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Why CBD Oil Is Great for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Why CBD Oil Is Great for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

February 22nd

Anxiety happens to everyone—even your puppy.

Dogs are especially prone to separation anxiety, which can strike whenever you leave the house.

While there’s no substitute for good training, there are supplements for when your dog just can’t seem to handle you heading out the door. Puppies can be especially anxious, which is where organic CBD oil can help.

CBD oil can help calm agitation and stop bad behavior when you leave home, such as chewed shoes or messes on your carpet. But as a responsible pet owner, there are a few things you should know about CBD oil and separation anxiety first.

CBD for Dog Anxiety: What is Separation Anxiety?

Dogs are pack animals, and being “abandoned” by the leader of their pack can be pretty stressful. This stress and anxiety that occurs whenever you leave your dog home alone is called separation anxiety.

As dog owners, the way we leave home has a big effect on our dogs. Every time you run around searching for a missing wallet or phone, every time you make loud noises, and every time you coo and coddle your pup when you leave the house is setting off alarm bells in your dog’s head.

Besides that, being alone is BORING. When your biggest source of entertainment is a single person (or small group of people) and those people aren’t home, you’re going to feel bored out of your mind.

Boredom can lead to scratching, chewing, and even escape attempts as your dog tries desperately to relieve that boredom and find out just where the heck you went off to.

When you learn to recognize the triggers and symptoms of separation anxiety, you’ll be better equipped to help your dog calm down and learn to enjoy life while you’re at work or the grocery store.

CBD Oil for Dogs Anxiety: Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

Before you consider giving your dog anxiety drops, let’s go over the main symptoms of separation anxiety:

  • Scratching and chewing
  • Howling and barking
  • Running in circle or pacing back and forth
  • Whining, whimpering and crying
  • Breaking house training

Going potty on your carpet isn’t always a sign of bad training—it could be a symptom of separation anxiety that’s being overlooked!

There are a couple other things you should know before you order a bottle of CBD oil. For example, if you notice your puppy has been chewing on door or window frames, this could be an escape attempt as they try to get back to you.

Worse than chewing on things at home, puppies can also nervously lick themselves—especially their paws and tails—which can cause sores that may need veterinary treatment.

Treating separation anxiety is easier than you think. For starters, continue training your dog to help them for more at ease in your absence. Giving them plenty of space to eat, play and sleep while you’re gone is key.

To relieve boredom, try leaving your puppy toys to play with and chew.

But perhaps most importantly, a healthy mindset requires healthy behavior—separation anxiety and restlessness in general may be signs that your puppy isn’t getting enough exercise or eating the right food.

Can Dog CBD Oil Help with Separation Anxiety?

CBD oil isn’t a substitute for a healthy life, but it’s certainly a beneficial supplement to help dogs relax, and one of the most popular dog anxiety products.

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety works the same as it does for humans, activating their endocannabinoid system and helping reduce stress hormones, letting your dog chill out.

For best results, use hemp oil for dogs anxiety about 15 minutes before you leave the house. That’s because separation anxiety can kick in as soon as you begin to leave, and giving your pup a dose of CBD dog anxiety extract will help eliminate stress before it even begins.

For a healthy supplement to your training routine that’ll help keep your puppy safe and relaxed while mom and dad are away, look no further than our premium CBD oil for dogs anxiety. It’s 100% organic, human-grade, and made from the highest quality ingredients on the planet.

Your puppy will thank you for it later!

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