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All dogs are awesome. It’s too bad you have to pick only one right now (we feel you!). To help you choose, here are our recent customers’ favorite breeds.

puppies for sale in Michigan

Vetted Michigan Puppy Breeders & Companies

Uptown works only with ethical breeders and businesses that we vetted ourselves. Our screening process is airtight -- less than 10% of the applicants are approved to join the network.

More Michigan Puppies for Sale Info

Do you have questions about puppies in Michigan or Michigan dog breeders? We’ll answer them for you!

What’s the price range of Uptown puppies for sale?

Puppies for sale in Michigan will vary in prices due to a number of factors like breeder experience, breed, gender, coat color, and more. Uptown is the best place to search for Michigan puppies not only because we’ll find reputable breeders who have the dog you want, but also because we’ll do our best to find puppies at the price you want.

Can breeders arrange travel for puppies out of state?

Yes! The breeders on the Uptown network are professionals who would know how to best get your puppy home to you even when you’re outside of their state. You can choose to pick up your pup at any major airport within the Lower 48 States or you can arrange to meet at the breeder’s! No matter where you find your dream dog, Uptown breeders will get them home to you.

How do you screen puppy breeders in Michigan?

All the breeders and businesses on Uptown go through a strict screening process where their breeding standards, facility quality, and experience are thoroughly checked. At most, less than 10% of the total number of applicants are approved. As a final step, all breeders take the Breeder Pledge -- a contract that upholds them the highest standard of dog breeding.

How is Uptown different from other puppy finder websites?

Search online for ‘puppies for sale Michigan’, ‘buy a puppy in Michigan’, or ‘cheap puppies for sale in Michigan’ and you’ll end up with dizzying results. The problem with other puppy classifieds is that they can’t tell you for sure if you’re dealing with a puppy mill or a backyard breeder -- except for Uptown. We are the best online puppy finder in Michigan because we can guarantee that you will meet only ethical breeders and businesses on our website.

Do you have dogs for sale in Michigan?

Yes! If you are looking for Michigan puppies for sale, we will connect you with the best dog breeders in your area that have a litter of puppies that are ready for rehoming. Just let us know what breed you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest!

Can you help me find small dog breeders in Michigan?

Absolutely. If you are in search of small dogs for sale in Michigan, we can help you! We work with breeders of all kinds of dogs -- large or small. Check out our featured breeds and the reviews of our recent customers to see examples of puppies that Uptown can help you find.

What is a puppy mill?

Looking for a Michigan puppy for sale? Stay away from a puppy mill! These places breed dogs solely for profit and care only about producing litter after litter of puppies. A lot of these pups turn out to be very sick or suffer from behavioral issues that cost thousands of dollars to treat. What’s worse is that some of these dogs die heartbreakingly young.

Which dog breeds can I find for sale at Uptownpuppies.com?

If you’re looking for Labs for sale in Michigan, Pitbull puppies for sale Michigan, or Yorkies for sale Michigan then you’re in the right place. Uptown hosts breeders of all kinds of dogs -- from working dogs like the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever to adorable designer breeds like the Labradoodle and Puggle. Check out our featured breeds to learn more about which puppies are ready to go home to their new families.

How do I meet the breeders/puppies with your puppy finder Michigan / puppyfinder Michigan?

Uptown isn’t just a platform for breeders to sell their dogs. It’s designed for all dog lovers to connect -- both honest sellers and well-meaning people who are growing their families with the addition of a new puppy for sale Michigan. You’ll begin by letting us know what you’re looking for then we’ll connect you with reputable breeders in your area who are most likely to have your dream dog.

How do I know I can trust Uptown Puppies with puppies for sale in MI?

When looking for Michigan dogs for sale or puppys for sale in MI, you can’t go wrong with us. We hate puppy scammers as much as you do so we created a system that keeps them out. All the breeders and businesses on our network passed our strict screening process and are bound by a legal agreement to uphold high breeding standards. This system has worked pretty well for us and the families who found their new puppy on Uptown can attest to that -- just look at our Reviews!

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