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Questions & Answers

Have questions about hypoallergenic small dogs? We have answers!

What causes dog allergies?

Usually, pet allergies are caused by exposure to animal dander (flakes of dead skin). Although any furry animal can cause allergies, we’re most familiar with dog and cat allergies. Allergic reactions can also be set off by contact with dog saliva or urine. Allergies can be slight, or sometimes severe—which is why small hypoallergenic puppies for sale are so popular.

Can dogs be 100% hypoallergenic?

There’s no such thing as a truly “hypoallergenic” dog in the sense that ALL dogs can trigger allergies in people who are severely allergic. Usually when people say “hypoallergenic” they are talking about dogs that are better for allergy sufferers, meaning they shed less fur and dander (or drool less).

What are some of the best small hypoallergenic dog breeds?

There are actually loads of breeds that are great for allergy sufferers. Some family favorites include Miniature Schnauzers, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzus, Toy Poodles, West Highland White Terriers, Cavapoos, Maltipoos, Havanese, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Yorkiepoos, Micro Labradoodles and Micro Goldendoodles.

Small hypoallergenic non shedding dogs are nice, but what about bigger breeds?

Whether you’re looking for hypoallergenic dogs small or large, you still have tons of options. Poodles, and many Doodle breeds such as Labradoodles, Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Aussiedoodles and more. Keep in mind that some disreputable breeders may list their Doodles as “non-shedding” when they actually aren’t—just one more reason to trust breeders in the Uptown Network instead.

How can you reduce pet allergies with the best small hypoallergenic dogs for sale?

Whether you have an allergy-friendly pet or not, there are steps you can take to reduce your exposure to allergens. Bathing your dog regularly can help get rid of dander, as can washing your dog’s bedding, toys, leash, etc. Also be sure to keep your dog off the couch and bed, or other areas where you spend a lot of time in one place.

How does transportation work for hypoallergenic small breed dogs?

Meeting your new dream pup couldn’t be easier. Different breeders and businesses in the Uptown Network offer different options for bringing home your puppy. One of the most common options families choose is to pick up their puppy at a nearby airport (available in all states excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

What are the signs of pet allergies?

There are many signs of pet allergies. These can include runny nose, sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, congestion, itchy nose, facial pain and pressure, postnasal drip, cough, restless sleep, swollen skin beneath the eyes, chest tightness, whistling sound when exhaling, hives, itchy skin or eczema. Ditch the sniffles and get small breed hypoallergenic dogs instead!

Why is Uptown Puppies different from other places?

Although many people like visiting a local small dog hypoallergenic breeder, that’s just not possible for many other families. If you already have a very specific type of pooch in mind, you’re in luck—we’ve built a place where it’s safe, easy and FUN to find your new fur baby (without worrying about puppy mills or scams).

Are there any small dogs hypoallergenic puppies available now? Small hypoallergenic dogs for adoption?

Litters found at Uptown Puppies tend to be booked FAST. Puppies you see today may be adopted by tomorrow, so if you see your dream dog, act fast! Don’t miss out on bringing home your new best friend. When it comes to finding the perfect puppy (including perfectly hypoallergenic puppies) you’re in the right place.

What happens after I choose my new best friend?

Businesses and breeders in the Uptown Puppies network are dedicated to keeping you up to date on all important puppy milestones such as health checks, travel updates, and what your pup has been eating. You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to your chosen breeder and ask all of those burning questions, so don’t worry!

Why shouldn’t I bring home a shelter dog instead?

There’s nothing wrong with bringing home a shelter dog, and shelters are a great option for some people. Uptown Puppies gives you peace of mind that isn’t always available from a shelter—knowing exactly where your puppy came from, and whether or not you’ve picked small dog breeds that are hypoallergenic.

How do I know that my hypoallergenic small dog breeds will be healthy?

Businesses and breeders in our network offer comprehensive health checks to all puppies, including a thorough check of your doggo’s ears, eyes, teeth, mouth, fur, skin, and respiratory/cardiovascular/gastrointestinal systems. Nose-to-tail means nose-to-tail! Just be sure to visit a vet ASAP after bringing your pooch home to verify his or her health!