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Family Dogs that Don't Shed

Questions & Answers

Have questions about the best non shedding family dog? We have answers!

What are some of the best non shedding family dogs?

There are TONS of amazing family-friendly dogs out there for allergy sufferers. Some of the most popular (and our most favorite) include Doodle dogs such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Maltipoos, Bernedoodles, Yorkiepoos, Aussiedoodles and Cavapoos. Poodles, Schnauzers, Yorkies, Maltese and Bichon Frise are some of the best family dogs that don't shed.

Are non shedding dogs also hypoallergenic?

With non-shedding, the best low shedding family dogs and hypoallergenic dogs, there’s actually a lot of overlap. That’s because one of the main triggers for dog allergies is dander—the small amount of skin cells your dog sheds along with his or her hair. When you get a dog that sheds less, you’re also talking about a more allergy-friendly dog.

Can I still get allergies from non-shedding dogs?

Yes, but not always! While animal dander isn’t the only cause of pet allergies, it’s by far the most common. Saliva and urine can also trigger dog allergies, so coming into contact with Fido’s drool could still cause a reaction (even if your dog doesn’t shed). Different people react differently, and some experience far less serious allergies than others.

Are the best family dogs that don't shed also good for allergy sufferers?

Non-shedding and less-shedding dogs are often a great choice for homes with allergy sufferers because less shedding = fewer particles in the air (or on your couch) that could trigger your allergies. Although these small family dogs that don t shed are great for many homes, please bear in mind that severe allergy sufferers may still have an allergic reaction to even hairless dog breeds!

How can I minimize allergies and dog hair all over the house?

Whether you have a hairless dog or a hair machine like a Husky, there are still steps you can take to minimize your allergies (and the amount of hair you have to clean up every week). Regular bathing and grooming is the “secret” to decreasing the amount of hair and dander in your home. Or, just find family dogs that don t shed!

For non-shedding breeds, do all puppies have similar fur?

Shedding/non-shedding is a trait just like height, coat color and temperament. Responsible breeders pride themselves on maintaining minimally shedding coats throughout generations of their puppies just the same as other breeders strive for a certain coat pattern. All the more reason to choose one of the all-star breeders in our network for the best family dogs that don t shed.

What happens after I choose my new best friend?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pooch, you’ll be in contact with your puppy’s breeder. Your breeder will update you with important information like your puppy’s recent health checks, diet, upcoming travel arrangements and more. Of course, you can always contact your breeder directly to ask any questions you might have.

Why is Uptown Puppies different from other places?

We’re a network of the best and most ethical dog breeders and businesses from around the country. When you pick a puppy at Uptown, you’re tapping into the experience and expertise of some of the top breeders in the nation. That means you can search for your new best friend with confidence—no scams or puppy mills allowed!

Are there any litters available now?

Absolutely! With dozens of family-friendly and minimally shedding breeds available, odds are great that your dream dog is out there waiting! The problem? Litters listed at Uptown go FAST. It’s not uncommon for puppies available today to be adopted tomorrow. See your perfect puppy? Then act now before someone else takes them home!

How do I get my puppy?

So, you’ve just found your dream dog but they’re halfway across the country. No problem! Breeders and businesses listed here offer several transportation options for your puppy. The most common is airport pickup, where your dog will fly in style to your nearest major airport (excludes Hawaii and Alaska).

Why shouldn’t I bring home a shelter dog instead?

Shelters are doing amazing work and we have nothing against them. However, because many shelter dogs have uncertain backgrounds, you can’t always be sure of their temperament or how much they shed. If these traits are important to you, it may be better to find a puppy whose background is more certain for the best family dog that doesn't t shed.

How do I know that my puppy will be healthy?

All breeders and companies in the Uptown Network must offer complete health checks for their puppies. These nose-to-tail examinations ensure that your pup’s mouth, teeth, ears, eyes, fur, skin, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and respiratory systems are all in tip-top shape. Remember, always visit the vet to confirm your dog’s health after they arrive.