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Home Insights NomNomNow Review: Still Worth It?

NomNomNow Review: Still Worth It?

NomNomNow Review: Still Worth It?

NomNomNow is a good choice for dog food delivery if you’re looking for fresh, human-grade meals for your dog. See if they get the Uptown Badge of Approval.

Fresh, healthy, delicious dog food isn’t a fad. Dog owners out there are discovering that the dry kibble and canned food you find at the big-box stores isn’t always the healthiest…and moving your pooch to a healthier food source can have huge benefits.

NomNomNow is one of a handful of businesses delivering fresh, tasty dog food straight to your doorstep. But with lots of other options out there, how does NomNomNow stack up? Does it get the Uptown Seal of Approval and, most importantly, should you and your dog give NomNomNow a shot?

Check out our quick overview below, and read on for a more in-depth look.

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NomNomNow Overview

Overall, we give NomNomNow a 4.7/5:

  • Nutritional Value: 5.0
  • Customer Support: 5.0
  • Variety: 4.7
  • Customization: 4.5
  • Pricing: 4.2

NomNomNow Benefits

  • Lots of meal variety, including gluten-free and grain-free options for sensitive and picky dogs alike.
  • Unlike some other food delivery services, the food is NEVER frozen, and is prepared in-house weekly.
  • Automatic shipping for amazing convenience and anytime-canceling for flexibility.
  • One of (if not the only) service offering single-meal portions.
  • Free shipping!
  • Made right here in the good ol’ USA.
  • Customer support is a breeze. Can contact via email, phone or live chat.
  • Access to a pet nutritionist through the same channels as customer support.
  • 1% of total sales goes toward pet nutrition research.

NomNomNow Downsides

  • Customizing recipe combos and portion sizes can’t be done online. Instead, you have to contact customer support.
  • You can’t specify a specific shipping day every week. Not a huge deal, but may be inconvenient for you.

NomNomNow Key Features

  • Can choose from turkey, chicken, pork or beef recipes
  • Meals are made fresh with natural ingredients
  • Meals are pre-portioned for greater convenience
  • Also offer beef and chicken jerky treats (using USDA-certified meat)
  • All nutritional content and ingredients are clearly listed online
  • Packaging is totally recyclable
  • Guarantee: If you don’t see a visible difference in your pet after 30 days of eating NomNomNow, the company will buy your dog’s next diet (up to a $40 value)

Nom Nom Now Cost and Discounts

So, how much is Nom Nom Now?

Like many customizable food services, NomNomNow’s prices will vary based on your dog’s unique profile. For a hypothetical dog—male, mixed breed, 7 years old, 25 pounds, no allergies or health problems—NomNomNow would run you about $35 per week.

Price also breaks down by shipping frequency. You can get meals shipped weekly, biweekly or monthly. You can save a pretty big chunk of change by opting for monthly shipments, with the caveat being that you’d be freezing a significant portion of meals in the freezer.

For every shipping option, shipping is free.

A 2-ounce bag of jerky costs an additional $12, and shipping is free for all NomNomNow orders. Worth noting is that the company also sells cat food, if you’re a multi-pet household!

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NomNomNow Recipes

NomNomNow currently offers four different dog food recipes. We mainly tested beef, but our dog really loved all of the flavors (more on that later).

Heartland Beef Mash


  • Ground beef: Protein, vitamins and minerals for stronger bones
  • Potatoes: Energy producing and potassium-packed
  • Carrots: Vitamin A (and more) for making eyes healthy
  • Peas: Fiber, Vitamin A, C, K & B6, and minerals for days
  • Egg: Protein, calcium, iron & zinc that dogs need
  • NomNomNutrient Mix: Expert formulated nutrition blend
  • Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

Macronutrient % by calories:

  • Protein: 28%
  • Fat: 53%
  • Carbs: 19%

Tasty Turkey Fare


  • Ground turkey: Great source of protein
  • Brown rice: Carb & mineral morsels to keep up your pup’s energy
  • Carrots: Vitamin A (and more) for keeping eyes healthy
  • Spinach: Full of fiber, vitamins, folate & manganese
  • Egg: Exactly the protein, calcium, iron & zinc dogs need
  • NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
  • Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthier coat

Macronutrient % by calories:

