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Looking For A Therapy Dog? Here’s Why Goldendoodles Are The Perfect Pick Me Up

Looking For A Therapy Dog? Here’s Why Goldendoodles Are The Perfect Pick Me Up

Sometimes, it seems no one understands you like your Goldendoodle. And no dog is more understanding than a therapy dog.

Therapy dogs are used in a wide variety of situations to help provide emotional and physical support. They’re also a cost effective way of improving mental health.

Goldendoodles, with their intelligence, alertness, and calm demeanor, make for excellent therapy dogs. Here, we’ll discuss why Goldendoodles are such a good breed to be trained as a therapy dog.

Why Goldendoodles Make Great Therapy Dogs

Goldendoodles are adorable fluff balls. But they also have plenty of other qualities that make them perfect therapy dogs.

In addition to their looks, Goldendoodles are quite intelligent. They are curious, attentive dogs that observe the environment around them, a crucial skill in a therapy dog.

They are also extremely responsive to humans. They can pick up on subtle emotional cues from humans, making them great for detecting when something is wrong.

Although Goldendoodles form a close bond with their owner, they don’t threaten other people. This makes them a great breed for social situations. Whether it’s a park, cafe, or school, Goldendoodles respond well to other humans and dogs.


Goldendoodles were one of the first breeds that were developed specifically to be hypoallergenic. Although all dogs can still cause some allergies, Goldendoodles are one of the best breeds for anyone who has serious allergic reactions.

They are excellent therapy dogs for children with respiratory issues such as asthma, who often can’t be around other dog breeds. Goldendoodles don’t shed and are much less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Variety Of Sizes

Goldendoodles can also be found in a variety of different sizes. This means that you can find one that is right for your situation. If you need a larger dog that is physically strong, you can find a Goldendoodle that weighs over 60 pounds.

But if you need a smaller therapy dog for an environment such as a nursing home, you can choose a Goldendoodle that weighs under 20 pounds.

Easy To Train

Therapy dogs have to learn an impressively long list of commands. That means a you need a breed that is smart and has a good memory. They also need to be obedient and willing to follow orders from a human.

Goldendoodles check all of these boxes. They are one of the smartest dog breeds, and can learn a wide range of commands quickly. They also have a good memory, so they can retain many different commands.

They are eager to please humans, so they have the temperament needed for training. However, they still have the independence that a good therapy dog needs to show.

A Worry Free Dog

Therapy dogs are supposed to alleviate your anxiety, not worsen it. That’s why you should choose a dog breed that makes your live as easy as possible.

Goldendoodles are friendly, curious, and lively dogs that can blend in to just about any social situation and aren’t afraid of car rides. They are good around kids, and they won’t affect people with allergies. They are also obedient, and will listen to commands even when they are around other humans or dogs.

They also have enough energy to be an effective therapy dog without being restless. They know when to be active and when they should rest. This reduces the strain that they put on you.

Find The Right Goldendoodle

If you want a Goldendoodle puppy for sale that can serve as a therapy dog, you should choose a good breeder. At Uptown Puppies, we connect you to some of the best Goldendoodle breeders in the area, helping you find the perfect puppy.

All of the breeders we work with follow strict breeding guidelines with all of their dogs, ensuring that the puppies are raised healthy and happy. And none of the Goldendoodle puppies from our breeders come from puppy mills!

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