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Read This Before You Consider Puppy Milk Replacement

Read This Before You Consider Puppy Milk Replacement

March 12th

Want to know how to use milk replacers for puppies? You’re in the right place.

Sometimes mommy dogs are unwilling, unable or unavailable to nurse their pups. Although milk is a building block of happy, healthy puppies, your dog can still grow up just fine when cared for properly.

For puppies who don’t have access to their mother’s milk, puppy formula (also known as commercial milk replacers) are just what the vet ordered.

How to start bottle feeding your puppy

Whenever possible, you’ll want to let your puppies nurse from their mommy for at least the first couple days following birth. Their mother’s milk contains very important substances that help give immunity to your vulnerable newborn puppies.

When you do choose to make the switch to puppy formula, make absolutely sure you pick milk replacer that’s made especially for puppies—not cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and especially not baby formula.

Although puppy formula does contain many of the same ingredients, you need to be giving your dogs exactly what they need during this crucial time of development.

With newborn pups, you should check the formula’s label to figure out the right serving size. You should feed your pups while they’re lying flat on their stomachs in order to mimic the way puppies naturally nurse from their mothers. And just like human infants, your pups will need to be burped after feeding!

You should feed your growing puppies several times every day, weighing them at least three times per week to ensure your dogs are meeting their healthy growth milestones.

Transitioning from bottle to bowl

As your puppies grow, eventually it will be time to switch them over to a dish. Luckily, it’s really easy—just start pouring the milk replacer right into their bowl and you’re all set.

Soon, you’ll also be starting your dogs on solid food, too. Remember, puppy food is different from food designed for adult dogs! In fact, your puppies will be eating A LOT at this stage—if your dog seems hungry, it probably is!

Although it is possible to have an overweight puppy, people often underestimate just how much food a growing dog really needs.

Raising a happy, healthy puppy

As your growing boy (or girl) becomes a healthy adult, you’ll want to continue feeding your dog only the best, most nutritious dog food. We recommend checking out our guide on choosing the best food for your dog right here.

And as always, if you’re still looking for that perfect pooch to add to your family, our puppy finder has you covered.

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