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Are Deer Antlers Safe for Dogs? The Answer Might Surprise You

Are Deer Antlers Safe for Dogs? The Answer Might Surprise You

You’ve probably noticed that your dog will chew on just about everything. But it can be hard to know what your puppy should be chewing on.

Deer antlers are a fairly common alternative chew toy for dogs. But are they safe? Although deer antlers may keep your dog entertained, they aren’t the safest option for your dog.

Here, we’ll discuss deer antlers as chew toys, as well some safer alternatives.

Dog Antlers As Chew Toys?

Dogs will work their way through chew toys quickly. That’s why many dog owners look for objects that can stand up to their dog’s powerful bite.

Deer antlers seem like a great option. They are large and tough, and can keep just about any dog busy chewing for days. Your dog will see them as just another large bone to chew.

However, deer antlers can be quite dangerous for your dog. For one, that tough exterior that your dog loves so much can cause some serious damage to their teeth.

Deer antlers can withstand incredible amounts of force (just look up male deer ramming into each other). This same toughness can be quite dangerous for your dog.

If your dog does manage to break the antlers, the large pieces can be quite sharp. These pointy objects may get stuck in your dog’s throat or in their digestive tract, and can also cause dangerous bleeds.

If You Do Give Them Deer Antlers As A Chew Toy…

Although we can’t recommend giving your dog deer antlers, if you choose to do so, take some extra precautions. Only give your dog the antlers for a short period of time, and keep an eye on them as they chew.

If any large pieces break off the antlers, take them away from your dog.

Choose A Toy With Some Give

When you are picking out a chew toy for your dog, you want to find one that has some give to it. This can help prevent any damage to your dog’s teeth, while still keeping your dog entertained.

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