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Get Your Goldendoodle to Love His Crate with this A-to-Z Guide

Get Your Goldendoodle to Love His Crate with this A-to-Z Guide

September 20th

No one likes locking up their new Goldendoodle puppy in a crate. But crate training is one of the best ways to keep your house torn up as you potty train your puppy. It can also help prevent separation anxiety and teach your dog to be alone.

It can take awhile for Goldendoodles to adjust to being alone in a crate. They’re social, energetic dogs that love to be around people. Put them alone for long periods and they’ll start to get anxious.

Although your Goldendoodle will likely always prefer your company to being alone, they’re are some easy steps you can take to make their time in the crate more comfortable. Here, we’ll discuss the best ways to crate train your Goldendoodle puppy.

Getting Started With Crate Training Your Goldendoodle

Before you start crate training your Goldendoodle, you’ll need to get set up with a few basic supplies.

When you pick out a crate, try to get one that’s not too big. Many new dog owners think they can save money by getting a crate that their Goldendoodle will later grow into.

Although this might seem reasonable at first, it can make crate training much more difficult. If you give your dog too much room, they may pace around in their crate. This keeps them from lying down and resting.

The extra space is also a great place to go to the bathroom. If you get a large crate, your Goldendoodle may have a few accidents. But if they only have enough room to lie down, they won’t want to do their business where they sleep.

Pick out a crate that gives your Goldendoodle enough room to lie down and stretch out their legs. If you do buy a larger crate, block off part of it so that they can’t roam around.

You should also get plenty of comfortable bedding for your dog. You want the crate to feel like a cozy retreat, not like a prison cell.

Just avoid anything too expensive, especially while your Goldendoodle is still a puppy. They’ll have a few accidents as you crate train them, so you’ll probably have to throw out a few blankets.

Teaching Your Dog To Be Alone In Their Crate

Once you have the right crate, you’ll be ready to start training. Remember, crate training your Goldendoodle can take awhile. Be patient and don’t get too frustrated with your puppy.

Start by putting the crate in a fairly busy place in the house. You don’t want your puppy to feel like they’ve been completely abandoned, at least at first.

Place some comfortable bedding in the crate and open the door. Let your dog explore the crate, keeping the door open the whole time. This helps them get used to the crate without feeling confined.

Once they’ve had some time to explore the crate, it’s time to lock the door. This can be a tough step for some puppies, and many will start to bark and cry. Start off by leaving your dog in their crate for short periods to prevent anxiety.

Over time, gradually extend the periods that you leave your puppy alone in the crate. You can stay in the room for now so that your puppy doesn’t feel too left ou.

Leave Your Dog Alone

Once your Goldendoodle has adjusted a bit to their crate, it’s time to leave them completely alone. Many puppies hate this, so be prepared for plenty of barking and crying.

Start by leaving your dog for short periods- as little as 5 to 10 minutes will do. Even if your puppy starts barking loudly, don’t come back into the room. You need to teach them that you’ll always be back, but that barking isn’t going to get them out of their crate.

As your dog learns to spend time by themselves, they’ll learn that you always come back to them, and that there’s no reason to be so scared of the crate. They may even start to like spending time alone and taking naps in their crate.

Feed Them Near Their Crate

Dogs like food. A lot. Take advantage of this when crate training your Goldendoodle by feeding them near their kennel.

Your dog will start to associate the food with the crate. When it’s time to go to their crate, they’ll be thinking, “Food!” This helps prevent anxiety and fear about approaching the crate.

Just make sure not to leave your dog in their crate for too long if you feed them right before. You don’t want them to have an accident, which can turn their cozy den into a dirty mess.

Don’t Use The Crate As Punishment

The goal of crate training is to make your dog thing of their kennel as a comfortable den. You want your dog to feel safe and cozy in their crate, not afraid.

If you use their crate as a form of punishment, you can make crate training much more difficult. Dogs will start to fear the crate, and will get anxious whenever they’re near it.

When your puppy gets into the trash or has an accident, resist the temptation to put them in their crate. They’re a puppy, after all. They won’t be perfect, so don’t expect them to be.

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