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Premium CBD Oil for Dogs

100% Organic Formula | Non-Psychoactive | Human-Grade


There's a seismic shift going on with how we prevent and treat pet ailments...and hemp derived CBD oil is leading the charge.

The stigma against hemp-based products is vanishing, and that’s some great news for our four-legged friends. Humans and dogs alike are discovering that CBD (cannabidiol) oil is effective at treating or managing a huge number of disorders and conditions that give modern medicine a run for its money. From anxiety to pain management, there are tons of reasons to love CBD--especially Uptown’s.

Uptown Puppies sources our CBD oil from the best places we could find, meaning our product is 100% natural, non-psychoactive, and totally free from additives. Human-grade, medical-grade and legal in all 50 states, CBD oil really doesn’t get any better than ours. Whether your pooch is suffering from stubborn health issues that just won’t go away, or you’re looking for a more natural solution to Fido’s problems, CBD might be just what the vet ordered.


CBD derived from hemp has a wide array of benefits, and it’s scientifically proven to alleviate all sorts of suffering for dogs. Here are just a few...

cbd oil for dogs
Reduces Anxiety & Stress (including separation anxiety)

A surprising number of pups suffer from anxiety, especially separation anxiety. If your dog freaks out every time you leave the house, CBD oil might finally do the trick, helping them relax while you’re away--which is good news for all those potted plants and shoes that usually fall victim to your pal’s panic attacks.

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cbd oil for dogs
Can Help Alleviate Joint Pain

As dogs age, aches and pains become increasingly common--just the same as people. If your dog suffers from nagging joint pain due to age, disease or injury, CBD oil can work wonders to ease that discomfort and make your dog feel and act like a puppy again.

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cbd oil for dogs
Increases Mobility & Flexibility

Besides pain, joint issues such as inflammation can cause decreased mobility and flexibility, causing your once-energetic dog to look stiff and tired all the time. CBD has been shown to improve both flexibility and range of motion in humans suffering from chronic inflammation, meaning your dog might still have a few games of catch left in them after all.

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cbd oil for dogs
Reduces Shedding

Amazingly, the compounds in CBD oil have also been shown to reduce the amount of shedding in many types of dogs--even those that are notorious for leaving heaps of hair all over the floor. If you love your pooch but hate cleaning up all those tumbleweeds, CBD offers a great (natural) way to make your life just a little bit easier.

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cbd oil for dogs
Eases Nausea & Digestive Issues

Dogs suffer from a variety of digestive issues that can be difficult to treat, and CBD oil (again) comes to the rescue. Whether your dog doesn’t have much of an appetite or struggles keeping food down, CBD may improve digestive health related to vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite, and inflammatory bowel disease.

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cbd oil for dogs
Helps with Seizures

Watching your dog suffer from their first seizure is terrifying. What’s worse is that the most common canine seizure medications can be extremely damaging to their liver and other organs--and these drugs don’t always work. CBD oil has been shown to ease the symptoms of epilepsy and the frequency of seizures, but without those harmful side effects.

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We’ve scoured the Earth for the best CBD oil derived from hemp...

cbd no psycho active
Non-Psycho Active

CBD oil is pure cannabidiol and contains no psychoactive compounds. That means improved health and relaxation without the high caused by THC.

cbd oil legal
Legal in all 50 States

Because it isn’t psychoactive (containing less than .3% THC) and sourced from hemp not marijuana, our CBD oil is legal and ready to ship wherever you and your dog call home.

cbd oil organic formula
100% Organic Formula

CBD oil doesn’t get any more natural than Uptown’s. Our 100% organic formula means your pooch is getting only the best, just like nature intended.

cbd oil that is pure
No Additives, No BS

Other CBD oil manufacturers commonly use additives to increase profit margins (and decrease purity). Our CBD oil contains...CBD oil. That’s it.

cbd oil human grade
Human-Grade Ingredients

At Uptown, we love our dogs. When we say our oil is human-grade, we truly mean it. You’re more than welcome to share with your pup (if he lets you).

cbd oil colorado
Colorado Medical-Grade Hemp

The best oil comes from the best sources, and our CBD oil is created using 100% Colorado medical-grade hemp.


Got CBD questions? We'd love to answer them.

Is CBD oil marijuana?

No. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is the compound found in both hemp and marijuana that provides all of the beneficial effects you’ve heard about. That’s opposed to THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in high quantities in marijuana and negligible amounts in hemp. Our CBD oil is produced from hemp, which has way less THC than marijuana to begin with. And because our oil is totally pure, there’s no chance of your dog getting “high” whatsoever.

Why am I just now hearing about CBD oil?

As the laws restricting medical marijuana relax, scientists are now researching the effects of CBD and other compounds that were once frowned upon. As it turns out, CBD oil is highly effective for treating an array of difficult health issues without the potentially harmful side effects of many modern medications. Plus, hemp-based products aren’t new--hemp has been grown for thousands of years, and only now is that stigma slowly being lifted.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to all 50 states!

Does CBD really work for dogs?

Yes! The mechanisms that make CBD oil so effective for humans are largely the same in dogs, which is another reason why our oil is human-grade--it’s fit for consumption by both man and man’s best friend.

Is CBD oil expensive?

When you consider the fact that Uptown’s oil is 100% pure (and how little you actually need to use at one time), CBD oil is relatively cheap compared to expensive prescription medications. That goes double for animals, who aren’t covered under a vast majority of insurance policies. Of course, we also offer a full money-back guarantee--so you’ve really got nothing to lose!

When can I expect my pup’s oil to arrive?

Expect to receive your order within 5-7 business days (usually sooner).

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