  • Protein: 34%
  • Fat: 39%
  • Carbs: 27%

Chicken Chow-Wow


  • Diced chicken: Protein, vitamins, and lots of minerals
  • Sweet potatoes: Vitamins A, B6 & C along with fiber, potassium and manganese make these tasty morsels a sure superfood
  • Yellow squash: Fiber, vitamins B6, C & K, magnesium and potassium
  • Spinach: Full of dietary fiber, vitamins, folate & manganese
  • NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
  • Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

Macronutrient % by calories:

  • Protein: 40%
  • Fat: 49%
  • Carbs: 11%

Porkalicious Potluck


  • Pork: Protein, Vitamin B6 & minerals
  • Potatoes: Energy producing & potassium packed
  • Kale: A superfood for your dog’s diet
  • Green beans: Fiber, Vitamins A, C, K & minerals galore
  • Mushrooms: Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper & Manganese
  • NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
  • Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

Macronutrient % by calories:

  • Protein: 27%
  • Fat: 54%
  • Carbs: 20%
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Nom Nom Now Reviews: Gut Health Products

Nom Nom Now doesn’t just sell dog food, but also offers a line of canine probiotics and a gut microbiome testing kit. In our opinion, these products aren’t necessary for all owners, but can be a great investment for anyone who really wants to know all there is about improving their pup’s digestive health.

The truth is that bad digestive health can affect everything. Diarrhea, vomiting, gas, IBD, constipation, itchy skin and food sensitivity can all be caused by a lack of crucial gut bacteria.

If that just described your dog to a T, give NomNomNow’s gut test a shot and let us know what you think.

Insights Gut Microbiome Test

Before you start treating your pet with probiotics or anything else, first you should know what your dog is actually lacking. If you believe that gut bacteria is to blame, Insights might be for you.

You can order the kit online, and conduct your own “research” at home—meaning you’ll gather a sample of your dog’s poo, then mail it back to NomNomNow’s lab. The lab will analyze the sample and give you a detailed report of all the good and bad bacteria hanging out in your pooch’s gut.

If you see that certain species of beneficial bacteria are lacking, you can pick up probiotics that contain the strain in question to help restore balance to your doggo’s upset tummy.

Insights currently costs $59 per kit.

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Probiotic Support

NomNomNow’s Probiotic Support is formulated by a team of microbiologists and vet nutritionists. It’s a blend of 7 types of healthy bacteria, and can be used to correct imbalances in your pet’s gut.

Probiotics can even be given to healthy dogs to maintain their gut bacteria balance—it’s easy to sprinkle a bit of the powder (which is totally tasteless) onto your pal’s food without them noticing.

NomNomNow’s Probiotic Support is currently available for $45 per jar.

Our Personal Experience with NomNomNow

We decided to test NomNomNow’s food delivery service for a full month on one of our lucky pups, a Goldendoodle named Maria. Maria is 3 years old, at a healthy weight, and is a bit of a picky eater. Her personality is laid-back and friendly, and she doesn’t have any health issues.

Maria has been a kibble girl all her life, so switching to fresh food for a month would be a big change for her. But really, what dog doesn’t relish the chance to eat “real” food whenever it’s available?

We were really curious to see how Maria would take to food with a totally different texture and taste to what she’s used to—and we were also curious if she’d stop begging for table scraps once she was on a fresh food diet.

After we placed our order with Nom Nom Now, the company followed up the same day with an email asking for more details about Maria—gender, breed, activity level, current diet, etc.

After we replied with the additional info, they processed our order and told us when to expect the delivery of our Nom Nom Nom dog food.

Nom Nom Now Unboxing

On the day of delivery, Nom Nom Now sent us a reminder email to let us know that our goodies would be arriving shortly.

The box arrived later that day, packed with individually sealed meals and two big cooling packs. The box also contained a neat little instruction booklet with all of the food’s nutritional information and advice for switching your dog over to a fresh food diet.

Note: You shouldn’t suddenly replace your dog’s diet with another food source. This can upset your pooch’s tummy. Instead, gradually replace a bigger and bigger portion of their old food with new food until they’re eating 100% new meals.

At this point, your dog will probably be trying to climb inside the box and figure out what the heck smells so good.

Remember, NomNomNow’s food isn’t frozen! Unlike some other food delivery services, you’ll want to stash your pup’s food in the freezer and refrigerator ASAP (about 2 weeks supply in the freezer and the rest in the fridge). Once the meals are unboxed, they’re going to warm up pretty fast.

Nom Nom Now hooks you up with a week of starter packs that each contain half of a normal food portion. You should mix this into your dog’s old food twice per day for the next week, which will make the full transition easier on their digestive system.

