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Low Maintenance Dogs

Questions & Answers

Have questions about low maintenance dogs? We have answers!

What should I look for in the lowest maintenance dogs?

When talking about low maintenance breeds and finding the most low maintenance dog, different families may have different traits in mind. For some, low maintenance means low shedding and minimal grooming. For others, low maintenance might mean low exercise needs. And for others still, that might mean dogs who aren’t needy or overly clingy.

What are some of the best low maintenance dog breeds?

There are tons of great low maintenance breeds out there. Doodles are low maintenance hypoallergenic dogs and have non-shedding to low-shedding coats. French Bulldogs are super lazy. Poodles are another breed with amazing coats. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pugs, Boston Terriers and other small dog breeds make the perfect lap dogs.

Are Doodles low maintenance dog breeds?

Doodles have average energy levels and will need regular exercise (like most breeds). Where they really shine is with their coats and personalities. Doodle dogs like Labradoodles and Cockapoos are ultra-friendly and easy to train. Plus, you won’t have to worry about shedding with those luxurious coats in these lowest maintenance dog breeds.

Are French Bulldogs a small low maintenance dog?

French Bulldogs (and English Bulldogs even more so) are famous for being lazy couch potatoes. These breeds are more at home taking naps then they are going on grand adventures, and make the perfect companion for anyone else who loves living the easy life at home.

Are Poodles low maintenance outdoor dog breeds?

Smaller Poodle variations like the Micro/Teacup and Miniature Poodle are the perfect low maintenance companion. These smaller Poodles have lower exercise needs, and when combined with the dog’s elite intelligence and non-shedding coat, the Poodle makes an easy-to-train and easy-to-love pup.

What about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels? Best low maintenance dogs or not?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an amazing dog for people who want a low-maintenance dog. Cavaliers have a silky coat and low energy level. They are playful but laid-back, and top our list of perfect lap dogs and cuddle buddies. Of course, these are just one type of low-maintenance small dog!

How does Uptown Puppies work for finding a low maintenance puppy?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect low maintenance toy dogs, you’re in the right place. All you have to do is browse our available and upcoming litters from top-vetted breeders and businesses. We’ll connect you directly with the breeder, who will keep you updated on your puppy’s milestones, including travel arrangements.

Why is Uptown Puppies different?

Although there are hundreds of choices for finding dog breeders online, nowadays there are also tons of scams out there, too. When we vet and approve businesses and breeders who wish to join our network, we’re only looking for the best of the best. That means absolutely no scams or puppy mills, period.

Are there any litters available now?

There are loads of litters available right now (and available soon). The only downside is that litters are in super high demand—it’s normal for puppies to be adopted within days or even hours of being listed. See your dream dog? If so, contact the breeder ASAP before they’re gone!

How do I get my puppy?

Uptown Puppies helps connect breeders and families all over the country. There are several ways to arrange travel, but the most common way families choose to bring home their new puppy is by air travel, where your puppy will fly in style to your nearest major airport (currently unavailable in Alaska and Hawaii).

How do you vet breeders?

Uptown Puppies thoroughly vets all dog breeders and businesses who join our network based on our 47-point Breeder Pledge and No Puppy Mill Promise. Everyone listed here is ethical and humane in raising their puppies, and you can feel confident knowing your dog is coming from a place that loves puppies just as much as you do.

How do I know that my puppy will be healthy?

You have to feel confident about the health of your puppy, which is why breeders and businesses in the Uptown Network give all dogs a nose-to-tail vet examination before they meet their new families. These checks cover your dog’s ears, eyes, teeth, heart, stomach, lungs, skin, fur, and everything in between!