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Pomsky Puppies for Sale Portsmouth, OH

About Pomsky Puppies near Portsmouth, OH

Pomskies are the most dreamy dogs. They’re a mix of the fluffy and loyal Pomeranian, and the wolf-like Siberian Husky. They’re seriously striking in appearance, and their small size makes them absolutely adorable!

Kid Friendly 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 8/10
Fun Loving 10/10
Adaptability 9/10
Obedience 8/10
Coat Variety 7/10
Activity Level 7/10


Because of their Husky blood, it’s really important to take charge and start training a Pomsky at as young an age as possible. They’re great for beginners, as long as training is in place.

Absolutely Adorable

Pomskies happen to be a mix of two sled dogs, believe it or not! Their super fluffy appearance makes them lovely to cuddle up with.

People Loving

Pomskies just love people, and are very affectionate towards them. They get on well with other pets, as long as they’re introduced to them when they’re young.

Incredibly Intelligent

Pomskies are very clever little dogs that enjoy having their minds challenged. Teaching tricks will be a breeze with this breed, as long as you’re firm.

Great for Small Home

What do you do when you want a Husky, but your home is too small? You get a Pomsky, which is the perfect mix of adorable and playful.

Perfectly Portable

Pomskies are so small that they’re easy to take with you, whenever you’re on the move, and wherever you go!

pomsky puppies for sale

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Pomsky puppies for sale in Portsmouth, OH? We have answers.

What should I know about Pomsky puppies for sale near Portsmouth?

Pomskies are a very sweet and friendly hybrid of the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. They are active little dogs, full of energy and curiosity; and will enjoy playing outdoors and exploring new things. Pomskies can be quite intelligent and can learn commands relatively quickly, making them perfect companions. It's important to know that Pomskies may require more patience with training and an owner who is confident in reinforcing rules and boundaries. As with any other dog, these dogs will require a healthy diet, lots of exercise, socialization, and regular check-ups.

Will Pomsky puppies for sale in Portsmouth cause me to have allergies?

Pomskies are no more likely to cause allergies than other types of dogs. However, it's possible that some individuals may be sensitive to their coat. Just like with any other pet, it is best to consider your own individual health conditions and sensitivities when making a decision about whether to get a Pomsky or not. If you have a history of allergies, it's a good idea to research the breed more thoroughly and/or consult with your allergist prior to making a commitment.

What should I feed Portsmouth Pomsky puppies for sale?

Pomskies are hybrid dogs that are a combination of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. As a result, their dietary needs will depend on the specific characteristics of each breed. Generally, adults should be getting a high-quality dry food for dogs, although you may want to supplement with high-protein canned food and occasionally offer cooked meats or raw vegetables. Nutritionally, Pomskies should be getting a diet that contains protein from animal sources, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

How do I prepare to adopt Pomsky puppies in Portsmouth?

Preparing for your new Pomsky can involve a few things. First, gather the necessary supplies for your pup, such as food and water dishes, toys, a bed, treats, etc. Also, it can be helpful to browse information on training and housebreaking methods. Most importantly, make sure you have plenty of time to commit to training and playing with your Pomsky. Visit your nearest pet clinic and book a check-up with your veterinarian to ensure your pup is in good health and shots are up-to-date. Start socializing your pup and establishing rules in the home.

How fast do Pomskies for sale in Portsmouth grow?

Size is not guaranteed when it comes to Pomsky puppies, but they are usually between 10-20 pounds when fully grown. It is important to remember that Pomsky puppies are a hybrid of two breeds and the size can vary geographically and even between litters. To get a further understanding of your Pomsky puppy's potential size, research both the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. The Siberian Husky is a larger breed that weighs between 35-60 pounds when fully grown, and the Pomeranian is a small breed that weighs between 4-7 pounds when fully grown.

Are Pomsky puppies near Portsmouth active dogs?

Absolutely! Pomskies are highly active dogs, often requiring an abundance of exercise and mental stimulation to remain in peak physical and mental condition. They can be quite loving and loyal companions, but they will need plenty of avenues to release their energy. Taking them on long walks or runs, playing an array of fun games outside, and having them participate in agility training are all great ways to keep them stimulated and happy. These energetic hybrids will never tire out from too much mental or physical exercise!

Do Pomskies in Portsmouth get along with kids?

Absolutely! Pomskies are known for being great with kids. Offering lots of love and attention, this breed of dog is full of energy and enjoys physical activities with their families. They are known to have good social skills, which helps them get along with children of all ages and become a part of the family quickly. Pomskies can be trained to be gentle and well-mannered, too. With nurturing and positive reinforcement, your Pomsky can be a lifelong companion for your children.

How many minutes per day do I need to train Portsmouth Pomskies for sale?

Training your Pomskies requires dedication and consistency that can vary depending on the individual. As a general rule, your goals should be to spend 10-15 minutes on basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come (on leash and off leash) per day. Additionally, 10-15 minutes per day spent on leash walking, socializing, playing, and attending training classes should be your aim. Quality over quantity applies here, so make sure you're focusing on positive reinforcement to help your pup achieve the desired behaviors and outcomes.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale near Portsmouth, OH

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