Although we tried the beef mash recipe for our main order, NomNomNow thoughtfully provided us with starter packs for the other recipes, too. If your dog prefers one of the starters, you’ll be able to order his or her favorite the following month.

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Chow Time

Right, so let us just say that Maria and NomNomNow were love at first sight. First sniff. Something like that.

We opted for the beef mash recipe, which contains ground beef, carrots, potatoes, peas, eggs, fish oil, and all of the vitamins and minerals you’d expect in a well-balanced meal.

The food was very well sealed, and all of the ingredients smelled really fresh. Maria was so excited to see what we were opening up, and she scarfed down her first meal in a flash.

Dogs love to eat new things, though. We were curious whether Maria would still be as excited after 4 weeks of NomNomNow.

Spoiler Alert: she was.

Before Maria was even done with her week of transition meals, she was already digging and picking her way through the boring old kibble to get to the NomNom.

Maria didn’t experience any visible signs of digestive trouble while transitioning, which was another plus.

Weeks later, at the end of our Nom Nom dog food test, Maria was still looking forward to meal time with renewed vigor. While Maria was already a healthy pup, we did notice that her curly Doodle coat seemed to look a bit more lustrous and healthy!

Verdict? Maria is in love, and we’re fans, too.

NomNomNow Reviews: Customer Service

If you’re like us, getting excellent customer service nowadays is an expectation. When you order as many things online as we do, you have to feel confident about resolving issues over the phone or the web when you can’t visit a store in person.

Luckily, NomNomNow’s customer service is exceptional.

We already mentioned the handful of emails we received from their team within the first week of placing our order. After that, our account manager with NomNomNow even sent us a text to check in on Maria’s progress. She even gave us her direct phone number if we had any problems. Oh, you can opt out of texts online, so don’t worry about being spammed or anything.

The company also has veterinary nutrition specialists on hand to answer more technical questions. These folks are really friendly and helpful, too. From our conversations and experience with NomNomNow, you really get the impression that they care about pets.

Does NomNomNow Get the Uptown Seal of Approval?

You betcha.

In our opinion, NomNomNow is a fantastic choice for dog (and cat) meal delivery.

They have great meal variety and outstanding customer support, with a number of customization options for meals that are truly made for your dog.

As we mentioned, the cost is on the pricier side. While NomNomNow isn’t the cheapest fresh meal delivery provider out there, in our opinion, they ARE one of the best.

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If you’re looking to try out NomNomNow for your pet, there’s no better place to start than right here—Uptown readers get a cool 20% off their first order!

More Tips on Choosing Tasty, Nutritious Dog Food

Changing up your dog’s diet for the better—it’s no easy task. Keep these tips in mind to ensure the healthiest, tastiest food possible for your pooch.

Consider your dog’s size.

Dogs can be smaller than cats or bigger than wolves, and that huge size difference plays a big role in just how much they’re going to be eating. Keep that in mind when you’re calculating costs for your dog’s new diet.

How active is your dog?

Some dogs were born to work, and others were born to nap. Some dog food is better suited to these working breeds, while lapdogs and couch fanatics may need recipes formulated to help manage weight.

Understand how food ingredients are listed.

Ingredients on dog food labels are listed by weight. That means when you see ingredients such as fresh meat, carrots or sweet potatoes listed early, your food is probably healthier than a recipe that lists corn or rice first.

Understand what a “byproduct” really means.

The term “by-product” gets a bad rap. While there are definitely a lot of animal byproducts you don’t want to feed your dog, a lot of what we call “scraps” are actually delicious and extremely healthy for our pets—things like heart, kidney, etc.

Reputable pet food suppliers tend to know this, and will list these tasty organ meats for what they are.

Ask your vet.

Whether you want to supplement your pet’s current food or switch entirely to fresh food, know that dogs can be sensitive to dietary changes. That’s why Nom Nom Now sends a week’s worth of starter meals to make the transition easier for your dog.

And any time you have questions about your dog’s nutrition requirements, don’t be afraid to consult with your vet!

The little details matter.

Tiny details that seem unimportant can really impact your dog’s health. Always take into account allergies, sensitivities and other unique dietary needs before changing food sources.

Don’t be afraid to read other Nom Nom Now dog food review, either—most people seem to be over the moon with the business.

Finding the right food is tough, but the reward is worth it—a healthier, happier pup.

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