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We know it’s almost impossible to pick just one dog. To make it easier, check out the favorites of our most recent customers!

puppies for sale in Kansas

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No more guessing where your puppy comes from. Uptown Puppies works only with ethical breeders and businesses that were approved through our strict vetting process.

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Do you have questions about puppies for sale in Kansas, Kansas dog breeders, or Kansas dogs for sale? We have the answers!

What is the average cost of a puppy for sale?

Dogs for sale in Kansas are available at different price points. Some factors that affect the price of Kansas puppies include breeder experience, breed, coat color, and pedigree among others. What’s awesome about searching on Uptown is that we’ll not only connect you with honest breeders but we can help you find puppies within your budget, too.

Do breeders in your network arrange travel for puppies out of state?

If you can’t find a Kansas puppy that’s perfect for you and your family, don’t worry! Our partner breeders and businesses across the lower 48 states are pros and can arrange travel for your new pup to a major airport closest to you. Or you can agree to meet your pick up your new best friend at the breeder’s if you wish.

How do you screen dog breeders in Kansas with puppies for sale?

We have a strict screening process for breeders and businesses who want to join our network.Applicants need to meet our standards for facility quality, animal healthcare, and ethical breeding practices. Most of the time, only 10% of the applicants make it to the final step -- taking the Breeder Pledge. This is why Uptown is the best place to look for Kansas puppies for sale.

How is Uptown Puppies different from other classifieds dogs for sale websites?

When searching online for puppies for sale Kansas, it’s easy to fall prey for backyard breeders and puppy mills who lure you in with the offer of cheap puppies for sale. Uptown Puppies’ goal is to help you avoid dishonest breeders like such and meet reputable dog breeders in Kansas city instead! Uptown Puppies is the best online puppy classifieds today -- one that can guarantee that your new puppy comes from an ethical business.

Do you have Lab puppies for sale in Kansas?

The Lab is the most popular breed in America and we’re sure that there are great Lab breeders in Kansas! But it’s not only Labs that you’ll find on Uptown. Just explore and you might just discover a new breed that you’ll like: feel free to search our network for small dogs for sale in Kansas, or Yorkies for sale in Kansas.

What about Husky breeders in Kansas city?

Uptown Puppies is home to hundreds of dog breeders from all over the US. If you’re looking for Husky breeders or Bulldog breeders in Kansas, you won’t be disappointed.

What goes on in a puppy mill?

A puppy mill is a cruel place where dogs are forced to breed for a profit. These dishonest businesses care little about their breeding dogs and often produce unhealthy puppies. A lot of pups from mills suffer from either behavioral or health issues that cost their new family thousands of dollars to treat. And the worst-case scenario -- puppy mill dogs die very young.

What dog breeds are for sale at Uptownpuppies.com?

We have breeders for all types of dogs on Uptown! From popular breeds such as the friendly Labrador Retriever and the alert German Shepherd to adorable designer breeds like the Goldendoodle and the Maltipoo. Check out our Featured Breeds to learn more about which puppies are ready to be rehomed.

How do I meet with the breeders/puppies?

Uptown Puppies isn’t designed just for great breeders to sell their amazing dogs. We also created it for people like you and other families who are looking for their dream dog! The journey to finding your perfect pup begins with us connecting you with the best breeders and businesses in your area -- let us know what you’re looking for to get started.

How do I know if Uptown Puppies is trustworthy?

There are too many scams on puppy listings on the internet but not on UptownPuppies.com. Our strict vetting process prevents dishonest businesses and abusive breeders from participating in our network. You can read about the happy families who found the dog of their dreams with our help… and how easy and fun the whole journey has been!

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