect both you and your puppy. Even a small Cockapoo can turn into a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident.

Here are a few ways you can keep your dog safe in the car:

Dog harness

This is by far the best way to ensure that your puppy is protected whenever they are in the car. A harness can be a bit of an effort, but it will keep your dog safe and prevent them from moving around in the car. Make sure you get one that is the right sizes. One that is too small could cause them pain, and one that is too large will be easy for them to slip out of.

Cage or crate

This is another good way of keeping your dog restrained. Always make sure that the crate can’t slide around, as this could present a danger to both you and your puppy. And preferably use a crate that isn’t too large, as you want your dog to lie down.

Have someone sit with the dog

This is a decent option, and will keep the dog from climbing in your lap. However, it isn’t the best way to keep your dog restrained, especially in the case of sudden braking or an accident.

Car trips shouldn’t be a source of distress for you and your dog. By following the advice here you’ll be able to train your Cockapoo to tolerate car rides, and possibly even enjoy them.

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