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How You Can Spot And Report Dog Abuse

How You Can Spot And Report Dog Abuse

When you look at your happy puppy, you may wonder how it’s possible that anyone could mistreat such an innocent animal. Unfortunately, dog abuse is very common, and it often occurs in public.

But what can you do if you spot dog abuse? Here, we’ll show you what to look for and who you can contact if you suspect a dog has been abused.

Signs Of Dog Abuse

It can be hard to look at a dog and immediately tell if it’s been abused. But there are some of clear physical signs of abuse that you should keep an eye out for.

  • They are clearly underfed, with loose, hanging skin
  • Their collar is too tight, creating sores and swelling
  • They have visible fleas or ticks
  • They have large areas of missing fur
  • The dog has an obvious limp
  • They have visible wounds

In addition to these signs, you should look out for dogs that:

  • Appear to have been abandoned
  • Are hoarded with multiple other animals in tight spaces
  • Are kept outside in extreme cold or heat without any temperature control
  • Hide or lash out whenever you approach them
  • Have owners that beat them

How To Report The Abuse

Once you’ve spotted abuse, you may wonder who you should report it to. It’s important that you act quickly, as time is of the essence when an animal is in physical danger.

The first number you should look up is that of a local animal protection agency. If this agency is unavailable, your next call should be to the police. The police may not respond themselves to the abuse, but they can direct you to the correct agency.

What You’ll Need When You Report The Abuse

Before you reach out to the authorities, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the information they’ll need to make a case against the abuser.

One of the most important things is to record when and where the abuse occurred. Specific details can be extremely helpful for prosecutors, should the abuse case go to trial. And give exact times where you can, instead of rough estimates.

And try to get photos, if possible. This will make it much easier to prove that abuse occurred, and strengthens your testimony, should you be willing to testify in a trial. Just make sure you don’t break any laws yourself to get the photos, such as trespassing onto private property.

You’ll also want to provide the contact information for anyone else you believe may have been witness to the abuse. Remember, you are just one witness, and abusers often get away with the crime when it’s just one person’s word against theirs. But if you have multiple people who will speak up against the abuser, you’ll have a much stronger case.

You Can Stay Anonymous

And remember, if you are worried about your safety or that of your pets, you can choose to remain anonymous throughout every stage of the report. Choosing to report abuse is the right choice, but it can be hard, so no one will blame you if you wish to keep your information private.

But do keep in mind that anonymous reports are not taken as seriously in court, should the case proceed to trial. If you believe that the abuse is severe enough that the person responsible should face criminal charges, you may want to consider providing your name and contact information.

Consider The Puppy

Many people are hesitant to report abuse, thinking that it is none of their business. But remember, dog’s have no voice of their own to report the abuse. It’s up to the people around them to protect them in cases of abuse and mistreatment. Do the right thing and speak up.

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