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My Labradoodle Hates His Crate. What Can I Do?

My Labradoodle Hates His Crate. What Can I Do?

September 18th

Labradoodles are high energy, social dogs that love to be around people and other animals. When it comes time to get in their crate, they’re not always willing to listen.

Although your Labradoodle may never love their crate, you can at least make it bearable. Here, we’ll discuss how you can crate train your Labradoodle.

Choose The Right Sized Crate

When picking out a crate for your Labradoodle, it’s important to get one that’s the proper size.

Many dog owners are tempted to get huge crates. They figure that their dog will be happier, and that they’ll eventually grow into it.

But big crates can actually make training your dog harder. Your Labradoodle may use all of that extra space as a bathroom. They may also start to pace around, making them even more anxious.

To prevent any accidents or excess anxiety, get a small crate that only gives your dog enough room to lie down comfortably.

Also make sure that they have a few of their favorite blankets so that they feel at home whenever they’re in their crate.

Getting Your Puppy Used To The Crate

Many Labradoodles won’t like their crate at first. And who can blame them? It can take a while to get used to being left alone in a confined space.

To make life a bit easier in the crate, give your Labradoodle some happy memories. Give your dog their meals in the crate, leaving the door open.

This makes your dog associate eating with their crate. This positive association means that they will be less anxious whenever they approach the crate.

Avoid Using Crate As A Punishment

One big mistake that dog owners make is using their crate as a form of punishment. Remember, you want to build happy memories around the crate, rather than making your dog anxious.

Make your dog’s crate a comfortable place to hang out. Start out by putting plenty of blankets in the crate, so that your dog can relax and lie down. Leave the door open so that they don’t feel confined and can come and go.

Over time, this helps your dog understand that being in their crate doesn’t have to be so scary.

How Long Should You Leave Your Labradoodle In Their Crate?

It can take awhile for Labradoodles to adjust to being in their crate. As they get used to the crate, you can slowly increase the amount of time they spend it in.

When your puppy is only a few months old, only leave them in the crate for short periods of around half an hour.This can help prevent separation anxiety and barking.

At around six months of age, you can start to leave your dog in the crate a few hours at a time.

Never leave your Labradoodle in its crate for more than five hours. They’ll start to get anxious, and may have an accident.

Be Patient

It can take a while for your Labradoodle to get used to their crate. Be patient, and try not to get frustrated as you train them.

Also make sure to give them plenty of encouragement along the way. This will speed up the training process, and help you bond with your puppy.

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