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The Dangers of Potato Chips for Dogs

The Dangers of Potato Chips for Dogs

October 2nd

Potato chips are dangerous for dogs. Is it a myth perpetuating the internet or the hard truth? Well, here is the story that will make you regret ever buying potato chips.

This story happened to one of our friends and has probably been repeated thousands of times. But we’ll relay it here again for those who don’t follow the news sites. It’s a cautionary tale for anyone who currently owns a dog, or those looking for new, cuddly Goldendoodle puppies for sale.
The dog lover was sleeping, when his dog managed to reach the kitchen counter and get a bag of potato chips. He ate all the chips and while he was trying to lick the chips out of the bottom of the bag, his head got stuck in the bag and he was unable to breathe.

As a result, the dog suffocated. The next morning, when his owner woke up, he found that his dog died from the lack of air.

The story is real and provides a word of caution to all dog lovers. Do not leave potato chips bags unattended! In the best case scenario, your dog will eat the chips and get very thirsty, but in the worst case scenario, he might get suffocated.

These are not the only danger of potato chips. Here are all things you should be aware of:

The dangers of potato chips for dogs

Highly toxic

Potato chips are not the most healthy snack for humans, let alone dogs. Take any doctor and he will tell you that potato chips don’t contain many vitamins.

In fact, they contain processed oil, fat, and sodium, and not a single element that would be beneficial for your body or your dog’s health.

Potato chips are high in carbohydrate, but the energy from potato chips won’t last long. Additionally, you never know what other hazardous ingredients potato chips have.

Often times, artificial ingredients are added to keep the chips fresh longer but we rarely pay attention to what the package says.

Unhealthy habit

Once the dog tries potato chips it will be hard for him to resist eating chips all the time. When you give your dog potato chips you form a powerful and unhealthy habit, that will be hard to break later on.

Potato chips are so alluring because they present a quick way to get the carbohydrates. People can get away with eating potato chips because they have a willpower and experience social pressure to avoid unhealthy habits. Dogs don’t have the same “keeping in check” system.

Dogs will reach out fo potato chips every time they are hungry, only to find out that the energy doesn’t last long. After that, they will try to eat more potato chips. This is a vicious circle that can lead to an excessive weight.

Too much of a temptation

If your dog somehow finds a whole bag of chips there is nothing stopping him from consuming it all. They will eat the whole bag and might even reach out for a new package once they finish.

Dogs don’t savor chips like humans do. It’s just another source of energy for them. But since they don’t see much food lying around the house usually, they will try to stock up on energy.

Dog’s digestive system is also very fast so it won’t be long before your pet will beg for another packet of chips.

Harmful flavors

Only rare dogs can tolerate spicy food. Dogs actually have fewer taste buds than humans — only 1 700 as opposed to 9 000. That doesn’t mean that they can’t taste spicy foods, but they appreciate it a lot less than people.

Potato chips manufacturers add a lot of artificial flavors to chips to make them more appealing to people. But while a normal person will find a burst of flavors exciting, all those different flavors taste merely the same for dogs.

Artificial ingredients can cause a slew of problems: stomach pain, diarrhea, gas. It’s just not worth the trouble for dogs to eat potato chips when they can’t get the same satisfaction from flavors as humans do.


Salt makes dogs thirsty. Immediately after eating chips dogs will reach out for a water bowl. If they don’t find a water bowl in the vicinity, dehydration might occur. We don’t always know what our dogs are up to, especially in the big house.

Dogs in the wild get their salt fix from meat that makes up for 80% of their diet. So they rarely get to eat any salt at all. Make sure your dog always has a bowl filled with water and avoid salty snacks.

Choking hazard

Finally, potato chips bags present a huge danger for dogs. The modern bags are so hard to tear apart that the danger of a dog being stuck in the bag is very real.

If you like salty snacks served in bags or narrow containers, keep them out of your dog’s reach in the closed kitchen cabinets. At the end of the evening always clean the kitchen of the potentially hazardous food or equipment.

In the home environment, dogs don’t anticipate dangers like humans do, so it’s only natural for them to wake up, wander around and eat everything that seems edible.

Other dangers

Potato chips and bags are not the only dangers your dog might encounter. Other salty snacks and unhealthy foods have the exact same effect on dogs.

If you’re searching for Labradoodle puppies for sale, any responsible breeder will be keeping the potato chips as far away from their dogs as possible!

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to prevent the risk and keep your dog safe and healthy. Avoid any kind of processed junk food, make your home safe for your dog and don’t feel guilty about keeping the temptations out of his sight.

Your dog will only thank you for being a caring dog owner.

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