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How to Completely Puppy Proof Your Home for Your New Labradoodle

How to Completely Puppy Proof Your Home for Your New Labradoodle

When you’ve found the perfect Labradoodle, you’re going to want to rush them home. But before you do, you’ll need to make sure that your home is prepared.

Although owning a dog may seem simple, it takes a lot of care to raise a puppy. They eat, chew, and use your home as their own personal toilet. Puppies often don’t know what’s safe to eat, and will bump into furniture. That’s why you have to take extra steps to make sure they are safe.

Here, we’ll walk you through a simple checklist for making sure your home is puppy proofed.

Indoor Hazards

Chances are, your Labradoodle is going to spend lots of time indoors. There are a number of different hazards that you should look out for around the house. Here are a few of the most common:


Your plants may seem safe. But many indoor plant species may be toxic to your Labradoodle. Puppies also like to run around and bump into just about anything, potentially knocking over heavy potted plants.

Make sure that all plants are kept out of reach of your puppy. Also secure them so that they cannot topple over onto your dog.


If you’ve had a dog, you know how they have a nose for garbage. Labradoodle puppies will try to nose their way into your trash, putting themselves at risk and making a mess.

Get a garbage can that locks in place, or use a baby lock to prevent your dog from getting into the garbage.


Swallowed pill bottles are a common cause of trips to the vet. Make sure that all medicine is kept locked away in a cabinet that your Labradoodle cannot reach.

Also keep medicine off open counters. Even if the bottles are out of reach of your dog, they often get knocked over and roll onto the floor, where they then find their way to your dog’s stomach. If they do eat medicine, speak to your vet right away.


Dogs love food, and will do just about everything they can to get it. Make it as hard as possible for them by keeping all food properly stored in a pantry or in cupboards that they can’t open. Certain toxic foods, such as chocolate, coffee, onions, should be kept in sealed containers.

Also make sure that their dog food is kept in a sealed, locked container that they can’t pop open, and keep all treats out of reach.

Loose Change And Spare Items

Puppies, like human babies, will put just about anything in their mouth. That includes any keys or loose change that you leave lying around. These objects can then get stuck in your dog’s digestive system, causing pain and constipation.

Try to keep change and other loose items in a container so that they don’t roll off the counter.

Outdoor Hazards

There are also a number of hazards that you should look out for when your dog is playing outside. Here are some that you should keep an eye out for:

Paint And Chemicals

If you’ve recently redone your house, make sure that all paint and other chemicals are properly stored. Labradoodles are clever, and they can find their way into unexpected places. It’s best to play it safe and keep any paint locked away.

Potting Soil, Fertilizer And Other Gardening Products

If you have any gardening products in the yard, keep them out of reach of your puppy. Even regular potting soil can be a hazard for your dog.

Keep all weed killing products in a locked shed or cabinet that your Labradoodle can’t reach. If you’ve recently sprayed any chemicals to treat your lawn, keep your puppy indoors.

Pool Products

Also make sure that any pool products are stored safely and not out in the open. Chemicals like chlorine can be lethal at low doses.

Keep your pool covered when you are not watching your dog, especially when they are a puppy. Even dogs that can swim may drown if left unattended near an open pool.

Nails And Other Sharp Objects

You should also check that your yard is free of any sharp objects that your Labradoodle could step on. Check for nails if you’ve recently had any construction work done on your house.

Get Started Early

Although puppy proofing your home may seem easy, it can take a lot longer than you may think. Get started early so that you won’t have to rush to clean up the home the day your Labradoodle is set to arrive. That way, you can welcome them to a safe and happy home.

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