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Are Dog Sneezes Cute, Or the Sign of Something Serious?

Are Dog Sneezes Cute, Or the Sign of Something Serious?

September 2nd

Just like humans, dogs will sneeze when they get something in their nose or have allergies. In most cases, this sneezing isn’t something you need to be concerned about.

But sometimes frequent sneezing can be a sign that your dog has serious allergies that need to be treated. It could also indicate that they have something stuck in their nose.

Why Do Dogs Sneeze?

In most cases, dogs are sneezing because something is in their nose. They blow air out of their nose to get out any mucous or objects that are in the way.

Sneezing in dogs can be caused by pollen from flowers, smells, or from tiny objects that find their way into the nose.

Dogs will also occasionally reverse sneeze. As the name suggests, instead of blowing air out of their nose, dogs will quickly breath in air.

No one knows exactly why dogs reverse sneeze, although it likely has something to do with allergies.

What Causes Sneezing


Allergies are the most common reason for sneezing in dogs. Like humans, dogs will start to have issues during allergy season, as the pollen in the air gets into their nose and causes inflammation.

Since dogs like to run around and roll in the grass, they often are even more exposed to pollen than humans. If your dog has severe allergies, try to limit the amount of time they spend outside during the worst parts of allergy season.


In dry, arid environments, dust can irritate a dog’s nose, causing them to sneeze. If your dog is sneezing more than usual, try to keep them away from dusty areas.

Sneezing Out Of Excitement

When dogs get worked up, they’ll start to breath heavily. This rapid breathing can cause dogs to sneeze. This is nothing to worry about, as it doesn’t cause your dog any pain or irritation.

Foreign Objects

Dogs will also sneeze if anything gets stuck in their nose. They breathe out quickly to try and force the object out of their nose.

Dirt is a common cause of sneezing, as is grass or other plant matter. Dogs may also sneeze if you are using spices while cooking.

Why Do Dogs Reverse Sneeze?

Vets still don’t know exactly why dogs reverse sneeze. They think that it’s somehow related to allergies, as it could help them loosen pollen that’s stuck in their nose.

Many dogs will never reverse sneeze, or will only do so on rare occasions. But there are some breeds that are much more likely to reverse sneeze. Here are a few:

Brachycephalic Dogs

Brachycephalic is a big word that just means that a dog has a short nose with a narrow nasal cavity. These dogs, such as Bulldogs, Terriers, and Pugs, are much more likely to reverse sneeze.

Vets don’t exactly know why brachycephalic dogs reverse sneeze so much. They think that it could be caused by their long pallet getting stuck to the roof of the mouth. To get the pallet off the roof of the mouth, they reverse sneeze, drawing in air through their nose.

Small Dog Breeds

Reverse sneezing is much more common in small dogs. This is likely because they have such a short and narrow nasal cavity and. Pollen can get trapped easily, and the small nasal opening can prevent air from passing through the nose.

Dogs That Are Overweight

When dogs are overweight, fat builds up around their nasal cavity. This narrows the airway, which can prevent air from passing through. It can also cause pollen to get trapped.

Dogs that are overweight will tend to reverse sneeze more due to their narrow airway, as they have difficulties breathing.

Should You Be Worried About Sneezing?

In most cases, no. Sneezing is a pretty normal part of a dog’s day, just like with humans. You only need to be concerned if your dog is sneezing frequently, as this could be a sign of more serious allergies.

Keep an eye out for any discharge when your dog sneezes. Some of this is just mucus, which is nothing to be worried about. But if you notice any blood or deep green discharge, this could be a sign that your dog has an infection.

Frequent sneezing can also cause breathing difficulties for your dog. This can lead to panting, as well as fatigue. Your dog may need to be treated for their allergies to clear out their airway.

How To Prevent Sneezing In Dogs

If your dog is having a serious sneezing attack, the best way to treat it is to let it pass naturally. Try to stay calm around your dog, gently rubbing their neck to help then swallow.

In the case of a prolonged sneezing attack, you should take your dog to the vet to get checked out. They may have something stuck in their nose that needs to be removed.

You can also use CBD oil to keep your dog calm during a sneezing attack. Anxiety often makes sneezing worse, so CBD oil can help relax them until the sneezing stops.

Speak To Your Vet

If you notice that your dog is having repeated sneezing issues, they may have allergies that need to be treated. Speak to your vet about your dog’s symptoms, and tell them about any plants that you have in your yard.

Your vet can test your dog for common allergies, as well as give them medication to help decongest their nose and loosen up their airway.

They may also recommend that you keep your dog inside during allergy season to prevent sneezing.

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