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Why Real Grass Makes the Perfect Indoor Puppy Potty

Why Real Grass Makes the Perfect Indoor Puppy Potty

January 9th

If you’re training a new puppy to go to the toilet properly, then you’re in for a lot of fun…and maybe a bit of stress, too.

While you should probably be training your new dog to go outside, sometimes they need an indoor place to go potty. That’s why real grass indoor potties are such a great idea. That way you can keep your pup trained to only go potty on grass even when you need to keep them inside.

Let’s look at a few benefits of a real grass potty as well as some info on how to make one yourself…

Why Are Real Grass Pet Potties Such A Great Idea?

Most dogs are trained to do their business outside and not, you know, on your kitchen floor.

But what if you need to keep them in for a while? Maybe there’s extreme weather out there or you’re visiting someone without access to a garden. That pup’s still gotta poop somewhere, and that’s why indoor real grass pet potties are such a great idea. Your dog can now have a safe area inside your home to easily go potty that it associates with the outside.

Our Doodles are from breeders with integrity—and they’re some of the smartest and easiest to train on the planet. You can’t trick a pup like this with anything less than real grass—and that’s why building your own indoor pet potty is such a great idea.

You see, some of the options you might find in the local pet store are made from synthetic grass. While these might look the part, they certainly don’t feel it. Most dogs will never be convinced that this is real grass, and while you might still be able to train them to go potty there, they won’t associate them with actual grass. Real grass = better results. Easy right?

You could buy real grass potties, but these are often expensive. The reality is, it’s cheap and easy to make one yourself—so let’s have a look at how.

How to Make Your Own Indoor Grass Pet Potty

You’ll need some grass. Just go outside and grab a fistful from your lawn…kidding.

Simple lawn sod/turf should be enough to do the trick. You could try and cut some out of your own lawn if you really know what you’re doing (and don’t mind having a patch missing), but pulling up established grass rarely works well.

Simply head down to your local garden center and they’ll have plenty of options. Depending on where you live, it might not be that easy to get turf all year, so you might have to order online—but many localities will have plenty of options.

Don’t worry too much about cost, your pup won’t care that much. But if you want to splash the cash, you can—even the nicest lawn sod should be cheap considering you only need a small patch. You might need to cut the sod to size a bit, but this shouldn’t be too difficult, even for an amateur gardener.

You’ll need to take measurements of the space indoors where you’re going to put the potty, and make sure you get the right amount of sod to fit. Small dogs should only need half of one sod piece, but this might vary a bit. Your sod shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars—so it’ll be a lot cheaper than buying a pre-packaged potty.

Before you lay your sod on the floor, put down some potty pee pads for extra protection. Make sure the pee pads are slightly larger and cover a bit more of your floor area, to catch any overflow or spillage. If you’ve got a carpet, you might want to consider an extra layer of protection in the form of a pan.

You’ll have trouble finding an actual toilet pan big enough to put your sod on, so ask your hardware store for something like a refrigerator pan. This should be big enough.

On top of your pan and pee pads, put a garbage bag. This is to help keep the moisture in the grass.

The next step is simple—just put the sod on top of the garbage bag and you’ve got yourself a homemade real grass pet toilet for a fraction of the price of buying one—and it’s probably made from better quality grass, too.

A bit of extra training might be needed, or at least a nudge in the right direction for your pup. Don’t worry—if you’re the proud owner of one of our super-smart Doodles, they should get the hang of things in no time. Now you’ve got a safe place for your dog to do their business for those stormy/lazy days.

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