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Are you a serious dog lover, but not sure which type is the one you will like the most? Check out a few of our customers’ breeds that are in the biggest demand and choose the one you will love!

puppies for sale in California

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Our main goal is to only work with breeders, businesses and companies who are vetted and make it through our strictest of standards.

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Still have questions? We have answers.

How much do Uptown puppies for sale Bay Area cost?

The prices of the California puppies differ according to different factors. Taken into account are the puppy’s breed, the breeder’s experience, whether the puppy for sale in California is a male or female, as well as the look of the coat. We work super hard at making sure the right families are matched with the right breeders, and that the families involved can afford the pups too!

Does your breeder network arrange travel for puppys for sale in California out of state?

They sure do! The puppy businesses, companies and breeders that are part of Uptown’s network are complete pros when it comes to arranging travel for your new pooch. The puppies are able to fly across all the lower 48 states. You may even be able to pick up your new puppy from the breeder. With us, you will get your new pup!

How do you screen breeders with puppies for sale Los Angeles?

Uptown puppies for sale is constantly bombarded by applications from companies, dog breeders Los Angeles, and businesses wanting to partner up with us. In reality, less than 10% of all these applicants will make it through, as we hold such high standards. We look at breeder experience, the facilities that the puppies are kept in, care of the animals as well as health care. Our Breeder Pledge will give you an idea of everything that is expected of our breeders.

Why is Uptown puppies for sale Los Angeles different from other puppy finder websites offering California puppies for sale?

We pride ourselves on being an important name in the puppy business, one that people can trust. Whether you are looking for a dog for sale Bay Area or puppy for sale in California, we are here so that you don’t have to deal with breeders, companies and businesses with bad intentions that will mess you around. We take that part out of the equation. We are here to serve you and connect you with the best breeders and businesses around.

Are there puppys for sale in California?

Of course there are plenty of puppies for sale in California. They all come at different prices too. You just need to connect with our network of breeders, businesses and companies and they will guide you with any questions you may have!

What about dog breeders Bay Area and California puppies for sale?

There are dog breeders in California, as well as businesses and companies that have puppies for sale in Los Angeles. Uptown is so connected that we have breeders from all corners, you just need to take a look!

What is a puppy mill?

Many people with insincere intentions see dogs and puppies as “livestock” and only want to get in the dog breeding business, purely for profit. These dog breeders San Diego sell these puppies without caring about nurturing, feeding them properly, allowing them to exercise, or taking care of their health. This all takes place in puppy mills, which is just plain cruel. California puppies that are adopted from these places may be cheaper, but are definitely prone to big health problems in the end.

Which puppy breeds can I find for sale at Uptownpuppies.com?

With Uptown, you will find breeders, companies and businesses that have a gorgeous array of dogs for sale San Diego. There are the sweetest of dachshunds, protective German Shepherds, family-favorite Golden Retrievers to modern mixed breeds like the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle. You can have your pick of any breed on offer that your heart desires. Just take a look!

How am I matched with puppies for sale San Francisco?

Uptown makes adopting a new pup really easy. We do all the hard work by finding only the best vetted breeders, companies and businesses around, so that you end up with the best pups in town. Breeders have their dogs for sale in California which make the most beautiful puppies in facilities that are well looked after. We make sure that all loving families are matched with the puppies that suit them best!

How do I know I can trust Uptown Puppies for sale in California?

It’s good to know you can trust us! Some California puppy breeders, companies and businesses like to scam people out of their hard-earned money by giving them puppies that are not well looked after, with health problems. At the same time these puppies are very ill-treated. We have a really strict screening process and not everyone is allowed to be part of our network, it simply isn’t that easy to be part of our network. You can read all the reviews left by happy customers!

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