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Bernedoodle Puppy Proofing Is Easier Than You Think

Bernedoodle Puppy Proofing Is Easier Than You Think

You’re just found the perfect Bernedoodle puppy, and are ready to bring them home. But are you sure that your home is puppy proof?

Getting your home ready for your puppy’s arrival may seem like an afterthought. After all, how much damage can a puppy really do to?

The answer is a lot. And your puppy’s health could be at risk if you don’t keep your home puppy proof.

Here, we’ve put together a list of a few simple steps on how you can prepare your home for your Bernedoodle puppy.

Indoor Hazards To Watch Out For

Cleaning supplies

Puppies have a way of opening cabinets. If you can, store cleaning supplies in cabinets that are out of reach of your puppy. If you keep them in low storage cabinets, consider buying magnetic baby proof locks to keep your puppy from nudging open the door.

Loose coins

Puppies will eat just about anything, including loose change they might find on the floor. Make sure to thoroughly search your floors for any coins, especially under areas where you can’t easily reach but a puppy can.

Water basins

Make sure that your puppy won’t have access to any water basins. They can drown in even shallow water, so play it safe by draining any bathtubs and sinks, and make sure that toilet seat covers are down.


Ingesting medicine is a common danger for puppies. Store all medicine in cabinets that cannot be reached by your Bernedoodle, and make sure you don’t leave any medicine out in the open, where it can fall off the counter.


Puppies like to nose their way into your trash. If possible, keep your trash can in a cabinet with a baby lock. If not, then get a trash can that has a lid that locks.


This is one of the most common hazards for puppies. It can be hard to keep track of all of the foods that are toxic for dogs. Play it safe by keeping all food out of reach of your Bernedoodle. High cabinets are the best, so there’s no risk that your dog will find its way into the food. If you have to store it in low cabinets, invest in some baby locks.


Puppies like to dig around and mouth just about anything, including plants. Although many household plants are not toxic to dogs, some could pose a threat to your puppy’s health. Play it safe by keeping the plants out of your dog’s reach. This will keep them from eating anything harmful, and will also prevent them from digging up your plants. Outlets aren’t a huge danger, but you could also consider getting outlet covers, if you have a particularly curious puppy.


Any puppy will like to chew, and they aren’t picky about it. Make sure all cords are tucked away so that your Bernedoodle puppy can’t get to them. This will protect your electronics, and keep your puppy from getting a shock.

Heavy objects

When your puppy gets the zoomies, they will most likely end up bumping into furniture. Make sure that there aren’t any heavy, loose objects that could fall on your dog. Also make sure that all precious objects are placed in an area that . If you don’t have room to move any of these objects, use puppy gates to keep your Bernedoodle out of certain rooms.

Cleaning supplies

These pose a particular threat to puppies, as they are often stored in lower cabinets under sinks that can easily be accessed by a curious dog. If you have room, move your cleaning supplies to a cabinet that is out of reach of your dog. If not, then get baby proof magnetic locks that will keep your puppy from nudging the cabinet open.

Dangerous rooms

Certain rooms in your house will be difficult to puppy proof. Boiler, laundry, and play rooms may not be worth the effort of trying to keep safe for your dog. In that case, use puppy gates to limit where your Bernedoodle can go.

Outdoor Hazards To Watch Out For

Pest products

These products can be highly toxic in even low doses. If you have any stored outside, make sure they are locked away. Always be aware of what products are being used on your lawn and garden. Keep your Bernedoodle inside if any products have been sprayed recently outside.

Gardening products

Fertilizers can be toxic, especially when consumed in large volumes. Try to always keep these products stored at all times so that your puppy can’t accidentally get into them.

Toxic plants

Some plants are toxic to dogs, so make sure that your puppy won’t be at risk by checking your lawn and garden. Plants you should be concerned about are oak, morning glory, and daffodils. There are a lot more, so check what’s in your garden before you bring your puppy home.

Home improvement products

Clean up any loose products you have lying around outside, such as nails, glue, and cement. If you have any paint cans, store them as well, preferably in a place that is out of reach of your puppy.

Pool products

If you have a pool, make sure that all products are safely stored in a locked container or shed. And also ensure that your puppy can’t fall into the water.


Especially when your Bernedoodle is young, they may be vulnerable to other animals that can find their way into your backyard. Coyotes, foxes, and raccoons can also be dangerous to a puppy. Try not to leave your puppy alone outside for too long, especially at night. Check in on them as frequently as you can.

Plan Ahead

Getting your home prepared for your new puppy is fairly simple, as long as you plan ahead. And it will ensure that they are happy from the moment they walk in the door.

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