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4 Surprisingly Common Allergies That Could Make Your Lab’s Life Miserable

4 Surprisingly Common Allergies That Could Make Your Lab’s Life Miserable

Although many people don’t think of allergies when it comes to their dogs, nearly half of Labs suffer from some form of allergies.

Allergies in dogs can cause a wide range of symptoms, from respiratory issues to rashes. But it’s not always easy to know if your Lab is suffering from allergies.

For one, dogs can’t tell you if they are having symptoms. It can also be difficult to know what exactly is causing an allergic reaction, as it could be caused by their food or by something in the environment.

Here are some common types of allergies you should keep an eye out for in labs.

1. Contact Allergies

Labs like to run around and get dirty. This curiosity can expose them to a lot of different allergens that can irritate the skin and get into their respiratory tract.

Contact allergies can also be caused by a number of shampoos. If you notice that your Lab has swollen, bumpy skin after you give them a bath, this could be a sign that they are allergic to the shampoo.

2. Food Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to a wide range of different foods. Symptoms of a food allergy include vomiting, diarrhea, or lack of appetite.

If your dog continues to have issues after you switch them to a new food, they may be allergic to multiple different ingredients. Speak to your vet, as your Lab may need to have an allergy test performed.

3. Pest Allergies

Fleas and other pests can irritate your Lab’s skin, causing them to itch and chew, often until they start to bleed. Many dogs are allergic to fleas, making the itching even worse.

The best way to deal with flea allergies is to get rid of the pests as quickly as possible. There are a number of products that will clean out their coat, and you can also get flea medication from your vet.

4. Pollen Allergies

Like humans, your Lab could have issues with pollen. This could cause breathing problems, as well as skin irritation and itchiness.

If you notice that your dog’s symptoms get worse near certain plants or trees, try to keep them away from the area. You can also speak to your vet about medications that may be able to help with your Lab’s allergies.

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